Shopify Remote Work: What You Need To Know Before Applying

Shopify Remote Work: What You Need To Know Before Applying

Shopify is a massive e-commerce company founded in 2006 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. Shopify is an online platform and has quite a few remote work options. It’s gotten us curious about their Shopify remote work policy.

If you’re interested in Shopify’s remote policy, look no further. We’ll explore the Shopify work culture, their remote work policy highlights, and what previous employees at Shopify have to say about their time at the e-commerce giant.


Highlights Of Shopify Remote Work Policy

Remote work opportunities are on the rise because remote work is the future. Shopify knows this too.

According to Life at Shopify, they want to build a work culture that values purpose and empathetic leadership in an effort to create a workplace where employees feel they belong.

Shopify believes caring for its employees is the best way to create a productive work environment and has always been ahead of the curve in Shopify’s remote work policies.

They provide support not just for their employees but also for their families to develop an environment of learning and growth.

Conformity kills creativity and autonomy rules. Shopify tries to appreciate different perspectives and wants to nurture an environment with flexible views. To them, the best results will come from letting their people choose and create their own paths.

If you are interested in working at Shopify, learn how to stand out to your future remote work employer.


Shopify Remote Work

When the Covid pandemic started, Shopify switched over to remote work quickly.

While many companies were waiting for the pandemic to be over to get employees back into offices, Shopify took a different approach. Not long after the start of the pandemic, in June 2020, they announced they would permanently move to remote work.

While Shopify is now completely remote, they do still hire in specific regions.

It’s not clear whether their remote employees are allowed to travel abroad all year round. On their Work Anywhere policy page, they have a Destination90 program which gives their employees 90 days every year to explore and work around the world.


Shopify Provides The Right Tech For The Job

Shopify remote work jobs require their employees to have a great internet connection and a backup in case anything goes wrong with the first.

Other than that, the Shopify remote work policy states they will provide their employees with innovative technology to complete their jobs in the best way.


Early Career Opportunities

Shopify has an Early Careers Program to help kickstart careers interested in design, product management, data, and engineering. The program has four different options.


Dev Degree Program

The Dev Degree Program allows people to get a 3 – 4 year degree in computer science while working at Shopify.

Internship Program

There are 3, 4, and 8-month paid internships available at Shopify. They are available to students, recent graduates, and people still new in their field.

Apprentice Product Manager

A 12-month APM program to kickstart your career as a Product Manager.

Revenue School Program

A 4-month paid program for graduates to learn about sales and the chance to improve their skill set.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Shopify

Shopify has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor with over 1,600 reviews. It’s an amazing average score considering how many reviews there are.

Shopify remote work scores highest in employee benefits and work culture.

Shopify has worked hard to create a flexible and diverse work environment that values trust over stress.

This seems to be felt by employees who frequently talk about the great work environment.
Shopify offers a lot of employee support with health insurance and education.

The opportunity to improve your skillset is available and encouraged.

Shopify scored lowest when it comes to fair pay. A lot of employees said the pay was not enough, even with the benefits that they received.

Working at Shopify is also a very challenging and stressful job but most reviewers agreed it helped them become great at their work. The challenges were stressful but also exciting and fulfilling.


Shopify Remote Work In The News

While many companies still grapple with the decision to stay remote or opt for hybrid work styles, Shopify has shown no intention of changing it’s ‘Digital By Design’ work policy. It has been two years since they started their remote work journey and is still a great option for those looking for a stable remote work option.



Shopify has great company culture, amazing benefits, and is 100% remote. They have work available in a lot of different countries and offer support, no matter how far away employees are.

It is a stressful work environment but one that employees felt challenged them to do their best. All in all, Shopify remote work is a great option for remote work enthusiasts.


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