Best Places to Live in West Virginia

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Top 4 Cities in West Virginia

Well known as “The Mountain State,” West Virginia is home to numerous mountains, hills, and forests that stretch throughout the state to create the most heavenly landscapes.

For most people, it is now a priority to live someplace that keeps their mental and physical health intact so moving to West Virginia might be the next step for you to take. The evergreen surroundings will provide you with not just plenty of fresh air, but also a wide range of outdoor activities to keep your body active. You can hike up the mountain trails, or go fishing, white water rafting, hunting, or skiing during the winters.

The livability aspects of any place include factors like low crime rate, high median household, a welcoming community, plenty of career growth opportunities, and a promising economy.

Safe to say that WV has all of these factors covered as the average median household income is around $48,037 according to the US Census Bureau. It is also important to note that this state is rich with natural resources, making it one of the leading energy-producing states.

Choosing where to move to in West Virginia is not an easy decision to make which is why we have put together a list of the 5 best places to live in WV. These places have been selected according to the housing costs, quality of education available, infrastructure, and ease of working remotely.


Starting with the highlight of Harrison County, Bridgeport is one of the best places to live in West Virginia, because it offers great incentives for families in terms of the affordable housing costs, an extremely low crime rate, and some excellent schools such as the Bridgeport High School, and Johnson Elementary. It may seem like a small town at first glance, but it has its fair share of attractions such as the Pete Dye Golf Club and the Meadowbrook Mall.

Moving to Bridgeport can be beneficial for your career because it has numerous job opportunities that can be reflected in the unemployment rate which is a mere 3.8% and the median household income is $84,295 per year. The economy of Bridgeport is blooming because there are plenty of oil, gas, and aerospace companies situated there.


Home to West Virginia University, Morgantown is known for its youthful community spirit making it a popular place for college students and millennials. Since the median household income is $42,474 per year, most residents prefer living on rent rather than investing in property themselves. The average monthly rent falls under $700, hence this place is perfect for youngsters who don’t have a hefty income to spend.

Even though it has a large population, it still maintains its small-town charm with places like the Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park where the community gets together for events on Labor Day or Memorial Day. Due to the presence of the Morgantown Municipal Airport, as well as the Interstate 68 and Interstate 79 this area is very easy to access. This factor plays an important role in welcoming business owners to West Virginia.

South Charleston

In search of the best place in West Virginia to live, we came across the charming city of South Charleston which belongs to Kanawha County. This city has a more suburban feel to it as the homes are owned by the majority of the residents and they are surrounded by parks and schools making this a perfect place to raise kids or retire to for some peace and quiet. The Little Creek Park is perfect for family picnics since it comes with picnic huts ready to be rented for the day.

Living in South Charleston would cost you lower than the state average so it’s one of the more affordable places in WV. An added benefit of moving here is that it is known as the transportation hub since it has an excellent transportation system. The diverse community of this city is very welcoming to new residents. Lastly, you mustn’t worry about your career when moving here because job opportunities are abundant in this city.


Wheeling belongs to Ohio County with the Ohio River running alongside it and this is the best place for all the tenants looking for an affordable place to rent. The average monthly rent falls under the $600 bracket for most.

Hence living here is highly affordable. Not just this but you can also buy your property with a minimal investment. The hard-working community of Wheeling has brought a positive impact on the economy and improved factors like healthcare, education, and tourism. Popular attractions include visiting the Centre Market or catching a performance at the Capitol Theatre.

The crime rate is lower than the national average, ensuring that your family and kids are living in a safe and comfortable neighborhood. Speaking of kids, it is important to note that high-quality schools are abundant in Wheeling out of which eleven schools are National Blue Ribbon Schools, exceeding the expectations of residents.


West Virginia has initiated the Ascend West Virginia program to support remote workers by paying them $10,000 to move to the state. Along with this, the workers will get access to a co-working space and up to $2,500 worth of outdoor sports activities. Staying another year will result in them receiving an additional $2,000.

This was a smart initiative by WV to incentivize people into moving to the state and adding value to its prospering economy. You can also make the most of this opportunity by applying for the program and availing all the perks and benefits associated with it.

And don’t worry about starting in a new place because plenty of others applying to the same program will be sailing the same boat as you, ready to make new friends. So, pick the best place in WV for you to live in and start packing.


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