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The second-largest state in the country has rapidly grown over the years. With a flourishing economy, plenty of jobs, and temperate weather that makes outings all the more fun- the Lone Star State sounds like a dream.

Texas is one of the few states that do not tax your income, and sales taxes are not high either. It means the cost of living is low, which leaves you with money to spend on other amenities and a decent living standard. Utilities in the state cost less than expected, and the deregulated system allows you to choose your energy supplier.

The job market is booming; 57 Fortune 500 companies have regional offices. Texas boasts some of the best universities, such as the University of Texas. Texans are sports enthusiasts- there is always a sports event to anticipate. If you are not a sports person, there are still tons of outdoor activities for you to explore!

Here are the best places in Texas to live:


The mantra of Austin, “Keep Austin Weird,” lends proof to the quirkiness and liveliness of the city. Everyone who lives here- loves it since Austin is easily one of the best places to live in Texas.

You will meet some of the friendliest people in Austin; Austinites exude warmth and happiness.

If you move here, you’ll make friends in no time!

The famous Colorado River snakes through right in the middle of the city, making room for several outdoor activities to enjoy. However, Austin is not just limited to water activities. You can go climbing and bouldering, hiking, cycling, biking, and do much more.

The food scene is incredible, and Austin offers one of the best world-famous Texan barbeques. And it is also one of the food truck capitals of America- make sure to try them all. What if the next best meal you have is hiding away in one of the trucks sprawled across the city.

Austin is also known as the Live Music Capital of the world, and it has more live music than any other city in the country.

The job market here is booming, so there are good employment opportunities.

If you live in Austin, you will need a car because public transport is not as reliable. On the bright side, the gas prices are low and affordable.

The property market may be complex, and the cost of living is a bit high. However, decent wages offset the high cost. The median salary in Austin is much higher than the national average.

Austin ranks as the 6th city in the country for remote workers, so it is terrific for those working from home. There are spots such as the Austin Central Library that offer free WiFi.


Houston is one of the best places to live in Texas for young adults as there is a great deal to learn from the diverse population. The city has a curious blend of music, arts, dances, foods, and cultures.

The proximity to the Gulf of Mexico has put Houston in the limelight. Many international companies are setting up offices here, and they bring with them plenty of job opportunities.

The housing is affordable, and the cost of living is not as high. After paying off all the utilities, you may still have some left for recreation and fun. And trust us, Houston has lots of spots for that!

The famous Johnson Space center attracts many tourists. There are museums, art galleries, boutiques, parks, and street art to explore. With over 10,000 restaurants, dining is one of the favorite pastimes of Houstonians.

Many Houston companies have adopted a hybrid model for work that oscillates between remote working and working in-office. The average office days have reduced to 10.7 days per month, compared to the previous average of 17.

The most highly-rated internet providers in Houston are AT&T, offering up to 5000 Mbps of speed, and Xfinity offering 1000 Mbps. The city of Houston and Comsat collaborated to launch a voucher to provide free internet to approximately 5000 residents in 2020. There are many cafes and coffee houses that offer free internet as well.


Home to many neighborhoods, each distinct from the other, Dallas ranks among the best places to live in Texas in 2022. The city is lively and bustling with life, and there’s a lot to do.

Despite the globe-wide inflation, the cost of living in Dallas is still comparatively lower. It is mainly because of local food supplies, low-cost energy, and minimal regulations that make infrastructure development easier.

The city boasts one of the best park systems in the country, which continues to improve each day. There are over 350 parks with 17 lakes. So you can go kayaking, swimming, or simply for a peaceful walk in the park. Not just that, there are trails, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts, and golf courses managed by the park systems.

We weren’t kidding when we said there’s a lot to do in Dallas!

The diversity in the city also means there’s a great variety of foods and drinks, and you will have something new to try every day. Dallas is known for its authentic BBQ and Mexican food, so don’t forget to try those.

The top internet service providers in the city are AT&T and Spectrum, offering 5000 Mbps and 1000 Mbps of speed, respectively. The high speed makes it easier for remote workers to work smoothly. Moreover, the city has places that offer free internet, such as the Preston Center and White Rock Coffee.

Wrapping It Up

Texas is an ideal place to live, as it offers a great combination of benefits to its residents. We have listed some of the best cities in Texas, and you can read through them and decide whichever suits you the most.


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