The 7 Best Jobs For Remote Work To Apply To Now

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Considering a career in remote work? In recent years, remote work has seen an increase in popularity in a variety of jobs.

Statistics show that remote work has risen by 159% since 2009.

And with the flexibility and freedom that accompanies remote work, it is no wonder that many people are turning towards remote careers as a way of improving their quality of life. Remote work often offers flexible working hours and fewer travel expenses.

But what is the best remote work job you can apply to now? And are some job titles more suited to the adaptability of remote work, than others?

Read on to find our comprehensive list of the 7 best remote work jobs you can apply for now.


Best Remote Work Jobs


Education Professionals

Education has always had the potential to be easily conducted online. Especially since technological tools have enjoyed more popularity in recent years. 

It is no wonder that the pandemic saw many educational professionals easily transition to online classrooms.

Today, many teachers have remained online and universities and schools have made use of the educational tools and applications that are available.

So, the remote work industry is well suited to teachers, lecturers, and tutors. This has become a way of making education more accessible, cheaper, and easier to interpret for students right across the globe.

If you are in this line of work, you can expect to make between $50000-and $70000 a year.


Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are often in charge of initiating and taking the lead on a brand vision. They are in charge of many of the processes that are involved in cultivating and promoting a certain brand or product. This involves tracking and reporting on their brand while also evaluating the impact of their product against competing brands or products.  Since this role focuses on research, marketing and management, it can easily be conducted from anywhere in the world.

In light of this, it has become a popular remote position in many companies.

The starting salary for this position stands at about $90 000 a year and for some marketing managers, can increase to about $130 000 a year.


Content Writers

Content writers are responsible for conducting research and writing content for social media sites or websites.

They often use SEO to optimize their writing in an attempt to increase web traffic. This role may, at times, involve proofreading and editing as well.

Many content writers work on a freelance basis, whereas others are responsible for continuously monitoring and producing content for certain websites or social media sites.

This position is especially popular with freelancers and digital nomads since you only need a laptop and internet access to write.

Content writers earn about $45000 a year but since this is often a freelance position, the number may vary depending on how often you produce content.



Transcribing has become an especially popular remote work role. This is because it also requires limited resources and can even be conducted offline at times.

Transcribing refers to the act of writing out certain words, verbatim, from an audio recording, This can involve the physical act of typing out what is heard on an audio recording or using word processing software.

Transcription is important in the medical, legal, and academic fields and requires minimal qualifications to do.

This is also a popular role for freelancers, where the amount of transcription conducted determines what you will earn.

For this reason, the average salary in this field varies greatly and can be anywhere between $20000-$50000 a year.


Software Developers

Since remote work focuses on jobs that can be done with the use of technology and involve limited contact with people, jobs in the information technology world are often easy to conduct remotely.

One such job is that of a software developer, which involves the development of algorithms to create programs or software. This relies on the production of code and the continuous testing of software and programs.

Software developers are also required to engage in continuous maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure that software can function properly and be improved upon.

Software development can be a lucrative career with many making over $100 000 a year.

It has also been considered a good career considering the current tangent at which software and technology are developing.


Project Manager

Like many management positions, project managers oversee a team of specialists. These types of managers are involved with initiating, overseeing, and implementing projects and monitoring all stages with a close eye.

This career path can be exciting and dynamic and the vast array of projects that can be overseen means that it can be diverse as well.

But, it is important to note that this diversity also means that some project manager positions are less suited to be conducted remotely than others.

If you are lucky enough to land a remote project manager role, you can expect to make between $90 000-and $150 000 a year.

The salary largely depends on the type of project and the project manager’s level of experience.



Translators have been working remotely long before remote work started to rise in popularity. This is because it often involved people from different countries and attracted a lot of freelance professionals. 

Being a translator means that you have to be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking at least two languages. 

As a remote translator, you will often be required to translate text from one language to another, although video and audio translations can also be conducted. 

Translators also need enough cultural background of both languages to capture the nuance of each language in their translations.

Remote translators are also sometimes called virtual translators and the salary range varies greatly. As an entry-level freelance translator, you can make approximately $30 000 a year. 

But high-earning translators can make up to $200 000 a year.



So, does a career in remote work sound appealing to you yet? If so, we hope that one of these remote careers appeals to you. 

Many remote jobs come with varying salary expectations depending on the type of work, whether you are permanently employed or freelancing and your level of education. 

Luckily, there is also some flexibility in terms of the need for a college degree or not because remote work caters to a variety of careers. 

Whatever the case may be, getting a foot in the door with remote work might bring you one step closer to enjoying all the benefits of working from anywhere in the world.

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