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If you’re looking into a career with Netflix, and love a flexible work environment then you’ll want to know about the Netflix remote work policy. Although there are some remote jobs available, Netflix prefers employees to be in the office.

The company has changed a lot since 1997 and has evolved into a streaming giant with a very competitive job market. Let’s take a look at the Netflix remote work policy, and how it might change in the future.


Highlights Of Netflix Remote Work Policy

Netflix is a massive streaming service and video production company. Many of their jobs require their employees on sets or in the office. During the Covid pandemic, remote work options were introduced into the workforce.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Unlike, these 3 cities looking to thrive with remote work, Netflix co-CEO, Reed Hastings, has stated that remote work is a ‘true negative’. He further went on to state that as soon as a vaccine is available, employees were expected to return to their offices.

While Netflix certainly has a very relaxed work view, it has also worked very hard at creating an awesome company culture. Many employees who have worked there enjoyed the work environment.

For Netflix, maintaining this company culture remotely doesn’t seem possible. This is not abnormal considering a lot of their jobs do require in-person brainstorming, set building, and so forth. But what about the stuff that happens in the background?

While most of Netflix is back in the office, there are jobs listed on Netflix’s job page that are remote work. These are mostly tech jobs and are all based in the United States.

It’s not all bad for the Netflix remote work policy. As far as we can tell, they might not have many remote work options but what they do offer is pretty cool.


Unlimited Sick Leave

Netflix gives its employees a lot of freedom. This includes workdays which they describe as not the typical 9 to 5. Their belief is employees should rest when they need it to maintain the best performance.

They also have no set holidays which makes the environment very inclusive to religious or cultural practices.


Parental Leave

Like with sick leave, Netflix is very flexible on maternal and paternal leave. New parents can take up to 12 months to be with their new child.

The average time Netflix employees take is 4 to 8 months. This parental leave applies to newborn babies and also to newly adopted children.


Great Salaries

Netflix is known for paying its employees what they are worth. Pay is high to retain great employees and create a competitive job market that only wants the best.


Stock Option Program

Every year, employees get to choose how much of their salary they want in compensation and how much in stock options. Employees are free to choose either all cash, all stock, or a bit of both.

You also get to choose how much risk you want to take. The 10-year stock is fully vested and even if you leave Netflix, they are still yours.


Employee Reviews Of Netflix Remote Work

Netflix has a 4.3 out of 5 rating with over 1,800 reviews on Glassdoor. Over 80% of anonymous employees would recommend Netflix as a great place to work.

Netflix scores highest in fair pay and company culture. Many employee reviews applaud the company for creating an environment with lots of freedom. They encourage employee responsibility.

Netflix reviewers also felt like the work was exciting, and challenging, and allowed them to learn new skills.

The biggest issue reviewers had was employee turnover. Job security was low and reorganizations could get rid of whole teams in one go. While Netflix is known for ‘no rules’, it was still a very stressful job for many. Netflix seems to demand excellence at all times.


Netflix Remote Work In The News

The majority of Netflix’s employees, those without specific remote jobs, were called back to the office on Labor Day last year.

Many big corporations are incorporating remote work options into their workforce or creating hybrid-style work weeks. That being said, Netflix is so far very adamant about there being ‘no positives’ to remote work.

There doesn’t seem to be any indication that the Netflix remote work policy will be changing soon.



While Netflix has some remote work available, unfortunately, most of their work requires employees to work at their offices. It doesn’t seem like this will be changing any time soon. But, there are other perks to working at this company.

Netflix has great company culture and gives its employees a lot of freedom in the workplace. Salaries are great and most employees feel fulfilled with their work experience.

While the environment is stressful, many employees have stated they still enjoyed the work they did and felt challenged by it. The downside is the competitive market and low job security.


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