Reddit Remote Work: What To Expect If You’re Hired

Reddit Remote Work: What To Expect If You’re Hired

Reddit is an American-based online website that focuses on social news aggregation and content discussions. Members submit content in the form of text, photos, videos, and links, which are then upvoted, downvoted, and discussed.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet and is visited more frequently than Netflix, Instagram, or Twitter.

Landing a job there could offer you an amazing experience, as well as immense exposure, and a decent addition to your Resume.

On top of this, Reddit’s employees love working there, and the job perks are also better than average.


Highlights Of Reddit’s Remote Work Policy

Reddit has decided to continue with remote working due to the ongoing state of the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, their remote work policy has changed slightly and is now actually much more beneficial for the employee.

Below, we will discuss the outlines of the policy and what each aspect entails.


The Choice Between In-Office Work, Remote Work, Or Hybrid Work

Reddit has implemented a policy that allows employees to choose between working in the office only, working completely remotely, or combining the two.

This allows employees a bit more flexibility and allows them to be in an environment that they feel is best suited for them and will aid in the highest productivity.


Remote Workers Will Receive Equal Compensation Across The US

Before remote work was fully implemented in the US, geographical compensation zones used to exist. People who live in places with higher living expenses, such as New York or San Franciso, would get paid a higher salary.

This meant that anyone living outside of San Francisco or New York would be paid less.

Reddit has decided to eliminate these geographical compensation zones and stick to one pay range, no matter where the employee lives.

This means that employees can work from literally anywhere in the world and still get paid equally.


Work Hours Are Fairly Flexible

Reddit offers remote workers fairly flexible work hours.

Remote workers are expected to work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. This does not necessarily have to take place from 09 to 5, remote workers can start work earlier and end earlier, start work later and end later, or split up their hours over the day.

Additionally, remote workers are offered flexible and unlimited vacation days, paid volunteer days, and monthly global wellness days. Which highlights how flexible work hours can be.


Health Benefits

Reddit understands how important the health of its employees is. As a result, they offer their remote employees competitive health benefits and packages for themselves, as well as quarterly dependent care.

Additionally, if having children is on the cards, a four-month parental leave is offered, with a flexible return to work schedule.


Enticing Monthly And Annual Stipends

Reddit offers its employees annual travel stipends to cover 10 paid holidays. They also offer a stipend for pet care, as well as stipends for personal and professional development.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Reddit

Almost all of the people who have worked, or are currently working at Reddit have good things to say about the company.

95% of employees say that it is a fantastic place to work, compared to other typical US companies where only 57% of employees say the same thing.

The general feedback from employees is that Reddit is transparent, great for growth, has amazing perks, cares a lot for its employees, and has a really great work-life balance.

95% of employees would recommend working at Reddit and absolutely loved their time there.


Reddit Remote Work In The News

In the past few months, companies like Apple and Google have made the news for the shift they are making back to their offices in attempts to decrease remote working.

Reddit, on the other hand, has been out of the news since it made the announcement to continue with remote working.

This is great news for those of you who enjoy remote working, or who live outside of the US but are hoping to land a remote job at Reddit.

It doesn’t seem like Reddit is planning on going back to the offices any time soon, so those counting on their remote jobs can remain at ease and do not have to worry about that.



To conclude, Reddit is an extremely sought-after place to work, and one of the best remote companies to work for.

They offer great employee perks and stipends, a lovely work environment, and really care for the people who work for them.

Working remotely at Reddit comes highly recommended, no matter where you live. It doesn’t look like the option of working remotely will come to an end any time soon, either. So you can rest assured that your remote job isn’t on the line.

Additionally, it is also a great time to apply for remote work at Reddit, and you will most likely be very happy there.


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