Best Places to Live in UK

Best Places to live in the UK

Are you considering a move anytime soon? Or perhaps you’re just curious about living abroad?

Well, we’re here to help. The United Kingdom is a land of cultural contrasts and beautiful landscapes. From busy Scottish cities to peaceful English seaside towns, you should consider lots of different places. From the best places to live in England to the best places to live in the UK, we’ve got all you need to consider before you more.

Make sure you’re informed today! Keep reading to find out about recreational activities, the internet, cuisine, cost of living, and more in the best places in the UK to live. You never know, you might find your forever home here!

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Remember, the UK isn’t just England! Scotland also offers rich culture and vibrant cities. One of the best places to live in the UK is currently Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city.

With a modern art scene and a growing youth culture, this city has come a long way since its time as an industrial hub. Today, you’ll find rebranded architecture, multicultural food options, and an exciting nightlife scene.

When it comes to living in Glasgow, you might have to put up with slower fiber access internet, but you will be able to access popular internet providers such as BT, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media. The closest airports to this city are Glasgow Airport and Prestwick Airport, allowing residents to access national and international flights.

This area’s weather has a cooler season from November to March, and January often sees rain and snow. However, if you can pass through the cooler months, summer is pleasant with clear skies and temperatures of around 25 degrees celsius. Perfect for enjoying a busy city summer!

Glasgow has a high population density and is a bustling city. If you want a quieter home, this location may not be for you! But, the cost of living is absolutely cheaper than in larger UK cities – including London and Edinburgh.


Looking for a place in the UK that offers nature and a slower pace of life? Cornwall could be the area for you. Voted one of the best places to live in England 2020, this coastal area is a dream come true if you love all things nature and the ocean.

With a smaller population and the area is slightly isolated geographically, Cornwall isn’t for those who love busy cities. Instead, this area focuses on surfing, outdoor exercise, and sailing. Cornwall does offer all cuisines, but you’ll find a lot of traditional English meals here – including famous fish and chips!

If you opt to live in this natural beauty spot, you must note that some areas don’t have the best 4G or Wi-Fi coverage. However, you will have excellent connectivity if you stay close to cities, such as Falmouth. So, if you’re a remote worker dependent on Wi-Fi, we recommend sticking to the larger cities here.

Overall, the weather in Cornwall is pleasant, with highs from July to August. As this area is in England, you will have to expect cooler temperatures in the winter, but it doesn’t feel too bad when paired with the sprawling coastlines! The most popular airport for this county is Newquay Cornwall Airport, five miles out of the town of Newquay.

The cost of living in Cornwall is higher than in other counties in the UK. Since this area is a hot spot in the summer, you’ll have to pay a little more due to tourism and the fact it’s an in-demand area. It’s not the most expensive area in the UK, but it’s not the cheapest either!


Have you ever been to wales? This unique country is a part of the UK you need to visit. Cardiff was also voted one of the best places to live in the UK 2020, so it’s made a spot on our list!

One of Cardiff’s biggest perks is the modern city vibes without the expensive cost. Cardiff’s cost of living is lower than many UK cities, yet it has a buzzing city scene with bars, restaurants, and lots of business – ideal for anyone on a job search. Not only that, but Cardiff offers a range of co-working spaces for remote workers too.

Since it’s a larger city, Cardiff offers most cuisines you can think of. However, you can still find cultural staples, such as Glamorgan Sausage, Welsh Rarebit, and Welsh Cakes. Cardiff also offers a range of recreational parks, leisure centers, and of course, rugby teams!

The internet in Cardiff is fast, with hyperoptic being the best option. Speeds here range from 74.11-299.65 Mbps. If you need to travel, the closest airport is Cardiff Airport which has connections all over Europe.

The weather in this Welsh city is agreeable for most of the year, and there are warm days in the summer months. You will experience a few rain showers in the spring, but this moody weather is part of the UK’s charm.

The Conclusion

When choosing the best places to live in the UK, make sure you consider these three popular cities. Whether you want vibrant city life or a relaxing coastal home, the UK has options. Remember, there’s more to the UK than London and Edinburgh! Make sure you explore these beautiful and cheaper destinations too. When in doubt, plan a quick visit before you make your choice – and constantly research well!

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