Best Places To Live In Wyoming

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Best Places to live in Wyoming.

Craving vast green plains, to die for national parks destinations and endless forestry? Pack your bags, you’re headed to Wyoming!

Wyoming is one of the most popular states in America known for its unlimited amount of outdoor activities. Ranging from peak adrenaline river rafting tours, snow-capped mountains, and serene camping with infinite hiking trails. Wyoming offers something creative for every type of traveler or settler.

With the influx of housing prices and rentals in big cities, Americans now more than ever, are extraditing their current accommodations to move somewhere more affordable. Wyoming is now one of those new hot spots for young and outgoing digital nomads or families looking to purchase some land and send their kids to some of the best schools in the nation. With reliable internet services for all of the work from homers looking for a new calling, Wyoming is one of these places to think about.

We have done the annoying research so you don’t have to. Continue reading this article to find the best places in Wyoming to live!



Welcome to the magic city of the plains! Wyoming’s state capital, Cheyenne is home to the biggest outdoor rodeo, majestic “plain” lands, and extremely affordable living.

Residents of this family-friendly destination enjoy the low-crime rates, highly regarded education systems, and consistent cost of living. These are just a few highlighted things to look forward to in Cheyenne.

Though you have a small-town essence to this area, Cheyenne is still a big enough city to bring in a diverse group of people to the area. With a vibrant nightlife, cheap health and fitness programs, and options for the younger kids, Cheyenne is most definitely something to keep an eye on.



If you’re looking to “extradite” your old busy lifestyle and head for the plains, Worland is your next destination. This agricultural paradise is one of Wyoming’s up-and-coming places to live. With low housing costs and “extremely” affordable rent prices, people have been flocking to Worland these past few years.

Smack in the heart of the Bighorn Basin, Worland has an abundance of activities to keep you busy. If you are a lover of the outdoors there are endless amounts of hiking trails in the area, as well as boating, camping, fishing, and bicycling.

Although it is more of a small-town vibe, Worland has its growing business environment as well. So if you’re looking to start and grow a business in this area it is most definitely something to look forward to in this hot market!


Green River

As we know Wyoming is drowning in popular outdoor activities, and Green River not falling short. Hop on board with this rugged little town and all it has to offer. From river rafting, extreme fishing, and kayaking, to chill river float days with friends, Green River attracts all types of nature-lovers.

Serenity seems to take control here. Just a quick walk down the road will clear your head of all daily annoyances. Especially for overwhelmed digital nomads. More and more young professionals have been heading to this area to escape from their constricting jobs in cities that never seem to stop moving. Even for just a few months, to reconnect with themselves digital nomads have been scooping up a nice 1-bedroom in the heart of Green River’s little town.



One of the more bustling towns of Wyoming, Cody is home to the Yellowstone regional airport. Bringing in thousands of travelers, this little town has more to offer than you’d ever expect. Because with more people, comes more entertainment!

Walking through Cody feels as though you’re walking through the old wild west. It has maintained a ton of its historical roots, making it one of the best places to live in Wyoming and an areas that will continue to attract worldwide travelers.

Although Cody has remained a steady tourist area, average rental costs have stayed relatively steady keeping long-term residents happy and very involved in the community.


Rock Springs

If you are looking to be deeply involved in your community, Rock springs are it. With median housing prices roughly around $200,000, most residents are buying over renting creating a very tight-knit zone.

Rock Springs is heavily populated by empty nesters and younger people looking to enjoy a slower lifestyle, so this area is not known for its schooling systems or recreational fun for the young ones.

The weather through the warm months will have you out and about enjoying the local live concerts, outdoor art, and culinary festivals. Rock Springs will have all retirees grinning ear to ear in this quaint little community.



Joining one of the many small towns in Wyoming is Laramie. Home to many first-time real estate buyers and retirees, Laramie holds a “quaint” and comfortable atmosphere for you to enjoy for years to come.

With a population of fewer than 10,000 people this community is extremely close and holds generations of history. This small town is a very special place to plant roots when thinking about starting a family or just escaping from overwhelming city life. Making Laramie one of the best places for families to live in Wyoming.


Overall Thoughts On Wyoming,

You really need to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a new home base. Wyoming is most definitely home to small towns and close-knit communities of people. Things are much slower and the atmosphere fits right in with the surrounding beauty.

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