Best Places to Live in Utah

Best Places to Live in Utah

Best places to live in Utah

Located in the Mountain West subregion, Utah is a landlocked state with impressive geography. From mountains to valleys, Utah provides amazing landscapes and breathtaking views. With Bryce Canyon and the Zion National Park, Utah is a popular spot for many vacationers.

But, this state isn’t just great for hiking! The best places in Utah to live also include buzzing cities and close-knit communities. If you want to experience friendly areas with abundant outdoor activities, this state might be your new home.

Utah has something for everyone, from family-friendly neighborhoods to places popular with young professionals. Are you ready to move? Keep reading to explore what this state has to offer.


Home to Utah State University, Logan is a popular student town. One of the best places to live in Utah for young adults, Logan provides higher education, job opportunities, and entertainment all year round.

This town isn’t just focused on university, though! Logan is also popular due to its range of outdoor activities. Standard weekend excursions include snow sports, watersports, hiking, and trail running. Many USU students tend to stay in Logan to enjoy its activities long after graduating. A consequence of this is lots of job opportunities and accommodation.

Logan’s closest airport is the Logan-Cache Airport. However, Logan is only 85 miles from Salt Lake City, and many residents prefer to fly in and out of this international hub. Remote work is possible in this hub, and Wi-Fi is available from Xfinity, CenturyLink, and Rise Broadband.

The weather in Logan sees highs of 89F in summer and lows of 31F in winter. Make sure your wardrobe includes all-weather options! Snowfall is expected in the winter, ideal for any cold-weather lovers.

The cost of living in Logan is affordable, but the average rent price still sits at approximately $1300. While this isn’t the cheapest in the U.S, Logan provides a high quality of life, good jobs, education, and close proximity to the mountains. It is ideal for young professionals who don’t want to give up their outdoor passions!

Whether you want to further your studies or experience outdoor life, Logan is a popular spot for younger demographics.

Salt Lake City

When it comes to the best places to live in Utah 2022, Salt Lake City has to be on the list. Known for being the state’s capital, this location provides big-city vibes and many corporate career options. It’s also the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, making the capital a religious and cultural space.

Living in Salt Lake City allows residents to enjoy a range of cuisines, entertainment, and outdoor activities. Here you can spend the weekend enjoying ski activities and then return to the city for a famous Utah Jazz performance. Make sure you sample the city’s popular chicken-fried steak, fried-onion burgers, and barbecues!

This city boasts its own Salt Lake City International Airport, providing domestic and international journeys. However, Wi-Fi connection throughout the city is strong and available from a wide range of providers for Zoom calls and remote work.

The weather in Salt Lake City varies throughout the year. Summers here tend to be hot and dry with no humidity. But, residents have to be prepared for cold and snowy winters. If you like seasonal changes, this city offers many different climates.

Living in Salt Lake City is more affordable than most cities in the U.S, as the rent prices are just below the country’s average. All demographics live comfortably in this city, and the general quality of life is very high – especially for a state capital.

If you’re ready to experience big-city life without the hefty price tag, make sure Salt Lake City is on your list.

St. George

Do you spend your time imagining the beauty of sand dunes and red sunsets? St. George in southwestern Utah could be your new home. One of the best places to live in Utah, St. George, is popular with young families and retirees.

St. George is one of the closest cities to the Zion National Park, a favorite spot for hikers, cyclists, and general tourists. Plus, St. George is a mere 90 minutes from Las Vegas, allowing you to get away and enjoy the bright casino lights whenever you want.

This city provides a diverse range of amenities, entertainment, and cuisines. Popular restaurants include steak houses, chicken shops, and barbecues. Kids’ entertainment is available here, and popular destinations include the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center and St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site.

The closest airport to this location is St. George Regional Airport, and this is served by SkyWest, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines. Ideal if you need to travel domestically for business.

St. George offers an entirely different feel to northern Utah cities, as this state experiences a warm climate year-round. St. George is classified as a semi-arid climate. If you’ve been looking for a change from greenery and mountains, pick this city for your next move.

Due to its recent popularity, St. George is a more expensive location to stay in. The median home cost is above the U.S average, so bare this in mind before moving. However, living here gives you access to some of the world’s greatest national parks, and you’re right next to Las Vegas.

St. George could be your new home if you want to bask in the sun or retire in peace.

The Bottom Line

Does this state intrigue you? Utah is a unique area with a range of different cultures and cities. The best places to live in Utah differ vastly, allowing all personalities to find a home that suits them. Will you be taking a trip to this location any time soon? Enjoy!


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