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The people of the west coast enjoy a laid back lifestyle with a heavy focus on outdoor activities, and Washington is no different.

Although it does get a lot of rain, it only helps to keep the temperatures cool and nice. The winters are mild and not too harsh. The crime rate all over the state is impressively low. The state is a popular retirement spot, especially because it does not tax social security, pensions and is one of the few states with no State Income Tax.

The state is also rich in natural beauty with trails, forests, caves, falls, and much more! With natural beauty, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking, paddling, fishing, surfing, hiking, etc.

The best places to live in Washington state are:


On our list of the best places to live in Washington is Seattle. With all the lush forested areas, it comes as no surprise that Seattle has commonly been known as the Emerald City. The proximity to nature is what draws many to Seattle. The air is clean, making Seattle a good place for people with allergies. The weather is almost perfect throughout the year, so there is rarely a need for air conditioning.

Although notorious for being a rainy town, it doesn’t rain as much in Seattle. It gets less rain than Boston and NYC! The summers are wonderful with mild temperatures and little to no humidity.

Although the city has some of the highest sales tax in the country, it is offset by no state income tax. It is a relatively safe city where the crime rate is low.

Seattle is tech-centric, so there are a lot of jobs to go around. But keep in mind, the competition is tough. You may need to polish that resume. Many international enterprises have set up camp here such as Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Starbucks.

Speaking of which, Seattle is regarded as the coffee capital of the world. The city is filled with coffee enthusiasts, the coffee culture is prominent and there are many coffee houses. It helps that the city is filled with intellectuals who love sharing thoughts over coffee. Moreover, there are plenty of jazz clubs, bars, and speakeasies.

In Seattle, there is as much to do outside the city as there is within the city. Seattle is luckily only hours away from many of Washington’s beautiful national parks. There are several hiking and biking trails just outside the city.

The city has some good spots for those working remotely. The Seattle Public Library, where you can make use of the printed resources too, Volunteer Park Cafe, and Office Nomads.


Previously overshadowed by Portland, Vancouver has now been getting the recognition it deserves. One of the best places to live in Washington state 2022 and by no means a small city, Vancouver has a population of 175,000.

Vancouver is a good city for families. The public schools have a decent rating. The job market may be competitive, but there is something for everyone. The crime rate is slightly above the national average but it is still a moderately safe city. As with any other city in Washington, you will be safe from paying any income taxes. There still are property taxes, but they are well below the national average.

Where Portland has overshadowed Vancouver, there are some benefits that Vancouverians enjoy. For instance, it has given people access to the Portland International Airport. Another trick would be to plan some shopping trips in Portland to avoid Sales Tax. Then there is best of both worlds.

Winters may be a bit difficult for newcomers but summers in Vancouver are nothing short of a dream. There is a lot of sunshine and temperatures are mild- perfect for outdoor fun!

There is great diversity in the landscape surrounding the city. Vancouver is hours away from the beach, mountains, forests, and even deserts. You can easily drive up to the three state’s national parks as well, or take up one of the many biking and hiking trails.

If you are a night owl, there are plenty of bars, cocktail lounges, clubs, sports bars, brewpubs, and live music to explore.

Internet providers like Xfinity and CenturyLink are available in 99% of Vancouver and provide speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, making it a good city for remote workers. Remote workers can also make use of coworking spaces such as Lost + Found and Our Town Cafe.


If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place to live, look no further- Redmond is the place! The weather here is similar to the rest of Washington, with mild temperatures all year long. Summers are dry and warm whereas winters are wet and you will get to experience the occasional snowfall.

With a population of just 66,000, Redmond is a charming quaint town. It has an agricultural past but it has now successfully transformed itself into a hub of technology. It has played host to technological giants like Nintendo and Microsoft, so it is not all that small after all.

Redmond has a low crime rate and is generally regarded as a safe city. There are biking and walking trails that you can use at any time without any fear. The public transport services are good. The population of Redmond is diverse, giving you a chance to learn about other people.

Despite being a small town, there is still a lot you can do in Redmond. The Redmond Shopping Center, one of the main shopping centers, is a major attraction of the city. It is packed with over 100 stores and many restaurants and entertainment options.

Numerous art galleries provide a platform to aspiring local artists with exhibitions all year round. The town also has festivals like Derby Days with contests, races, food, and music. Lastly, there are many trails in the city that are used for biking, walking, or hiking.

Redmond is truly one of the best places to live in WA!

Wrap Up

With lots of natural attractions, a very lively food scene, many stunning state parks, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, and one of the best economies in the country; Washington state is one of the best places you could live in the US.


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