More Remote Careers Gaining Traction Because Of The Pandemic

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Have you ever tried remote work?

This modern phenomenon has become our new normal. Since 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, companies have migrated online to continue work from safe distances. Whether you work alone or in a team, you’ve likely experienced a work-from-home mandate at least once in the last few years. 

Many jobs adapted during the pandemic, but many online jobs were also created thanks to the pandemic. Different online careers have started to pop up, from tutors to virtual assistants that didn’t exist pre-2020. 

Are you looking for an online career or new remote work? We’ve got your back. Keep reading to learn about the latest online jobs and how you can get started.

What Is Remote Work?

Before jumping into the online jobs guide, we’ll quickly define what remote work is. Though this term is used often, it can be confusing to know what it’s referring to. 

Remote work can be defined as working away from a central office space. So, if you work at home or from wherever you want, your job is most likely a remote position. Many employees in remote companies take advantage of this flexible way of working by traveling and working or setting their own hours. In fact, statistics show that employees that work remotely at least once per month are 24% more likely to be happy – proving the benefits of this system.

Many people often confuse remote work and freelancing. While these two roles are very similar, remote workers are employed by a company, whereas freelancers are their own boss. As a freelancer, you have complete control over your hours, but a remote worker may still have to adhere to a schedule, even when at home.

Both ways of working have many positives and negatives, so make sure you consider both freelancing and remote careers when looking for your next job. 

Top New Remote Work Positions 2022

Are you ready to jump into the world of online jobs? Taking control of your work life is exciting. Use these post-corona positions to inspire your next job search. You never know; your next job could be on this list!

Digital Marketing

While marketing and online marketing jobs did exist before the pandemic, digital marketing has seen a boom since 2020. Since businesses have migrated online and fewer people are going out, internet usage has increased. This means more time is being spent online than ever before, so companies are spending more time perfecting their online marketing personas. 

Digital marketing experts are in need more than ever. This industry has adapted to the trends, and there’s lots of work, especially if you specialize in SEO optimization, PPC adverts, or web development. New remote work is now available for all tech-savvy communicators. 

App Development

Like digital marketing, app usage has increased thanks to the population spending more time online. Whether you focus on gaming apps or helpful admin apps, all niches are in demand. Companies that were never interested in their online presence are now demanding to have easy-to-use apps to beat competitors.  

To become an app developer, you’ll need experience in the field and specialized skills. Make sure you’ve taken a programming course or two! If you’re interested in an online career, app development might be on the cards for you.

Online Tutors

This remote career did exist before the pandemic, but the work options weren’t always steady or reliable. However, since schools and colleges went online in 2020, many students and parents have seen the appeal of online classes and tutoring. When you choose online education, you can select top tutors from all over the world without worrying about travel. Perfect for anyone wanting to further their education.  

If you have experience as a teacher or a bachelor’s PGCE degree, you’ll be able to apply for an online teaching position. This remote career is ideal for anyone who wants the rewarding feeling of teaching the next generation without stepping foot into a classroom. 

Customer Service

Do you like working with others? Connect and communicate with other humans without even leaving your home. Customer service is another job that’s always been available, but since many companies realized remote workforces are better for productivity and the environment, it’s been a work-from-home staple.

Customer service jobs are a great option if you love problem-solving and working with others. Most new remote work involves solo projects and long hours alone. Unlike other jobs, this career is perfect for anyone with an extroverted personality and a passion for helping people.

Virtual Assistant 

Have you ever wished you had an assistant on your laptop to help you complete frustrating admin tasks? Since the pandemic, many professionals have hoped for this, and the virtual assistant role was born! This online career mimics what an in-house assistant does, but now all the online admin and organizing tasks are completed from home. 

If you have an eye for details and an organized personality, use this new remote work to put your skills to the test. Common tasks for virtual assistants include updating databases, creating plans, and scheduling meetings and appointments, all from a remote location. 

Contact Tracing

Finally, a unique career created thanks to the pandemic is contact tracing. As countries start to open up, representatives have the job of calling anyone in contact with the coronavirus to ensure they isolate themselves. This remote work involves lots of organization and phone calls, but it’s a great way to help to contain the virus.

The one downside of this remote career is that as countries reduce measures and open up, contact tracing is no longer needed. Check your location’s regulations to find out if this career is required. This can also lead to other avenues in the medical space though.

The Bottom Line

Remote jobs span a multitude of industries, and there’s a position for every skill set. From social work from home jobs to solitary online careers, consider the newest positions when searching for your next job. 

What do you think about the new remote jobs? Let us know in the comments.

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