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Are you ready to step back and enjoy life?

If you’ve had enough of the fast-paced life and dreary gray skies, it might be a signal that you’re ready to move. Where shall you go? There are thousands of delightful destinations worldwide, but one country tops the rest. Get ready to explore Portugal.

Portugal is ideal for those ready to make the most of every day with a laidback culture, coastal cities, and exquisite food. Forget your old life. It’s time to enjoy Mediterranean bliss. Start packing your bags now!

We’ve researched the best places to live in Portugal, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re ready to go or still researching, make sure you take time to review each destination until you’re sure. Some of the best places to live in Portugal for expats may be different than you think!

Are you ready? Keep ready to find the best places to live in Portugal.


Located in the north of Portugal, Porto is a city every expat needs to consider. Sat on the Douro River estuary, this city is the second-largest in the country. But, it’s regarded as the center of culture, and its unique entertainment rivals that of the capitals. This is one for you if you’re looking to adopt a Mediterranean way of life but don’t want to give us bustling cities.

Porto is packed with things to see and cuisines to sample. The center of this unique location was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, proving its beauty. A range of cuisines can be found here, but all locals enjoy local Porto eats. These include Francesinha, Alheira, and Cachorrinho.

If you want to work remotely in Porto, we have good news. Porto is one of Europe’s best Wi-Fi-connected cities, so you’ll easily be able to log in and get working. The city also has its own airport, ideal for anyone needing to pop out of town on a quick business trip or family visit.

The weather in this northern city is moderate, with May to September heating up to high temperatures. Luckily, this city receives coastal breezes, helping you feel more comfortable in the hot seasons. Just watch out for tourists, as this city can get busy in the summer months!

Porto’s cost of living is cheaper than Lisbon, but you’ll have to pay more than residents of smaller towns. But, the price is worth it when you have a cultural city, culinary delights, and friendly locals by your side. This is absolutely one of the best places to live in Portugal!


Are you looking for the best places to live in Portugal for expats? Make sure you consider Chaves in your search.

Situated 10km away from the Spanish border, Chaves is a small rural town. The name “Chaves” actually means key, signifying the town as the gateway into Portugal. Chaves is famous for its thermal baths, Roman architecture, and 17th-century fortresses. This is an ideal location for any history buffs, plus the town has much less tourism than Porto or Lisbon.

Chaves offers a moderate climate, but the summers tend to be shorter than in other cities, and winters can also be slightly cooler. Don’t fret, though. This town is close to Vila Real Airport and Vigo Airport, so you’ll be able to catch some sun if needed.

While Chaves doesn’t boast a large corporate industry, there are some job opportunities. You may need to speak a bit of the language, though! This town is connected to the internet, with providers such as GlobalTT, so you can also work remotely.

The cost of living in Chaves is far lower than in Portugal’s cities, and to many, it will feel like a still. Many neighboring villages are very poor, but they’re also known for their culture and friendliness. Chaves is an excellent location for anyone passionate about embracing authentic Portuguese culture.

The Algarve

Ready to live the Portuguese dream? Welcome to The Algarve.

Another one of the best places to live in Portugal for expats, The Algarve boasts glorious weather and exceptional beaches. This area also has large communities of international settlers, ideal for anyone looking to retire in the sun. Spend your free time enjoying the beach with like-minded expats!

The Algarve is situated near the modern city of Faro, but if you’re not interested in cosmopolitan life, you can find villas by the coast instead. The area’s main beach, Praia da Rocha, is a popular expat spot with food, bars, and frequent entertainment. The area also boasts its own airport, making travel to and from different countries more accessible than ever.

The cost of living in The Algarve is cheaper than many other retirement spots in Western Europe. However, potential movers must note that finding an apartment can take time due to high demand. Many visitors only stay for the summer, so you’ll have to compete with them for year-round accommodation.

Wi-Fi and internet access are readily available here, plus the area boasts impressive 4G coverage. Vodafone and MEO are the fastest networks available, so look into these providers before your visit.

Not only is this one of the best places to live in Portugal, but it’s also famous for vacations and tourism. If you’re happy to live in a busier area in the summer, you’re all set to enjoy The Algarve.

The Bottom Line

Portugal is a country with an abundance of choices. Hidden gems are in every corner of the country, so you must dig deep when researching. The best places to live in Portugal will vary depending on your needs, so consider what’s important to you. You may even want to book a quick trip to Portugal to visit the cities in person before deciding. Research and a holiday all in one – perfect!


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