Why Fortune 500’s Are Dropping Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

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There is no doubt that college is an admirable and, in most cases, a necessary investment. A college degree means many things to many people. It could be a right of passage or a family tradition, but it was mainly a way to secure a career.  Conventional companies still run on the same idea that a college degree is the way to gain long term intelligence. But, throughout the last 5 years many companies are dropping traditional notions and recognizing great talent doesn’t just come from a piece of paper. It comes from grit, targeted education, and dedication to life experiences. 

Major companies in the tech world are dropping requirements for entry-level positions. Recognizable companies such as Apple, Tesla, and Google. Why? Because people in leadership positions are recognizing valuable skills and information can be taught and formed to fit the right mold. Rather than forcing or even ostracizing potential candidates for not completing what is probably the most expensive investment of their lives. Many of these individuals will never have the means to achieve this goal.

Most students lucky enough to graduate college don’t use their dedicated majors in their newly found fields. According to the Washington Post, only 27% of students end up working in the fields that are strictly related to their degrees. Imagine, four years of a biological science degree and ending up in technology sales! The worst part being most companies are screening degrees that don’t show much competence to the job themselves. Hence why a lot of people end up working in positions outside their dedicated college path. 

This is where the luxury of remote work comes in. Options exist for both potential hires and organizations all over the world. Remote work contains the flexibility for any non-college graduate to work from wherever and whenever! You’re no longer limited to just the most vibrantly expensive workforce cities, which are often well out of reach for many people just starting out. It also gives companies the talent leverage to find the right fit from anywhere. Why force good talent to be in an area they might suffer in? As they say, happy wife, happy life. Or in this case happy employee, happy in Hawaii! 

I will walk you through the potential major benefits of dropping college degrees, why it correlates with the work from home lifestyle, and why certifications might be your new go to standard. 

Employer Benefits of Remote Work

Since the rise of Covid-19 remote work has been more popular than ever. During the peak year of Covid 70% of people were working from home. According to Forbes 95% of remote workers do not want to return to the office. This means employers will have to more than likely address the idea of adopting hybrid models into their daily workforces to retain current and future employees. Here is a list of reasons why companies should debate the concept:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Lower Call Outs

  • Reduced Stress levels

  • Overall Lower Cost for Employees and Employers

  • Happier Workforce

  • Less Commuting Time

  • Personal Time At Home

  • Less Real Estate To House The Workforce

Why Companies Are Dropping Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

Many Major companies are eradicating bachelor’s degrees for entry level jobs and what a beautiful thing it is! Below I will walk you through the perks of removing such an obligation and why it is beneficial to employers as well as employees. 

Opens The Floodgates to More Talent 

Reported by Forbes in 2019, 32% of Americans held at least a bachelor’s degree. That means companies across America are missing out on 2/3rds of the population for potential talent to bring to their flowering organizations. College can be a precious way to grow intellectually and socially, but it is not the only way to thrive in the corporate world. There is a plethora of worthwhile personnel lurking in the shadows waiting for their shot. Talented Creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners that are all individuals who have created monumental moments in their lives without the 100k piece of paper or the marble bell towers. 

Building Trust From Within 

When bringing people into your companies with minimal experience in entry-level positions, allows you to mold them properly to your company’s highest standards. It allows them to prove themselves on a deeper level. You are giving them opportunities some might not. This forms a deep trust between management and employees through a reliance on them to succeed in their new positions leading to above and beyond quality and workmanship. 

Lack Of Disposable Income 

The corporate world is slowly becoming more understanding of the typical workforce circumstances. Why should people be cut off from valuable experiences or the ability to bring in proper money because they suffered a lack of financial support while pursuing a degree? Working remotely gives many people the ability to stay at home, take crash courses that benefit their future careers, and takes away the stress of drowning in student debt.

Diversifying Remote Staffs 

For years and years there has been a heavy weighted influence within most workplaces. By opening up the barriers to the application process, recruiters have the opportunity to hire more diverse people with comprehensive backgrounds. This can be extremely beneficial when it comes to new and exciting ideas within new or well rooted companies. Allowing creative backgrounds to step in radiates authenticity within employees and gives your staff the fluidity to bounce exciting concepts across the board.  

Why Companies are Accepting More Targeted Certificates

Certificates are all the new craze. With the takeover of technology, more and more establishments are willing to accept certificates aimed towards their specific hiring roles.  Certifications allow people to gain specific skill sets that mold your next superstar. For example, courses in Search Engine Optimization, Operating Systems & Servers, Network & Security, Web Development, Graphic Design, Cloud Technology just to name a very few are launch platforms into entry level positions. Online courses and certificates give people around the world more of a fighting chance to land their dream jobs, in a quarter of the time. 

In Conclusion 

It’s evident that the workplace is changing, and corporate leaders must change with the workforce trend in order to remain viable in a competitive market. This opens the door to a multitude of new and talented individuals to fill the openings that will occur in this great shift. To succeed in this new world, you need to seek out your passion and take the dive into the remote workforce! 

Dan McCabe
Dan McCabe

Long time remote worker with the dream of enabling everyone to join the remote workforce. Owner and Editor of caniworkfromhere.com.

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