Stripe Remote Work Policy Explained

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Stripe remote work opportunities have been in play almost since its inception.

The tech company was founded in 2010 and has done well in the last year. They recently entered a partnership with Spotify for Spotify’s new Podcast Subscriptions.

While this partnership is newsworthy, we’re more interested in their new remote work jobs.

By this, we mean the huge increase in remote jobs available at the company. While they’ve always had some remote workers, this rise in job offerings made us curious.

We delved into Stripe’s remote work policy and found some answers for you.


Highlights of Stripe’s Remote Work Policy

Back in 2019, before the pandemic truly hit, Stripe was making plans for a fully remote team.

This would be their ‘fifth engineering hub’. Despite the name, the company planned on hiring more than just engineers.

Since the start, there has always been the option of Stripe remote work. They came to the conclusion that not all jobs require you to be in the office. Jobs like engineering, marketing, and project management can be done from home.

So, when the global lockdown forced us all home, they already had the processes in place.

Stripe believes that they ‘would be a greatly diminished company without their remote workers’.

And Stripe thrived. This is proven by their placement at #8 on the Top 10 Companies Behind the 2022 Midas List.

The tech company strives for constant growth and its employees need to think outside the box.

Even interns have ample opportunities for career growth and development. As far as Stripe is concerned, job titles don’t matter, only results do.


Full-Time Remote Work Available for New Hires

While Stripe is not a fully remote company, they have tons of remote job openings. Stripe doesn’t have a definitive remote work policy.

But, they do have almost 600 remote positions available.

Stripe remote work jobs range from Technical Writing and Design to Finance and Business Operations. And let’s not forget the slew of Engineering positions.

Whether you’re a marketer, coder, finance wiz, or writer – you’re sure to find something at Stripe remote work.


Always Learning and Growing

As a fast-paced company, Stripe seems to know that continuous learning is important.

They have an Education Team dedicated to onboarding new hires. There’s a product training curriculum in place as well as expert-led courses.

The expert courses seem to be available to all employees, too. And with employees’ diverse backgrounds, informal learning is the norm.


Global Work Culture

Stripe is a global tech company, with offices all around the world. And let’s not forget all the remote employees too.

There isn’t only cultural diversity. Employees come from all walks of life, with vast differences in education.

If you’re concerned about your job prospects, it probably won’t be an issue. They’ve hired teachers, ex-marines, and even an anthropologist or two.

It’s clear that you don’t have to be an engineer to work for this tech company.


Communication Across Team Lines

Stripe wants to give employees ‘democratized access to information’. What does this mean?

Team lines are often blurred at Stripe. It’s common, acceptable, and even encouraged to peek in on a coworker’s project.

The intent is to learn from each other and provide feedback when possible.

This ties into the overall culture of curiosity. You need to have the drive to ask the difficult questions – and then solve them. Even if the solution seems ‘implausible’, they want to hear it.

They believe in complete transparency. But do they deliver on it? Let’s hear what employees have to say about Stripe.


Employee Reviews on Remote Work at Stripe

We went to to discover what employees were saying about Stripe remote work.

A recent hire at Stripe praised their onboarding process, saying that it was ‘robust’. They said the culture was great. The team was also respectful of the difference in time zones.

Another employee said that there were plenty of growth opportunities. They stated that their team is kind and helpful, making it easy to learn new things.

In contrast to those glowing reviews, many older employees felt differently. Employees said that the company is user-driven, and employee satisfaction is last.

Those in sales have been the most vocal about their complaints. Apparently, the sales teams don’t have the support they need and aren’t recognized for their efforts.



Overall, Stripe is an amazing place to work, remotely or in-office. Stripe remote work provides a better work-life balance for all employees.

The company has opened hundreds of remote positions this year. This is a tempting opportunity for those wanting to maintain a flexible lifestyle.

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