How to Keep Your Workout Routine Going While Traveling

How to Keep Your Workout Routine Going While Traveling

Keeping your workout routine going while traveling is a great way to protect your health from various forms of danger. Unfortunately, many people think it is impossible to maintain the workout routine during such moments. While this idea is popular, it is incorrect. 

There are a few tried-and-true tips you can follow to stop your workout routine from flying out of the window while you’re traveling.

Plan for the Trip In Advance

The first important strategy is to discover the specific items and resources you might require before leaving for the journey. I usually research the right workout equipment and plan where and when to get moving. It gets much easier for me to stick to the new habit whenever I do this.

 So, if you want to have the best workout experience, you can google the best gym or hotel for travelers and all the other details and start planning as early as possible. Be sure you book accommodations and other services that fit your needs and preferences in time.

Pack Smart

After planning for the event, you’ll have a clear picture of what you need for the trip. You might need to wear or bring a pair of shoes that you can work out in and other essential workout-wear that dries fast. From my traveling experience, you might require an extra plastic bag for sweat-soaked clothes.

Make Your Workout a Social Event

Since traveling often takes us to unfamiliar territories, we need to make these events adventurous and fun. The best solution is to exercise with others. You can partner with your traveling companion to realize your goals.

Besides making the workout routine memorable, your companion will keep you accountable. So, it would help if you had someone you trust and can travel with throughout the trip.

If you can’t find the right accountability partner, you can join group classes. Whenever I am traveling solo, I choose this option. It is a fun and secure way to meet new people.

Take Advantage of Trial Gym/Yoga Class

If you want to use high-quality equipment and facilities without spending a dollar, sign up with a gym chain that offers a trial service. For example, you can type “Trial gym NYC” on Google during the planning stage. You will find plenty of credible chain gyms that allow you to take advantage of their world-of-the-art equipment without committing to a premium membership plan.

You can also check for your favorite yoga studio using the same skill above. Google will give you all the information you need. Don’t forget that you are a traveler. So, the studio should be good and offer a trial membership that suits your needs.

Do Home Exercises Without Weights

You may need to find weights to achieve your workout goals as you travel. How can you do this in a foreign city or remote beach? You can find several home or bodyweight exercises that will leave you in your best shape, irrespective of how strong you are. If you think you aren’t heavy enough, follow the steps below.

  1. Try elevated shrimp squats and one-armed pull-ups. If these exercises are too easy for you, move on to the next step.

  2. Perform explosive exercises, such as sprinting and jumping, to make things a little harder.

  3. If that’s not enough, your travel companion can increase the weight. You can perform piggy-back sprints. Have your companion sit on you while you do push-ups or try other partner exercises.

Find other workouts that require no weights below. They are simple. So, if you are interested in a few of them, nothing will stop you from keeping your workout routine while traveling.

  • Rotational jacks

  • Plank reach-unders

  • Step-ups

  • Mountain climbers

  • Squat jumps

  • Burpees

  • Standing side hops

  • Pull-ups

  • Squat pulses

  • Broad jumps

  • Split squats

To make a more challenging routine that gives you the best results fast, you can combine 5-6 of the above exercises.

Stretch It Out

Stretching out is another excellent way to make the workouts an adventure. If you spend an extended period of traveling, the train, automobile, or plane can seriously wreak havoc on your body. To stop that, you can get up or stop to walk around and stretch.

If you stretch it out, as we’ve said, you keep blood flowing healthily throughout your body as you travel. You also minimize or eliminate muscle tension and stress.

Stay Safe

Your safety matters a lot. You won’t keep the workout routine going while traveling if you aren’t in good health. So, if you are taking a run or a walk, ensure you keep your phone handy. Use its GPS to map your course. Be sure a responsible person within the hotel or facility knows what you are doing.

Break Away

If you travel frequently, you know traveling can introduce us to new fitness formats or activities. Once you land at your destination, you might sense that your body requires a break from your routine. During such moments, try something new.

Be Practical

Be careful to avoid having overzealous expectations about your workout routine. Whether your travel is for pleasure or your business, you have a higher chance of success. This can be a grave issue if you allow yourself to enjoy the trip. Consider the hours you spend as you travel as an essential discovery time to achieve that.  

You shouldn’t feel guilty about trying your best to keep your everyday workout routine. It is okay to set higher goals. However, you should know that you might not achieve the same level of success as you typically do at home. You’ll likely register slightly above 50 percent of your targeted success.

The Bottom Line

With the tips we’ve seen here, you can stop your workout routine from flying out of the window while you are traveling. You may have to work harder than you do at home, but the effort is worth it. You’ll stay fit and enjoy your entire trip.


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