Best Places to Live in the US for Families

Best places to live in the US for families.

Are you planning on relocating with your family?

There is a lot one needs to consider when moving to a different place with your partner and kids. Luckily, there are many places in America you can choose from.

The best places to live in the US for families, let’s have a look:

Naperville, Illinois

This city consistently ranks high on the best places to live in the US for families, and we are not surprised at all!

Naperville ranks number one among the cities with the best public schools in the US, so it is a natural favorite amongst young families. The neighborhoods are safe and schools are excellent- perfect for kids.

The city has a very low crime rate, and the thriving economy ensures there are plenty of jobs to go around for parents. There are many family-friendly activities that citizens can undertake.

Children will immensely enjoy the DuPage Children’s Museum, Knoch Knolls Nature Center, Millennium Carillon (an observation tower), 8 Ball Factory Indoor Play, and Cafe, and much more.

Parents don’t fret- there’s a lot for you too! The dining scene in Naperville is outstanding, there are all kinds of cuisines and a vibrant nightlife.

Drink beers with a couple of friends in the Jackson Ave Pub or dance the evening away in Frankie’s Blue Room. There are sports bars and lounges, pubs, late-night restaurants, comedy shows, live music, and lots more for your entertainment.

The city government has also carried out an agreement with Digital Lobby and WOW! that provides complementary wifi at several district facilities- helping remote workers a great deal. The top internet provider in the city, Xfinity, offers up to 1000 Mbps of speed.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

A regular on the list of best places to live in the USA for families, Ann Arbor is a city in Michigan. What makes it so desirable?

Quite a lot of things, actually.

Ann Arbor is listed high on the livability index. Citizens of Ann Arbor are extremely satisfied with the college town; the crime rate is low, schools are top-notch and they are provided with many amenities.

It helps that the city also houses the top-rated hospital in the state. The cost of living, because of the expensive house market, is slightly above the national average. However, the low cost of services, groceries and other goods offsets it.

There are many activities to do for both parents and children. For kids, there’s Planet Rock, Domino’s Petting Farm, Hands-On Museum, etc.

There are avenues for outdoor recreation such as gardens and golf courses; Nichols Arboretum, Bandemer Park, Waterloo Recreation Area, and Stonebridge Golf Club to name a few. For parents, restaurants are serving delectable foods, pubs and breweries, cocktail bars, and similar spots on Ann Arbor Main Street.

Ann Arbor has been named the third-best country for remote work by Teamwork – a project management platform. It has managed to bag the third place because of its moderate costs of internet, inexpensive meals, good climate, and growth opportunities.


Minnetonka, Minnesota

A suburban city in Minnesota, Minnetonka is a regular name when one talks about the best places for families to live in the US.

Minnetonka translates to “Great Water” and is home to Lake Minnetonka. The place is the perfect mix of city life and nature; giving you the best of both. Grassy, wooded spaces are abundant all over the city. Families also enjoy the multitude of trails and walking paths, ice rinks, and lakeside water activities.

Winters in the city can be slightly challenging for newcomers, but you can quickly get used to it with the myriad of snow fun that takes place there! There’s skiing, ice skating, sledding, ice fishing, and snowboarding. Moreover, there are winter festivals with snow sculptures, bonfires, bike racing, and sleigh rides.

Excited? So are we!

Outdoor space is not all that Minnetonka offers for families.

It has some highly-rated public schools. Moving here, you’d be glad to share the city spaces with well-educated people as most of the people are degree holders. The crime rate is low.

Houses in Minnetonka are priced higher than in the rest of the state, but the median salary is enough to lead a comfortable life. Any health concerns can be addressed safely at excellent healthcare centers, such as the Children’s Hospital, Fairview Southdale, etc.

With so many amenities and great outdoors, what’s not to like in Minnetonka?


Overland Park, Kansas

A hidden gem in Kansas, Overland Park is the perfect place to settle for families. Slightly overlooked as the Kansas City suburb, it is a generous city with lots to offer.

The people, for one, are very warm and welcoming. The city is safe and the crime rate is low. The public schools have enjoyed top positions on national and state rankings. Overland Park has seen some heavy investments in its downtown in the last few years, and the city has begun to reap its benefits. The economy is growing steadily and the city continues to add new jobs.

The people who already live here praise the lovely family atmosphere in the city. There are numerous places to eat and shop. If your kids love soccer, there is a world-class youth soccer complex here. If they are into other sports, there are other great sports academies.

At a 15 min drive from Kansas City, Overland Park gives you quick access to the KC’s benefits such as performing arts, an entertainment district, KC food especially bbq, basketball games, and more.

Places like Central Resource Library, Summer Moon Coffee, and Pilgrim Coffee Company offer free wifi to citizens. The internet speeds in the city can reach up to 5000 Mbps, courtesy of Xfinity and AT&T internet providers- making it perfect for remote workers.

Wrap Up

The US has great places to raise a family. With excellent public schools, a good healthcare system, safe neighborhoods, and plenty of activities, the cities mentioned here are some of the best in the country!


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