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Who are we?

 First of all, thank you for taking a minute to peruse the site and see a bit of our humble beginnings. For me, Can I Work From Here? is a very long time coming and as Ryan Holiday mentions in his readings, moves me beyond passion to purpose.

  My first exposure to the concept of Remote Work came from College. I wanted to go to College but I had never been able to find the elusive “Money Tree” my Grandmother constantly assured me was hidden somewhere around her house. I realized if I was to make this happen I needed to work full time, and go to school full time. Online Courses were the only way that I could actually make College work for me.

  As I moved to my Graduate Degree, I remember one Professor in particular, was visiting London for a  Shakespearean Festival. While teaching Poetry, she was able to add in her experiences on the fly of things happening right around her. The value of that course, not only the content, but her ability to execute so uniquely, set it apart. She sent pictures of landscape referenced in the Bard’s works, she made the course come alive, the only way it could have been more impactful would be, if I could be in London too, hmm?

  I knew at that point this was how I wanted to work. I wanted to feel new energy, new inspiration, break traditional learning methods. I knew I must work toward a Remote Career. As you can imagine it was just that easy, right? Maybe? Well no, there have obviously been more than a few hurdles getting there. However, I did make it happen. I still work for a Corporate employer but I have been working Remote full time for the last 7 years. I have taken meetings in the middle of the Arizona desert, came up with a whole Go To Market Strategy while wandering through Hawaii, and the Foundation of “Can I Work From Here?” was thought up during a trip down the coastline.

  I will be sharing a lot of my experience over these blogs and posts as we move forward. But it is important to share what our mission is and why.

What are we up to?

  It is an understatement to say the world is in a very interesting flux at this time. While it is impossible to predict exactly how things will continue to go, Remote Work during the Pandemic has offered some the same freedom I have found. We are currently seeing “The Great Resignation” and from personal testimony, I can say, once you have found yourself working where you are, on your time, with your flows and creative windows, it is hard to go back, I think the massive amount of open job postings are proving that.

   Can I Work From Here? is here to help you along any part of your journey. As we begin our adventure together, I want to make sure that we help you along your path to a job or lifestyle that brings you joy, positivity, and creativity. When we are able to work toward our purpose, we are more fulfilled, we are better coworkers, more empathetic neighbors, and more attentive family members.

  Travel has changed me in ways I could never have predicted. What started as a necessity for me financially and logistically, has become a path to an open mind and a life that seems unreal to me now. The purpose is to enable others toward that path. Freedom is in grasp. The path, the motivations, and reasons will be different for all, but I believe the outcomes of growth and freedom are shared.

 Can I Work From Here? Lifecycle –

     Introduction to Remote Work

So you want to know a bit about working from home or from anywhere? These articles will feature some high level items just to get you going. It is important to understand there are differences from taking that meeting around a conference table in person and providing valuable feedback in your Pajamas, or at a bench in Central Park.

    How Do I Go?

       When I was first looking to go Remote the amount of difficulty I had just finding where to begin was a struggle. I had to forge a path from a great deal of trial and error. It is the goal of Can I Work From Here? to help provide resources and paths that can get you to a Remote Job. Whether you are taking the chance on yourself or are you testing out how Corporate culture is changing toward allowing Remote employees, we want you know the resources and job roles with the salaries to get you there.

    What Do I Need to Go?

       This Pillar is going to be some fun. At this point, if you are already working remote and you want to try out your new freedom. I started in small ways. I would leave the house and go work at a local coffee shop for a couple hours. I still made my calls, got my work done. However, if my boss needed me to answer from home (all in my head, not a real thing) my Laptop charger was on the fritz, or the Corporate guilt was just too much, I could still race home.

        Sometimes it really is just as easy to go with a charged laptop, hotspot the phone or find some local wifi. However, as we start traveling internationally or to unfamiliar locations, unexpected variables can arise. We want to tackle some of the more advanced tips we have found.

   Where Do I Go?

       The beauty of Remote Work is whether it is just that coffee shop down the road, a cabin by the coast, or that villa in some country unknown to you, these are options. This is where we can share some of the unique or interesting places we have traveled to or worked from.

       Travel does make for a new perspective and outlook. When I first started city hopping I found out so much about not only the city I was visiting, but about myself. Seeing smaller differences that make a place stand out is always exciting. Whether it is the staple food like the Philly Cheese Steak, or trying a Seattle Dog, these experiences connect us and really broaden our lives. You will be able to see where our Travelers have been and can help let you know where to go, adding a couple work days to your trip can expand your time absorbing your surroundings.

   Why Do I Need to Go?

       Now that you can jump in your car and road trip on a Wednesday cause every weekend can be a longer weekend, or you hop a plane to work in the sun, what else is left? Freedom is yours. Well, as with all things, having this level of freedom can at times be overwhelming, sometimes causing severe anxiety in both the entrepreneur or corporate space. I remember when I was starting out, I would over-communicate how busy and productive I was while working from home, probably to the point where people would be questioning what I actually was doing.

      As if we were not already going through so much with isolation currently, Working Remote can further some of those internal feelings of stress, depression, and isolation. I could keep the spiral going, but that is not the point, our goal is to help you feel mentally strong and empowered, productive, from a location geographically and financially that you want to be.

      I have gone through many different feelings and stages working from home the last 7 years. Mental Health is always important and I can only say, I am happy with the renewed interest surrounding a positive Mental Health experience for our society. Don’t get me wrong, we have a long, long way to go, but the fact that Personal Days can actually be used for Mental Health instead of a Car Maintenance appointment or Doctor visit is a step in the right direction.

Wrap up

   Closing out, I would like to thank you for taking the time to see what we are about. We believe that everyone should be given the best environment to make the difference they want in the world. I have found fulfillment and freedom in this world from my travels and giving others the path toward freedom is our mission.

   “Life is Short, So Never Stop, The World Is Small, So See All You Want to See, Love Others, So You May Love Your Own Life.”

                               See You Around

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