Best Places to Live in Scotland

Best Places to Live in Scotland

Best Places to Live in Scotland

There’s no country more varied than Scotland!

Here you can find city hubs, sprawling landscapes, mountains, and modern suburbs. Whether you’re drawn to the bright lights of nightlife or love to hike in the wilderness, Scotland has options for all personalities.

The best places to live in Scotland are varied and often depend on what you enjoy. We’re focusing on a range of locations to fit all needs. From busy cities to laid back towns, we’ve covered all bases.

Are you ready to start your Scottish adventure? Let the bagpipes play!

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

We can’t discuss the best places to live in Scotland without including Edinburgh. This city contains a range of neighborhoods, but we’re focusing on Stockbridge – a calmer suburb for families and commuters.

Unlike other parts of the city, Stockbridge offers green areas, and you can even spot cottages. This seems odd since it’s part of a city, but these quaint features add to the whimsical charm. Here you’ll stroll past cafes, boutiques, and a calm river, but you’re only a 30-minute walk away from the city center.

Stockbridge is an excellent location for families with young kids as there are plenty of childcare facilities and good schools. Expats tend to settle around this area, allowing them to get to and from corporate city jobs quickly.

Edinburgh Airport is the closest airport to Stockbridge, but you’re also close to the city’s train station. Here you’ll find train links across the UK, including London and Birmingham. In terms of local transport, Stockbridge is a mostly-pedestrian area, and many families walk or bike around.

Edinburgh experienced a colder season from November to March, but you will experience pleasant temperatures and the odd rainfall after these months. Summer here isn’t scorching, but that’s part of the Scottish charm!

Living in Edinburgh is more expensive than in other Scottish cities as it’s the capital. However, this location still measures up cheaper than London, yet you still get the same big city feel. Ideal if you want to live in a capital city without the premium costs.

For family-friendly city life, Stockbridge is the place for you!

Isle of Mull

When you think of Scotland, what do you imagine? Large coastal landscapes? Breath-taking cliffs? Quaint villages? If you dream of a remote life, the Isle of Mull is the Scottish destination for you.

Located in the northwest of the country on an island, Mull is one of the best places to live in Scotland for those that like a slow pace of life. Many retirees tend to settle here, and there’s a warm community of like-minded wildlife enthusiasts. In Mull, you can see humpback whales, sperm whales, and even dolphins!

Here you can enjoy rugged landscapes and open water against colorful houses. Spectacular views are an everyday occurrence here, and hikes are the go-to exercise. Of course, this area receives quite a bit of tourism in the summer, but it’s never too much or overbearing.

Due to its remote location, Wi-Fi on the Isle of Mull can be varied. Instead of relying on public Wi-Fi, residents here use their own. The further away from the town, you go, the less likely you are to receive a signal. Not ideal for remote work that relies on connections!

The weather in Mull is colder than in the south of Scotland, but that only adds to its beauty! Though snow is a rarity here, you still experience freezing temperatures and experience a lot of rainfall. Also, in the winter, you sometimes see the Aurora Borealis as the island is very far North.

Living in Mull is ideal for anyone looking for country life. The primary industry is tourism, and the cost of living is at the Scottish average. With one-of-a-kind wildlife and stunning views, the Isle of Mull life is priceless. Just note that this island can only be accessed from the mainland via ferry! The nearest airport to the Isle of Mull is Oban Airport, 14.4 miles away.

Perfect for any nature enthusiasts and hikers.

Finnieston, Glasgow

Do you enjoy a bar crawl or night out? Set your sights on Finnieston, Glasgow!

One of the best places to live in Scotland for students and young people, Glasgow hasn’t always been an in-demand area. However, Glasgow’s reputation has risen again in the last few decades as many young people flock to the city.

A popular Glaswegian neighborhood is Finnieston, a central location with many inner-city transport links. A key advantage of living here is the increasing career opportunities and higher education links. Whether you’re studying or starting your career, Glasgow offers employment, accommodation, and entertainment for a budget price.

Glasgow provides an abundance of nightlife options, restaurants, and arts programs. This diverse city offers many cuisines, including signature Scottish dishes, including Lorne sausage, chips and cheese, and haggis. You can mix these with popular craft beers or a popular Irn Bru pop soda.

You’re always close to Glasgow’s international airport if you need to travel here. The city also boasts good train links to Edinburgh and other UK cities. Like Edinburgh, the weather here is generally agreeable but cold in the winter months. Remember to pack your hat and gloves before the move!

Living in Glasgow is cheaper than in other UK cities, so many young people are settling here. So, if you want to enjoy city life in a diverse and lively area, opt for Glasgow for your Scottish home.

Consider Glasgow for a youthful buzz, endless entertainment, and career opportunities.

The Takeaway

The best places to live in Scotland all offer different experiences. There’s something for everyone in this humble country, from super-remote locations to party cities. Plus, you’re connected to Europe and the UK via quick and affordable transport links. Are you ready to experience a new pace of life? Get ready to move today!


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