Best Places to Live in Tennessee

Best Places to Live in Tennessee

Do you like spicy hot chicken, country music, BBQ, whiskey, and rolling green hills?

Then Tennessee is the place for you!

Moving to, or visiting Tennessee would be a good decision. The education is good, the cost of living is low, property taxes are reasonable, there is no income tax, and the winter climate is gentle.

But the best thing about Tennessee is the Tennessee Promise Scholarship. If your kids have graduated from a high school in Tennessee, the state promises them free community college! So people can pursue higher education at zero cost. In a country drowning in student debts, is this not incredible?

So, let us have a look at the best places to live in Tennessee:


A big city with a small-town vibe, Nashville is one of the best places to live in Tennessee. For one, the living cost is much lower than in other cities. Add to that, the unemployment rate is super low so people find jobs quickly and easily.

There are a lot of things to do in Nashville. The music scene is marvelous. Nashville is the center of country music. It boasts some of the greatest music venues in the country such as the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium. Where there are regular shows by well-known artists. The music scene is not just restricted to country music, you will find artists of every genre in the city.

Coffee houses are galore, and Nashville is a sweet little nirvana for coffee lovers. There are tons of local coffee shops, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Some, like Crema, are not only award-winning but also have environmental-friendly policies.

And if you are more of a night owl, the Nashville nightlife is quite exciting!

There are bars with live music, pubs, taverns, intimate rooftop lounges, sports bars, and more.

The city is well-known for its food, especially hot chicken. The pioneer was Prince Hot Chicken, which first began selling hot chicken in 1945 and is still loved to date. Other than that the city offers some great barbecues.

Nashville has coworking spaces, such as WeWork Office Space and Expansive 5th Avenue. The top internet providers are Google Fibre and Xfinity, offering up to 2000 Mbps of speed. This makes it a good city for remote workers.


Before Nashville, Murfreesboro had served as Tennessee’s capital in the 1800s, and it still is the fastest-growing city in the state. There are many reasons why it is on our list of best places in Tennessee to live.

The cost of living is low. You will find that utility and transport bills are much lower, and you may end up saving more than you did previously. Murfreesboro can prove to be an excellent place to raise your family. The quaint town has a low crime rate and the city provides good schools and a decent healthcare system.

Though Murfreesboro is a quiet little town now, that had not always been the case. It has a rich history of the Civil War that is preserved in a museum, a national cemetery, and monuments.

The city provides quite a lot of entertainment. There are concerts, dances, and a theatre. For music lovers, there is a healthy dose of music events such as the Main Street Jazz Fest. There are plenty of bars, and nightclubs, so the nightlife of Murfreesboro is pretty happening too. Restaurants offer some delicious food, and you can find anything from American cuisine to Greek foods.

The top internet providers in the city are AT&T and Xfinity, the former provides the downloading speed of a whopping 5 Gbps- a dream for many remote workers! Additionally, the public library and places like coffee houses provide free internet to the residents.


Franklin allows denizens to have a quiet suburban life while still having access to city benefits. That is why it is among the best places to live in TN.

The weather is temperate and mild, and there are over 200 days of sunshine. Winters are mild and enjoyable and Franklin gets to experience all four seasons.

The city has a small population and the roads are easy to navigate. Say goodbye to big city traffic congestion problems!

The cost of living in the city is a bit high, mainly due to the high median value of the houses. But, most houses come with land and have up to three to four bedrooms. So we believe the cost is justified. The job market in the city is decent, and since it is only a thirty-minute drive from Nashville, residents of Franklin can easily tap into Nashville’s job pool as well.

Franklin gives its residents a lot to see and do. Kentucky Lake is a two-hour drive from the city, which is the perfect spot for fishing- and while you’re at it, why not make a mini road trip out of it? The mountain town of Gatlinburg is four hours away (another short road trip!) from Franklin and has beautiful spots for hiking and skiing.

There are hiking, biking, and climbing spots within the city that locals enjoy immensely. Restaurants in Franklin serve all kinds of foods, and you will find anything and everything here. What’s even better is that there are options available for all budgets. Whether you want some fine-dining experience that is a little heavy on the pocket, or something cheap yet delicious, you will find it all here in Franklin.

Xfinity and AT&T are the top internet providers in the city with a speed of 1000 Mbps. Public places like the Brentwood Library and Williamson County Public Library offer free internet to the denizens. The city of Franklin, during the Covid lockdown, provided residents with free public wifis at designated locations. This has still been helping remote workers.

Wrapping it Up

Over the years, the population in Tennessee has grown steadily. This is because of the low living costs and tax rates, and yet the high quality of life that the state provides.


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