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Why let borders chain you when you have the whole world to choose from?

You may not realize this, but many places in the world could prove to be a much better fit for you than the city you are living in right now.

The amenities provided, lifestyle, job opportunities, professional and personal growth, and the overall living standards are deciding factors and they may suit you much better than what you have to make do with right now.

The best places to live in the world in 2022 are:


Auckland has everything you would want in a place: there is excellent quality education for your kids, highly developed infrastructure, affordable healthcare, pleasant food, and progressive culture and environment.

The housing may be a bit expensive, but with the Aucklandian lifestyle, we believe it is worth the money.

The landscape in Auckland is unbelievably beautiful and looks like an artist’s best rendition of heaven.

If you are not an outdoor person, Auckland will turn you into one.

You can go swimming, surfing, hiking, or exploring all the lovely nature spots in Auckland, such as Mount Eden or Waiheke Island.

The weather here is said to be unpredictable, and Auckland can experience all four seasons in one day is a running joke among the locals. Which can be slightly tough to deal with initially, but you will get used to it in no time.

Although a former capital city, and the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland still has a relaxed, laidback lifestyle.

It is not overly crowded and moves at a pace, easy to keep up with- say hello to work-life balance!

The wine-and-dine scene in Auckland is thriving.

You will get world-class seafood, rich wines, and any cuisine you wish.

Or, if you are not too bothered with the fineness of the food, Auckland has some finger-licking delicious comfort food for you.

A large chunk of companies in Auckland has employed a hybrid approach to work, allowing employees to work remotely with some check-ins at the office.


Geneva may be an expensive city to live in, but it still ranks among the best places in the world to live- here is why.

Where getting premium healthcare is becoming increasingly exhausting all across the globe, Geneva has an almost perfect healthcare rating.

As it should, being home to the Red Cross.

The place ranks high concerning stability, so the residents lead a peaceful and secure life, not being disturbed by external events.

The infrastructure and education services are top-notch, and housing standards are set very high.

Houses are designed with modern kitchens and bathrooms, apartments have parking spaces, and are placed close to public transport.

Geneva is post-card perfect.

An abundance of natural beauty surrounds the area, with the Alps and the Jura Mountains, and Lake Geneva itself. Naturally, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy; hiking, rock climbing, parasailing, and others.

The unemployment rate in Switzerland is low, and employers encourage the workers to not work overtime and use their sanctioned leaves. So you can expect a healthy work culture in Geneva. Some companies had offered the option to work remotely even before the pandemic, and many employees have continued remote work despite the return to offices.

Geneva is known as the “world’s smallest metropolis.” Though a small city with a population of 187,000, it still is highly diverse with 50% of the population being foreigners.


Next on our list of best places to live in the world is Barcelona.

Barcelona, for one, has amazing weather all year round. It is well known for its mild Mediterranean climate, which neither gets too hot nor too cold. The perfect weather makes it easy to explore the miles and miles of Barcelonian beaches. You will even find some bars and restaurants, right on the beach.

The architecture of this city is well known all over the globe and is one of its main attractions. Baroque buildings, the Gothic quarter, and the beautiful work of modernist Antoni Gaudi. The tree-lined streets and squares give a nice ambiance to it all.

Barcelona has a huge international community, a global village of sorts. The lower cost of living attracts people from all over the world, and it is fun to share the space with different people. The top 5 groups you will find are Italy, Pakistan, China, France, and Morocco.

The international community always brings with it great food. There are many different cuisines to be found in Barcelona; from Indian to Italian, you will find it all!

Barcelona has become home to many digital nomads and is cemented its name among the best cities to work remotely. You will find these digital nomads all over the city, especially with the presence of co-working spaces such as Coworkidea, Betahaus, and Talent Garden.


One of the best places to live in the world is the city with ever-lasting charm, London.

The most romantic of cities- with cobblestoned streets, the Romanesque Tower of London, glamorous boroughs, Gothic Westminster Church, and red-bricked buildings. London is an exciting place to live in.

Living in London may be expensive, but you get value for your money. There are many places to see, and things to do. London is the fashion capital of the world and is one of the best cities for shopping.

London isn’t just boring suits, money-making, and offices. Where Londoners know how to work, they know how to play too. The London nightlife is one of the best all over the world. There are world-class theatres, clubs, bars, and an unrivaled party crowd to match.

There are approximately 68 Michelin-star restaurants in this city. You can get high-quality food, and if you prefer, there are tons of delicious street foods to try.

London is a great place for remote workers. There are plenty of co-working spaces, like Uncommon and Central Working. The city of London’s Wifi network (Advertised as O2 Wifi) offers free and unlimited wifi to all users, at a speed of 200 Mbps, providing relief to remote workers.

Wrap Up

Being born and raised in a country instills a certain attachment to it. Yet there are cities in the world you haven’t been to, great jobs you haven’t worked, and friends that you haven’t made; all because you don’t even think of moving to a different city. With a little push, your life can change for the better!

There is no reason to stay in one place, after all, aren’t we all citizens of the world?


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