Just Some of the Places and Reasons to Work Remote in Europe

Just Some of the Places and Reasons to Work Remote in Europe

If you work out an arrangement with your company or in the Freelance life, you can work from your home country or any foreign country (If legally allowed, of course).

So why should you choose Europe as your remote work location? What does Europe have to offer? What is Remote Work Life like in Europe?

Here are just some of the reasons and places to go.

Easy Travel

Europe has a solid and reliable travel network. Traveling from one place to another is super easy and cost-effective. It does not take much time from you either.

Not only can you travel between cities quickly but traveling between different European countries is also easier. The commuting facilities are also satisfying. You can even get your work done while in transport.

Because of the fast-traveling network of Europe, it will be very easy for you to check out places in Europe that you have always wanted to visit.

Cultural Diversity

Europe is heavily diversified in culture. You can experience different cultures within the same city. There are many domestic and foreign cultures in Europe because of its popularity among tourists.

This diversity of culture can serve you as a refresher by making you experience something new all the time. Imagine having a hard day at work. How do you make yourself free of the mental burdens? Just pay a visit to one of the cultured European places with a friend.

Rich History

Europe has many historical places. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy, the Acropolis in Greece, the Eiffel tower in Paris, France. The list goes on. They are all well facilitated and preserved.

If you are someone who loves to explore historical sites and know about their events, then Europe is the perfect place for you. They will also work as a refresher.

Amazing Nightlife

How is the nightlife in Europe? Just amazing. The nightlife is just wild for partying. No occasion needed. Just grab a friend and go outside to a bar or a club.

And if you are sober, then just enjoy the night view of the city. European countries like Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, and the Netherlands are famously known for their nightlife.

If you want to venture into the true nightlife of Europe, then we suggest these countries mentioned above.

Fast internet speed

Enough talk about recreation in Europe already. Now let’s talk about some crucial technical elements for a digital nomad in Europe.

What is the first and most important thing a digital nomad needs besides their digital device and skillset? Internet speed. Does Europe have reliable internet? Of course, they do.

Almost all European countries have high-speed internet connections. We are talking about broadband and cellular internet.

The whale of Europe has excellent cellular network coverage. So, whether you are on a beach or in a village in Europe, you are not far from high-speed internet all the time.

This is excellent news because working remote will become stressful without a reliable internet connection facility.

Countries to Check Out for Remote Work

Now that we have discussed the overall benefits in Europe, let us talk about the destinations.

The destination and working space is going to be critical to enjoying your travels. Europe is very diverse with its culture and lifestyle. Here are some countries you might start to research for your next Remote Work adventure.


Portugal is a trendy European country for remote work, and for good reason. The cost of living in Portugal is among the lowest in all Europe. But that does not stop this country from providing all the necessary amenities for a great work experience.

There are numerous work opportunities as well as travel opportunities. Portugal also offers great urban life and nightlife, and you’ll have cafes and restaurants in most neighborhoods. They also come with free public Wifi. With that access, you are never far from your ability to work in Portugal. You may not even have to buy cellular data for your work.

Madeira Island has an established community of freelancers and remote workers. You may like to start your European trip there. They are a welcoming community and can help you with all the necessities.

Now, what about the recreational facilities? The coastlines of Portugal are a great place for enjoying your free time. Plus, there are other historical establishments to enjoy. Cascais has some beautiful ocean scenery, excellent food selection, and a beautiful downtown walk.


Next we have Spain. It is also in the lower spectrum of the cost of living in Europe. It is slightly higher than Portugal but lower than most other countries on our list.

Spain has excellent architectural establishments, making its urban life unique from other European countries. Barcelona is of course, one of the more popular destinations among all the cities in Spain. Is it a coincidence that Barcelona is also famous for its football club? Maybe.

The reason why Barcelona is famous among Remote Workers is because of the ex-pat community. The ex-pat community has people from all around the world. You will meet all sorts of people in Barcelona’s cafes and digital hubs. This diversification makes Barcelona very popular.

The transportation facility in Barcelona and Spain is well established. You can travel between cities easily. This gives you the option of choosing a living space anywhere.


Ireland may not be well heard of for Remote workers, but you should consider it. The cost of living is reasonable. There are all sorts of facilities that can be used to work from.

You can immerse yourself in its diverse culture and enjoy all the other amenities.

We can say that Ireland will become famous among Remote Workers in the future. Why? Because a lot of tech companies are establishing their headquarters in Ireland. This will create more job opportunities there, also leading to more Remote Work.

Ireland also has a very welcoming community, and the whole country has a well-connected transporting system. The beauty of Ireland is known around the world, take the time to explore it! For some the only downside to living in Ireland can be the weather. It can tend to be more gloomy and overcast. Still not a real downside, but something to note.

Ireland is great if you want to work from more relaxed environments and enjoy high-quality amenities,  Ireland can be a great destination.


Estonia is known for many reasons in Europe. It is called the Silicon Valley of Europe because of the number of startup companies in the country. It is also known as the digital hub of the world.

The country has all the necessary requirements to work successfully. You have high-speed internet, remote work opportunities, an excellent transportation system, and recreational sites.

Not to mention, the cost of living is also in the lower spectrum of Europe.

The country also has forests and medieval sites to explore. So if you are seeking adventure in your remote work destination, then Estonia can be a great choice.


Italy can be considered an all-in-one European destination. You have great nationwide Wifi, incredible landscape, great digital hubs, not to mention, the transportation system in Italy is also great.

Though Italy is famous for tourism, it is needless to say that Italy does make an excellent choice for any lifestyle. So working remote or not, give Italy a try. You won’t regret it.


Georgia is not quite a known remote work destination yet but, it is rising towards it. 

Georgia has better and faster internet than its neighboring countries. The government of Georgia is actively working to provide high-speed and reliable wireless internet to every city and village in Georgia. That means you can basically work from any location in Georgia.

Georgia has excellent recreational facilities besides the necessary amenities for remote work. There are beautiful landscapes in Georgia that will make you stay there forever. Moreover, the scenario changes from hot and blooming landscapes to snow and chili terrains.


Like Georgia, Croatia is also one of those European countries that is a potential hotspot for Remote Work. Croatia announced a Digital Nomad visa last year. With this visa, you can stay in their country for up to a year without arranging any local employment.

Croatia also has high-speed internet connectivity all around the nation, making it easier for you to work from any location in Croatia. So whether you are in a central Croatia city or camping near a natural beauty site, you can still access your virtual workplace.

The urban life of Croatia is no less than its natural counterpart, as Croatia is near the coastline.

Croatia is one of the most secure countries in Europe. It has a significantly lower crime rate, and the government is very cautious about public health and safety.


If you want to enjoy the highs of living in Europe, then look at Norway. It is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, offering a rich lifestyle with outstanding quality and facilities.

Norway is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The mountains, water views and architecture are just some of the reasons to take some time there.


Who does not want to go to France once? The country with the Eiffel Tower and the country that speaks the language of love.

France is undoubtedly one of the most desired destinations of all European for Remote Work. We can also see the number of nomads to prove it. France has a four million digital nomad community, this makes it one of the largest nomad countries.

France has some of the desirable facilities that you are looking for. Delicious food? Yes. Eye-catching landscape? Yes. Great urban life? Yes. High-speed internet connectivity? Double-check

France is an overall excellent choice for part of your Remote Work adventure.


Switzerland offers many high-quality amenities. It has a peaceful community (not to mention the country is neutral with all foreign countries), a sound balance between work and life, a well-established transportation system, and many natural spots for tourism. The natural sites have made all residents in Switzerland outdoor type. 

When you are staying in Switzerland, make sure to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural diversity the country offers.

Those are just some countries worth taking the time to explore. There are so many more places, if you have one to share, let us know!


Europe is a great continent filled with cultural and natural diversity and these just some of the many countries worth taking the time to explore. There are so many more places, if you have one to share, let us know!

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