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If you are considering moving to Houston, this guide on the best places to live in Houston TX will help. but one thing’s for certain – the city presents an experience like no other.

It is an extremely culturally diverse and inclusive community with less than half of its residents of European descent, more than one-third Hispanics, about one-fourth African Americans, and a smaller but significant fraction of Asians.

Being home to so many different races, Houston also has a similarly rich art experience with multiple art sites, certain to keep you fascinated even if you go for a simple stroll.

It also offers staples of performing arts ranging from theater to opera to ballet at the heart of the city, making sure everyone always has something to keep them entertained during leisure time. But along with the art experience, Houston also offers suburban life and a child-friendly environment to start a family that can give any young couple a fresh start.

Following is a list of the best places in Houston to live.

Downtown Houston

Locating you at the heart of the city and the center of all things exciting, Downtown Houston is easily one of the best places to live in Houston Texas. This central hub offers proximity to everything in the city- workplaces, playgrounds, and green spaces.

The area has something to keep everyone entertained. The nationally renowned Houston Theater District— home to Alley Theater, Houston Ballet, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, Society for the Performing Arts, and Theater Under the Stars– makes sure everyone who visits finds something for themselves.

The Downtown food hall coupled with the neighborhood’s traditional diners offers diverse options hailing from the diverse community. The electric bars make sure that the night is always young while green spaces allow you to stretch your legs and take in the fresh air in the Downtown corridor. Commuting to any other place in the city becomes easy from this center with the metro taking you around the city in no time without any worries of parking and traffic.

West University Place

With its oak-lined streets and parks, West University Place is an ideal location if you are looking for a family-friendly place. Located at the southwest of the city center, it still offers proximity to the main attractions in the city but also allows for a quieter neighborhood with safe spaces to stroll or explore on bike rides on a quiet afternoon.

With about 92% of the residents owning the property instead of renting it out, and 54% of adults in the suburb having a Master’s degree or higher, West University Place is a community of educated families looking for a quiet place with a rural feel while also having access to multiple parks, restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Second Ward

As a part of the city’s 1839 four-ward chapter, the Second Ward, now located just outside of downtown, was once known for its courthouses and warehouses bringing together blue- and white-collar workers to the area.

In the 1900s, the Second Ward experienced a boom of industrial development, attracting immigrants looking for work opportunities from all over the country. With over 18 nationalities settling and represented in the second ward since then, it became a region booming with history- something that the residents take great pride in.

Host to the world’s largest annual livestock show, the Houston livestock show, and rodeo, also serves as a great tourist attraction for people visiting the area.

Besides serving authentic Mexican food, Second Ward is also a major attraction for visitors for its local food and art and crafts samples at East End Farmers Market.

Marked with celebrations of graduations, Quinceañera, and business functions, Second Ward pays tribute to local cultures and is a constant reminder of the ward’s diverse history and culture.

The rich history is represented in every corner of the neighborhood, with Texas flags flying high over office buildings while graffiti walls lurk at every corner making for exciting walks to look at artists’ inner monologues and colorful restaurants popping up on every block. With its diverse culture and safe inclusive neighborhood, Second Ward too is one of the best places to live in Houston Texas.

The Woodlands

Starting as a master-planned community in 1974, the suburban residential community of Woodlands has now evolved into one of the most popular shopping destinations in Houston.

From popular department stores to boutiques and jewelry shops, every shopping store is easily accessible to residents of the Woodland community, with Woodlands Mall and the Market street being the most popular stops in the suburb.

Coupled with the shopping experience, the Woodlands also has a great range of restaurants including relaxed cafes as well as fine dining experiences in the form of top-class steakhouses.

Besides tending to food cravings, the Woodlands also tends to makeover needs in the form of multiple salons and wellness centers located all over town.

For entertainment, the Woodlands is home to one of the top concert venues in Houston namely The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The Woodlands is primarily known as a center of urban indulgence, so if you are looking to settle at a place that enjoys the true capitalist experience, there is no better place than The Woodlands.


Whether you want to be located in the city center with the opportunity to enjoy art performances regularly, if you want a calmer suburb with well-educated families, if you want to be at the hub of culture and diversity, or the capital of retail therapy, Houston has the best places for everyone.

Depending on your priorities and the overall experience you are looking for, Downtown Houston, West University Place, Second Ward, and The Woodlands are a few of the best places to live in Houston Texas.


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