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When it comes to the topmost places to live in the United States, Virginia is always one of the contenders because of a scenic natural landscape and home to a diverse range of cultures.

Virginia’s temperate climate makes it one of the most favorable places to live in. Also, vibrant cities and terrific beaches are the highlight in Virginia and definitely some of the many attractive features of the state.

Virginia is also called a “low-cost, high-income” state because the state ranks 11th amongst the highest per capita income states in the United States and the cost of living is low. With plenty of economic opportunities, Virginia is one of the best places to live in the United States.

But which city in Virginia is the best to live in? Here is a list of the best places to live in Virginia:


A city that is just south of Washington DC and touches along the banks of the Potomac River, Arlington is a city that is near to all the action.

However, the low cost of living makes it all the more attractive. Also, the median income in Arlington is high alongside a plethora of opportunities for young people. As a result the crime rates are low.

Arlington also has a first-class school system and so, it is one of the best places to live in Virginia for young adults who are planning to raise a family as well as enjoy the close proximity to the capital city.


If you want to move to a place that is full of architectural and historic landmarks, Charlottesville is the place for you. The illustrious history of the city is because of it being home to three US Presidents.

The city’s rich and vibrant city life houses many wineries, eateries, parkland, and beer shops. The taste of the local produce in the cuisine of the several restaurants in the city is unforgettable.

Charlottesville is also one of the best places to live in VA if one is an adventure enthusiast. It is home to the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains where hiking trails offer spectacular views. The city also has The Shenandoah National Park located nearby which is a perfect weekend getaway.

So, plenty of outdoor activities, low living-costs, and a low crime rate makes Charlottesville one of the best places to live in Virginia for singles. However, it is also perfect for family people as it has an excellent educational system.


If you want to live in a town, away from the buzz and chaos of the city life but still within reach, Chantilly is the place for you. Just under 24,000 people residing in the town, Chantilly is just 25 miles from Washington City, making it a town accessible to and from other locations.

So, you are always close to the hustle and bustle without having to compromise on a calm and serene living atmosphere.

Even though it is calm and serene, Chantilly has loads of places to visit. It houses a National Air and Space Museum, the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, and the renowned Sully Plantation.

For those wanting to enjoy the calmness of the country life, Chantilly is perhaps one of the best options to live in Virginia.


Another small town that is home to just about 16,000 residents is Vienna. Located just a few miles from Washington D.C., it is practically a suburb of the city.

If one is looking to live in serene neighborhoods while being close to the city, Vienna is one of the best places to live in Virginia.

Residents also enjoy one of the highest incomes. However, since it is so close to the city, the cost of living is higher than other towns in Virginia. But often ranked amongst the top 10 small towns in the US, Vienna is a perfect place to call home.


If you want the hustle and bustle of the city, Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is probably for you. However, unlike the other cities and towns discussed above, Richmond has a higher crime rate since it is a mid-sized city. Also, the schooling system is not one of the best, so living in Richmond probably won’t be ideal for families.

However, with fast-paced city life, an evolved transportation network, and a vibrant nightlife, Richmond is one of the best places to live in Virginia for singles.


One of the best places to live in Virginia is Chesapeake. It offers a high income, low cost of living, and advantages of economic opportunities and health.

Chesapeake is also just a few minutes away from Virginia Beach which makes it a great place for beach enthusiasts. The Chesapeake Bay also offers fishing activities which families often enjoy over the weekend.

Also, home to plenty of museums, theaters, parks, and trails, it is a heaven for outdoorsy people. There is always something to do in Chesapeake which is why it makes the list of the top places to live in Virginia.


If you dream of living in a gorgeous house, Middleburg is the city for you. With a rich history and scenic architecture and landscape, this city is heaven for those who want a picture perfect city to raise a family in.

Even though the houses are stunning, Middelburg does not lack in outdoor activities. From shopping centers to horseback riding, dining, and golfing, there is a lot to do. Middleburg is also home to many beautiful galleries and boutiques which makes it seem like a scene from a movie.

If you want to live a dream life, away from the city’s chaos, Middleburg is your calling.

Wrapping it Up

Virginia is home to one of the most striking cities and towns in the country. Alongside a good median income and low cost of living, Virginia also has a lot of activities to offer along with scenic landscapes and hiking trails. No wonder Virginia and its topmost cities and towns are some of the most desired places to live in the USA.


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