3 Cities Looking To Thrive With Remote Work

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Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery

It has become evident that remote work is here to stay, regardless of the pandemic being imposed or not. This has a significant impact on all workplaces and their economic activity as they try to come up with a more flexible work model to cater to all employees. Research conducted by Upwork has indicated that by 2025, 40.7 million Americans, that is 28% of the entire workforce will be fully remote.

This shift to work-from-home can also benefit the major city centers as they can now reduce expenditure by 5-10% in contrast to the pre-pandemic era. This coupled with a 5% boost in productivity creates an incentive for cities and the organizations within to encourage remote work and create better opportunities for growth.

Tired of taking the subway to work every day? Interested in working from the comfort of your home while enjoying the leisure of attending virtual meetings in your sweatpants?  In this case, it’s vital that you explore the possibility of moving to any of the cities mentioned below. The top 3 cities that are offering the best opportunities for remote work along with other benefits like low cost of living, presence of numerous co-working spaces, and low income-tax can be the dream location for you to now live in and work remotely.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado has topped in the ranking for quality of life, as well as the ranking for “Best Place to live in America” during 2021-2022 in the list published by U.S News. The remote work environment is very rewarding in Colorado which can be proven by the fact that it was regarded as the number one state for work-at-home employees even before the pandemic hit, according to the data presented by the U.S Census in 2017.

Boulder was identified as the third highest in terms of the percentage of home-based workers present nationwide. When the pandemic hit, many professionals found themselves being laid off of work under the excuse of “downsizing” which created a situation of economic emergency throughout the country. However, in Boulder, the simple solution for the majority of workers was to take up remote jobs as the remote job listings were boosted up to 14.9% according to a report presented by FlexJobs.

With the beautiful mountain scenery, inviting food streets and lush greenery Boulder is the perfect city for you to move to and continue working remotely. Remarked as the number one rising tech hub in the world, Boulder can offer you a number of opportunities in the fast-growing tech industry.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa introduced one of the best remote work programs known as Tulsa Remote to incentivize remote workers to settle down in the city. This remote program offers a grant of up to $10,000 to help you relocate and cover your living expenses on a monthly basis. The program proposes other benefits like access to a co-working space known as 36 Degrees North which is an entrepreneurial base camp that can provide you with the resources you need to create an economic impact in Tulsa.

According to Inc.’s list of Surge cities, presented in 2019, Tulsa has bagged the 47th spot. The city is attracting innovators and entrepreneurs from all around the country to set up a base in Tulsa to become a part of its flourishing startup scene. The affordable housing resulted in Tulsa being ranked 38th in the cost ranking list. This can be the perfect incentive to lure talented individuals graduating from the Oklahoma State University nearby and build a community that can foster economic growth in the city.

Portland, Maine

Remote working has made it incredibly convenient to live in the city of your choice without being bound by the geographical location of your employer. Hence why you should move to Portland immediately to enjoy the beauty of this coastal city which has the perfect blend of modern architecture and natural landscapes. Since the quality of life is 53% higher in Portland, compared to the national average, it ranks fourth highest in the ten best places to live in the US. This city not only has a lower cost of living but also a low rate of unemployment, a mere 3.6%.

Besides the livability factor, Portland is also attractive in terms of the business opportunities it offers. This city has numerous organizations working to support and encourage creative-minded people such as an NGO known as Creative Portland. With the remote working lifestyle taking over the world, it is important to have access to resources like these that can accelerate your business and help you network with other talented individuals.

Relocating to Portland can also make you eligible to apply for the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit, which is an enticing offer for any recent graduate who holds a bachelor’s degree from any school in the US. This program can provide you with the opportunity to claim reimbursements for your student loans if you live or work in Maine.


While these cities present an attractive proposition for you to relocate, there are plenty of other cities that are remote work-friendly. Newark in New Jersey is ranked the highest in terms of remote job opportunities while the most co-working spaces currently exist in Jersey City. Remote work programs such as the one present in Tulsa can also be availed in Burlington, Vermont. It is evident that remote work is going to remain a prominent part of our lives, hence it is necessary for cities to encourage a healthy remote work environment and provide citizens with the right growth opportunities.

Finding the right place for you is key and it depends on the nature of your work and which of the benefits entice you more. Conduct the needful research and set your priorities straight before making your final decision. If you are looking for that career change make sure to check out our other posts on how to get started!

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