How Does The Zapier Remote Work Policy Look For Employees?

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The Zapier remote work policy will catch your attention if you’re looking for jobs in the software and app development industry.

Work at Zapier has always been fully remote. As all Zapier employees can work from anywhere, it’s a great option if you’re looking to get into remote work.

So, how does the Zapier remote work policy look for employees? Let’s go over what remote work at Zapier entails, and how it can offer you the freedom to work from wherever you are.


Highlights of Zapier’s Remote Work Policy

Zapier is a fully remote company and always has been. The founders of this automation company started it as a sideline to their existing jobs, without sharing office space. So when it comes to remote work, they know what they are doing.

This is good news for anyone seeking remote work, as Zapier has years of experience with this model. All employees work from home, from all over the world. All communication is done via online messaging or video calls, using tools like Slack. The entire hiring and onboarding process is handled online.

Zapier employees also benefit from a competitive salary, bonus program, unlimited vacation policy, and a range of awesome perks.

The company understands that while remote work can be very convenient, it costs money to get properly set up to work from home. To address this need, stipends and allowances are available for setting up a home office. As a result, they are considered one of the best X Tech Companies With Remote Work Policies.

Of course, just because you work from home doesn’t mean that you don’t want to improve your skills and advance in the company. This is why Zapier also offers a development allowance, to hone your professional skills.


All Employees Can Work From Home, Anywhere In The World

Because Zapier has always been fully remote, it’s geared for remote work anywhere. The company has more than 300 employees in 28 countries, all working remotely.

Remote Work Stipend

A home office setup stipend is provided to meet the costs associated with setting up an office at home. This will help you with the expenses related to office furniture, PC/tech equipment, and internet setup.

Professional Development Allowance

Zapier also offers an allowance for professional development. This enables you to acquire new skills and qualifications that will make you more marketable, and help you to perform more duties at the company.

Other Awesome Benefits And Perks

One of the drawbacks of working remotely from the start for any company is that you may not have the benefits that you expect from an employer. Or you may wish you had more perks to sweeten the deal.

But that is not an issue with this company, as they offer all the benefits and perks that count.


A healthcare plan including dental and vision benefits is currently available for employees in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Retirement Plan

A retirement plan with a company match is available for employees in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at this time.

Other Perks

  • Stock options for every employee are offered in most countries, but in the few countries where it is not possible, Zapier offers a generous long-term cash option.
  • Flexible remote work hours and unlimited vacation
  • Two annual company retreats
  • 14 weeks of paid leave for new parents

Competitive Salary

Zapier saves money by not spending on office space, not by paying employees less. Their salaries are competitive, so you will not be earning less just because you work remotely.


Employee Reviews Of Remote Work At Zapier

We examined what some employees had to say on Glassdoor about their remote work at Zapier.

The general consensus is that remote work isn’t easy for everyone and there are times when it can get lonely. But it was stated by several employees that a good work/life balance is encouraged and maintained.

People also noted that Zapier treats its employees well and that the managers are supportive and knowledgeable. This is very encouraging, and it is a definite plus when considering remote work here.


Zapier Remote Work In The News

When there is a limited amount of skilled workers in an area and a large need for those skills, talent poaching, and job-hopping increase.

Zapier wanted to know what would happen if employees were offered the chance to live outside of those high-tech hubs. So they offered a delocation package for San Francisco-based employees to move away from Bay Area.

After the announcement, Zapier saw a major increase in job applicants.


Zapier has offered 100% remote work opportunities from the start.

Its founders believe that this remote work policy is a major advantage when it comes to hiring and retention. And it seems to be working, as their workers appear to have a high level of job satisfaction.

Fully remote jobs in tech engineering, marketing, product design, technical support, and recruiting are currently available.


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