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 Everyone has a different motivation or catalyst to change for their journey. The purpose of Can I Work From Here? is to illuminate those steps in between to get you where you would like to go. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on a few different series.

 The Career Change Series – No matter the reason, or frequency, career change thoughts or actions will cross our path. I subscribe to the idea that we manufacture our own luck and outcomes. These articles will focus on how you can utilize who you are right now to get to the career or situation you want to be.

  The Connection Point Series – Just making a conscious choice to take action is a step, it is not all you need but it is going to be where you start. During these times you can find yourself searching aimlessly at the seemingly infinite amount of information you can access. 

  It is not possible to digest the results of every Google search, every blog or book you read. This series will help explain how you can find success in your learning journeys. 

  The Mentor Series – I will constantly dispel what a Mentor is not for the purposes of this series. Success is never just a single person. Yes, you will do the majority of the work, and no one cares more about your career or decisions than you, but having an advocate in your corner to see you achieve your goals is a game changer. I have had Mentors ever since joining the Tech world and it has been a key ingredient for success.

   The Time Organization Series – As I write this, I have slept in two hours too long, I have missed my routine morning of peace, my quiet cup of coffee, time to chalk up today as a loss even though it is still relatively early in the morning. Sort of an exaggerated example of a spiraling thought pattern, but there are times when this is just how your mind wants to be. There is a fine balance between you controlling your routine and your routine controlling you.

    Everyone has the same 24 hours to utilize through the day. Whether it is working remotely, working your way toward that career, or knocking out the necessities on your list, we all have to make sure to set ourselves up well. This series will take the time to explain some of the key distractors coming our way to cause our mind to short circuit. 


   Looking forward to helping you make those moves toward your new remote career, or providing some pointers for those already on their way. 

        See you around

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