What To Know About Facebook Remote Work Before You Apply

What To Know About Facebook Remote Work Before You Apply

Now that the world is returning to normal post-pandemic, what does that mean for Facebook remote work?

Many tech companies are returning to their offices, and Facebook (now Meta) is no different. But what about the employees who adapted to remote work?

And, what can new employees expect in regards to Facebook’s remote work policy?

As one of the world’s tech giants, Facebook is a sought-after place to work. For years, young graduates have flocked to the company.

And why wouldn’t they? Facebook is a leader in innovation and offers amazing growth potential.

Like most tech companies, Facebook has an assortment of in-office benefits. These perks include free meals, healthcare, and even laundry service.

Will remote work affect the future of Facebook? Also, how does it stand up against the best remote companies to work for?

Highlights of Facebook’s Remote Work Policy

Facebook’s remote work policy is simple but effective. It provides their employees with some freedom over their work environment.

With the pandemic slowly winding down, Facebook was eager to return to the office. They pushed their return back multiple times due to Covid19.

Last year, they decided to make some changes concerning their return to the office.

It was apparent to them that not all employees would be ready to return. Many people thrived with remote work. It provided flexibility and a work-life balance that was missing before. Employees enjoyed the freedom the remote entailed.

And most notable, many are still wary about interacting with others post-Covid.

This is why Facebook has given its employees the option to work fully or partially remote. It’s important to note that this seems to be a temporary reprieve.

From statements provided by Facebook, a complete return to the office is inevitable. The reprieve would last for 5-months, at the most.

They’ve also said that all who return to the office must be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus. They will need to provide evidence of their booster shots, as well.

Those who haven’t been vaccinated should have a medical or religious reason for it.

It’s said that anyone who doesn’t follow these guidelines will face disciplinary action.

Employees Can Choose Between Full-Time Remote Work or Hybrid Work

As Facebook returns to the office, they’ve made it clear that not all employees will do so.

Their new “office deferral program” provides employees with some flexibility.

Some employees will happily return to the office full-time. Others will opt for a hybrid work schedule, and others still can request fully remote work.

Those who want to work fully or partially remote will have to request it from management. There’s been no information on whether these requests will be accepted.

These requests for remote work had to be submitted by mid-March 2022. Any requests after that would not be considered.

Remote Work Resources for Facebook Employees

Facebook provides resources for those employees who still work remotely.

This remote work resource includes tips for working more effectively from home. It has tips for both managers and the employees working under them.

There are even educational resources for children and parents.

Flexible Work Hours

Included in the remote work resource is a section on effective communication. It stipulates that remote workers should clarify their ‘needs and preferences.’

Remote employees need to tell all relevant people their preferred working times. They are also allowed to choose their preferred communication mediums.

It seems to provide remote workers with the freedom to set their work schedules. This is especially important for those who have kids at home during the day.

Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Facebook

Employees have left mostly positive reviews about remote work at Facebook on Indeed. The company has a great work environment, great benefits, and great pay.

One employee said that the company struggles with hiring remote workers.

Another said that the switch to remote work during Covid19 was difficult. They stated that communicating with the company was difficult. While working remotely, it was difficult for the employee to understand project objectives.

Overall, Facebook seems a great place to work, remotely or in the office. You can read more reviews here.

Facebook Remote Work In The News

The recent news surrounding Facebook’s return to office has been surprising.

Not only is Facebook’s remote work policy temporary, but they’ve removed some office perks too. The free laundry service is just one of the office perks that they’ve scrapped.

This article in the NYTimes explains the sudden uproar by employees.

Instead, the tech company has increased the employees’ wellness stipend. What used to be a wellness stipend of around $700 is now closer to $3000.

Whether these changes will remain after the “office deferral program” ends is uncertain.


Facebook’s remote work policy is projected to last between 3 to 5 months.

This is despite saying that they understand some people thrive when working remotely.

That said, they have made provisions for their current remote workers.

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