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Trying to get acquainted with the world of virtual interviews? While virtual interviews have been used by companies in the past, they have become the new norm since the onset of coronavirus. In this era, knowing how to use virtual interview platforms is a necessary skill for the job-hunting process. “Zoom” has become a big name in the virtual interviews’ world.

What Is A Zoom Interview?

Zoom is a video conferencing software used for video or audio-call meetings with one or more people.

Here are some basic features of the software you should know about for a zoom interview:

  1. Turn your video on or off

  2. Mute or unmute your audio

  3. A chat box to type

The process of using zoom can seem intimidating but don’t worry! Some simple steps can make the process less daunting and allow you to have a smooth online interview experience.

What To Do Before Your Zoom Interview?

Research On The Company

Show up prepared with the background research on the company you are interviewing for. It will make you feel more confident and leave a better impression on the interviewer. You can use the company’s website and LinkedIn account to gather important information. Having good research on the company would also allow you to effectively tackle the questions you are asked.

Prepare To Ask Questions

It is very likely that at the end of the interview you would be asked to share your thoughts and questions. Make sure you make a list of questions that present you as a serious candidate for the job.

Prepare Your Space

Have a comfortable, quiet, and clean space to sit. Inform the people around you to not disturb you since any noise in the room can disrupt the flow of the interview. Clean up your space and sit in front on a neutral background. In case your space does not look professional, don’t worry too much about it. You can choose a virtual background in the zoom settings.

Plan Your Attire

What you wear matters a lot in terms of how you are perceived. Thus, take you time to put together your outfit for the interview. Some companies will share their expected attire. Make sure to match the culture of the company you are applying to. It will make you feel good about yourself and leave a good impression on your interviewers.

Test Your Tech Devices

You don’t want any last-minute tech failures! Make sure you check your internet device for a good connection and test your video and audio before your interview starts.

Don’t have good lighting in your space? Zoom also allows you to touch up your video appearance in the video settings and review it in the video preview. For better audio quality, use headphones and make sure you test them out before your interview.

What To Do During Your Zoom Interview

Be On Time!

The first few minutes of an interview matter a lot and not being on time can lead you off to a bad start. Set up everything a few minutes before your interview so that you can join your Zoom meeting on time. Once you join a meeting you will be taken to a waiting room before the host allows you in. It is better to wait in the waiting room than to make your interviewers wait in the meeting room.

Keep Your Video On

Keeping your video on is a small step that matters a lot!  It will allow you to engage better with your interviewers and they will pay more attention to what you are saying. Make sure your computer device or laptop is set in a way where the interviewer can see your body language clearly.

In case of any disruption around you, politely request the interviewers to give you a few minutes so you can turn your video and audio off and deal with the situation. Staying calm and positive about the process is very important.

Even if things don’t go exactly how you planned them to, being honest and calm with your interviewers is the right way to go about it. We’re all just trying our best to learn the new ways of the virtual world and minor disruptions are not a big deal if you’re prepared!

Pay Attention To Your Facial Expressions And Body Language

Always remember that your camera is on and your face expressions and body language are important factors in deciding whether you are a worthy candidate. Look directly into the camera and make sure you have positive facial expressions when listening to and answering questions.

Listen Carefully

It is easy to get distracted if the person you’re talking to is not physically present in front of you. Pay attention to what your interviewer is saying and nod where needed to acknowledge their words. In case you don’t understand your interviewer, don’t panic! Apologize and politely ask them to repeat their question.

Speak Clearly

You’re all prepared and set for the interview with your preliminary research! However, you would not benefit from your preparation if your interviewer cannot understand you well. The easy solution to that is speaking slowly and clearly. Another tip, before any sales call or interview, when kicking off, just add a quick “is my audio coming through?” or something to that effect. Such a quick check will help show you are experienced in video interviewing and gives everyone a chance to check their own audio. Sometimes people can be nervous to say you sound like a robot, this gives them a chance to give feedback.

What To Do After Your Zoom Interview?

Ask Questions

If you want any clarifications or have any confusion, now is the time to ask about them! Don’t be shy or embarrassed of your questions, asking about details for the job you are applying to let’s the interviewer know that you are serious about the position.

Thank Your Interviewers

Make sure you thank the interviewers and let them know you had a good time interacting with them. Don’t forget to smile when you say your goodbyes.

Final Thoughts On How To Handle A Zoom Interview

You don’t have to treat a Zoom interview any differently than an in-person interview. Don’t be intimidated by Zoom, it is a user-friendly software and with some practice with it, you’ll be good to go!

For your interviews; show up prepared, be engaging and attentive during your interviews, and make sure you leave the interviewers on a confident and positive note. Good luck with your next Zoom interview!

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