Best Places to Live in San Diego

Best Places to Live in San Diego

Ahhh sunny San Diego, the place everyone wants to be, and understandably so. If the 365-day sunshine doesn’t do it for you, the food, citywide remote work adaption, incredible education systems, and beachside paradises will.

People flocked to new destinations nationwide once companies started to lean up with on-site employment, and San Diego was one of the hot spots. There is no question as to why people moved coastal with the switch to the work-from-home lifestyle. The beach brings the salt and with the salt, brings happiness. Throughout this article, we will walk you through the best places to live in blissful San Diego.

La Jolla

The land of peace and saltwater. If you’re looking for a serene setting, La Jolla is your spot. Swallowed by a body of water on every side there is no escaping these luscious terrains. Though the cost of living sits on the more luxurious side, the locals and travelers don’t seem to mind because the town sucks you in.

La Jolla is known for its crystal coves and top-notch cuisine. The town is small so there isn’t much need to have a mode of transportation while enjoying your time there. The cove is one of the most popular destinations and home to a family of sea lions, being one of the main attractions in the area. The town is on the sleepier side of San Diego, unlike surrounding areas, making it one of the best places in San Diego to live.


Located in North County, Encinitas reigns over the best places to live in San Diego. This quaint beachside paradise is home to one of the surf capitals of Southern California. Making it one of the hottest spots for surfers to flock to. So you can imagine the kind of mood this small town brings in! Nothing but good vibes.

San Diego is overall a costly area to live in, but for valid reasons. The luxury of living moments from the water comes with a price and with the influx of people racing to the coast the cost of living has spiked. Nevertheless, there are places to find hidden gems that are just within your budget to enjoy this incredible destination.

Remote workers are consolidating in Southern California for the reliability of the surrounding areas. Many companies have jumped on opportunities to close up shop and give people allowances to coworking spots, such as WeWork or Ugather.

Pacific Beach

Smack between La Jolla and Ocean Beach lies the vibrant town of Pacific Beach. Though it is a younger mecca and draws in a youthful population, this town has a lot to give. Enjoy a nice sunset dinner at a rooftop restaurant, a stroll down the boardwalk, or if you’re feeling spicy hitting one of the local nightclubs.

Pacific Beach is one on the cheaper side of San Diego due to the large student community, and the majority of the living options being apartments. With students coming and going, finding a place is a breeze so you will never have issues securing a spot in this coastal utopia. So for young remote travelers looking to dip their toes into a fun environment, Pacific Beach will be your next stop!


Take the scenic route across the Coronado bridge overlooking the famous downtown San Diego skyline. This town is known for the historic Hotel Del Coronado and its secluded little island just outside of the energetic downtown area of San Diego.

While enjoying the beaches, you can enjoy plenty of recreational activities along the way. Coronado holds a family-friendly Ferry Landing Summer Concert every weekend, rent a sailboat to enjoy the sunshine, walk the museum of natural history and art, or experience a hop-on hop-off tour around the island.

Coronado is extremely suitable for people coming and going from San Diego frequently. Being only a 15-20 minute drive from the airport, expats or young traveling plant roots on this island for convenience alone. Making it one of the best places for expats to live in San Diego.

Mission Hills

The amazing part of San Diego and what keeps people staying here for decades on end is the differentiation of the city. You can live in a family-friendly neighborhood and just a 5-minute drive you can be sipping margaritas on rooftop bars. Mission Hills is a perfect example. Primarily a residential area, Mission Hills sits just north of downtown San Diego. It is known for its homey architecture, boutiques, and convenience to amazing schools around the area.

Just 10 minutes from 5-star cuisines in downtown San Diego, Mission Bay, crystal coves, and white sand beaches, you’ll find yourself in one of the best places in San Diego to build a new and exciting life. A major perk within this area is the 70% walkability score it holds. In San Diego, this is pretty hard to find due to the many residential areas not having much around them.


Ocean Beach

A funky gem of all gems! Ocean Beach brings people from all walks of life to this small town. If you’re looking to meet open-minded people of all ages, dance around in drum circles, and play pool in some genuine dive bars, you have found your place. Remote workers from all over the world have been running to Ocean Beach for a new environment to immerse themselves in.

Lower cost of living when it comes to beach towns, vibrant days and nights in the town, caters to both a young and older crowd and an adaptable work environment for the taste of the day. A perfect blend of everything you could be looking for. Embrace the funk in one of the best places for remote travelers to live in San Diego!


Tying it all together

It is no surprise to anyone living in Southern California that it comes with a price. With its beauty and convenience, San Diego continues to be a major hot spot for expats, remote travelers, and families to plant roots long-term. San Diego has the ability to fit the character you most desire, making it one of the best places to live in Southern California.


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