Best Places To Live In Your 20’s

Best Places To Live In Your 20’s

Best places to live in your 20’s

Depending on your age, you will look for different aspects in a location. The best places to live in your 20s will differ from your 50s, so make sure you get clear on what you need!

However, choosing the best places to live in the US in your 20s isn’t as easy as it may seem. From the general cost of living to the weather, different locations suit each of us differently. Though those in their 20s are in the same age bracket, it doesn’t mean they’ll want the same home!

Trendy neighborhoods come and go, but which locations actually live up to the hype? If you’re ready to relocate but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help! We’ve researched some of the best places to live in the US for young adults, so you don’t have to. From urban cities to laidback atmospheres, there are options for all 20-year-olds.

Ready to move? Keep reading to find out more.

Berkeley, California

Looking for unbeatable weather and friendly faces? Berkeley, California, might be your next home. One of California’s most popular cities, Berkeley offers a laidback community of residents in their 20s and diverse cultures.

Berkeley is one of the more expensive cities on this list, but this city can be enjoyed on a budget too! If you’re trying to save, look for housing around the Bay Area to keep your costs affordable. This city offers many job opportunities, especially in tech, and fast Wi-Fi is available for freelance or remote work. Ideal for those hustling their way to the top.

One of the best places to live in the US for young adults, Berkeley has an extensive range of entertainment opportunities. From hipster bars to swanky restaurants, your evenings will be complete here. If you want to share the nightlife with friends, take advantage of the close-by Oakland International Airport. San Francisco Airport is another close option with single-ticket transport options to the city center.

Located in Northern California, this city offers nearly all cuisines. From great Indian food to sushi, you can find any dish here. But, if you’re looking for some local grub, you can enjoy authentic seafood from local producers. Coffee shops and juice bars are also local favorites.

The weather here is mild all year, a refreshing change from super-hot cities. Just enough sun to keep you warm without becoming uncomfortable. Some summer weeks will see highs in the 70s, but this doesn’t occur all year. Perfect for all tastes!

Portland, Oregon

The best places to live in the U.S for young adults will always depend on personal tastes. So, if you enjoy the odd hipster coffee shop, craft beer, or farmers market, you might want to consider Portland, Oregon.

Known for a vibrant and youthful scene, Portland is ideal for 20-somethings who want to explore and have fun. This town has a buzzing food scene and nightlife, plus a laid-back and liberal lifestyle. If you’re moving away from home for the first time and want to meet like-minded friends, consider this city.

Portland is easy to access with its own Portland International Airport. Whether you want to take an international trip or invite friends to visit, traveling here is easy. Work-life here is also chilled, with a range of corporate jobs, creative positions, and small businesses to collaborate with. Fast internet from providers such as Xfinity, Ziply Fiber, and EarthLink are also readily available. Whether you work from home or the office, this is a connected city.

Are you a fan of seasons? If you’re used to change, the weather in Portland won’t phase you! Unlike other states, Oregon sees cooler winters and warmer summers. Make sure you have clothes for all weathers here. Sunglasses and winter boots, please!

Finally, one of the most popular aspects of Portland is its innovative food scene. There’s always something new to try with many culinary options and home classics. Local staples include Le Pigeon Burger, fresh clam chowder, and white curry brisket. Alongside these traditional options, there’s a thriving vegetarian and vegan food scene. Time to eat up!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

When you ask anyone about the best places to live in your 20s, their answers likely include “In a big city.” This is great, but there’s one problem, cities come with hefty costs and high rents.

If you’re ready for the big city experience without the big price tag, check out Minneapolis, Minnesota. This urban area is an up-and-coming hotspot. With a thriving arts scene, diversity, and affordable rent prices, the youthful population here is only growing. This growth is mainly within the young professional scene, as corporate positions are abundant, and the city offers good Wi-Fi and coworking spaces for remote work.

This city boasts cultural venues, including the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. However, if you prefer to party, the city also provides a thriving nightlife scene and an array of restaurants and cafes.

Minneapolis’ closest airport is the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, so getting around the U.S is easier than ever. You may not want to leave in the warm summer months, but as the winter approaches, the weather does turn snowy and freezing. Make sure you come equipped with cold-weather clothes ready for snow!

The Bottom Line

The best places to live in the US for young adults change every few years. Of course, as rent prices go up and down, new popular locations appear, but it’s essential to research well and work out what you want. Are you ready to make the big move? Good luck, and enjoy your new hometown!

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