Overview Of Microsoft Remote Work For Potential New Hires

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Microsoft remote work: is it as great as it seems?

Since its inception, Microsoft has been a front-runner in global innovation. They’ve come a long way since the original Windows 1 in 1985.

Their offices had some of the best workplace perks in the tech industry. But that all changed with the pandemic.

Microsoft made the switch to fully remote work, and their company thrived.

With the opening of their offices in February 2022, what can new hires expect? Will Microsoft’s hybrid work policy remain in effect post-Covid?

In this post, we discuss Microsoft’s hybrid policy, and how it affects employees.


Highlights of Microsoft’s Remote Work Policy

Microsoft’s remote work policy might be one of the best. They implemented a 6-stage, ‘Hybrid Workplace Model’.

They knew that conditions could change at any moment. This resulted in a flexible hybrid model.

With the pandemic winding down, many companies are eager to return to the office. Microsoft is no different, with one huge exception.

They stated that their goal was to ‘offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual styles of working’.

This statement says a lot about how the company views its employees. They understand that many will want to return to the office.

But they’ve realized that others may not want that, and they’re determined to accommodate this.

As of February 2022, employees have the freedom to choose their working preferences. They gave employees 30-days to adjust to their chosen schedules.

They’ve assured employees that all office perks will be available upon return. They even made adjustments to their offices, adhering to current health protocols.

But they’ve also made accommodations for those working from home. The point that stood out, was Microsoft’s intent on putting employee well-being first.

It’s one of the few big tech companies with a remote work policy that supports it’s workers.


Employees Can Choose Hybrid Work

Microsoft’s remote work policy is focused on flexibility and employee health.

Employees can choose their work location and hours. Team managers will approve these plans, ensuring they align with team agreements.

This gives employees power over their time and work schedules. The company takes the individual into account because some people just work better at home.

Other companies are focused on a full return to the office. Microsoft is focusing on flexibility and employee wellness.

Simplifying Remote and Hybrid Work

Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft has aimed to make remote work easier.

They implemented a seamless transition to remote work by using ‘cloud-first file management’.

Employees gained access to all necessary tools via the cloud. It also allowed employees to ‘share ideas and make faster decisions’.

The tech giant transformed its company culture to support its employees. This support allowed employees to do their best from anywhere in the world.

Online Teamwork, Meetings, and Employee Engagement

Microsoft has always implemented ways for us to connect online, faster.

This applied to their transition to remote work too.

Microsoft Teams became their central hub. All meetings, calls, chats, and apps were integrated into Microsoft 365.

This allows them to maintain productivity and connect from anywhere in the world. Using Microsoft 365 and Yammer, the company hosts live events.

This keeps everyone updated and connected. It gives employees the chance to engage with each other and leadership.

Employee Matter at Microsoft

The tech giant has shone a spotlight on the importance of workplace culture.

With this in mind, they’ve sent out regular surveys to their employees. The intent? To gather feedback and opinions on the hybrid work policy.

They want to know how employees feel, and what changes they think should be made.

Their employees are more than numbers or cogs in a greater machine. They’re real people with opinions, desires, and goals.

As of June 2022 Microsoft began implementing Game Changing salary increase to help retain talent.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Microsoft

We went to Indeed.com to see what employees were saying about remote work at Microsoft.

One remote employee said their team is supportive. Their manager helps with career goals and growth, too. Another commented on the great benefits and teamwork, but it’s fast-paced.

In contradiction, another employee said that their manager was indifferent to their growth.

It seems to depend on which department you end up in. Overall, there were many more glowing reviews than bad ones.


Microsoft Remote Work In The News

The news of Microsoft’s hybrid return-to-work policy has been positive.

This article on GeekWire says Microsoft made allowances at their office for those who can’t vaccinate.

A NYTimes article, mentions that most employees can work remotely 50% of the time.

Of course, managers need to approve their work schedules. But it still gives employees plenty of freedom and flexibility.



Microsoft has strived to make remote and hybrid work easier for its employees. This doesn’t look like it will change post-Covid.

Microsoft’s remote work policy focuses on its employees as real people. They understand that the world has evolved. People are prioritizing their health over work.

They’ve given their employees flexibility and freedom to choose where and when they work.


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