Best Places to Live in Oregon

Best Places to Live in Oregon

Have you ever visited ‘The Beaver State’? With an abundance of creative hubs, outdoor exploration, and modern cities, Oregon is quickly becoming a go-to destination for all demographics.

But, which Oregon city suits you best? From hipster Portland to family-friendly Corvallis, locations in this state provide everything you need to thrive. The best places to live in Oregon are a must-read if you’re considering a move soon. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to make a visit or book a trip before you make your final decision.

If you’re curious about moving to Oregon, keep reading!


This Oregon city has seen a popularity boost in the past five years thanks to its younger demographic and friendly atmosphere. Portland is one of the best places to live in Oregon if you’re moving away for the first time or looking for a hipster buzz.

Known for craft beer breweries, a budding vegan food scene, and bike-friendly streets, the atmosphere in this city is kick back. This location is also popular with outdoorsy types, as you’re only an hour away from the impressive Pacific coastline. Musicians also gravitate here, as the city boasts a growing indie music scene and many live gigs.

Portland offers a wide range of food, but you can also find local favorites. These include the Le Pigeon burger, bacon maple bars, and fresh clam chowder with a smoked marrow bone. Other popular cuisines include Japanese, French, Middle Eastern, and Mexican food. This city is diverse and packed with tastes!

Portland is well-connected, thanks to the Portland International Airport when it comes to travel. However, working from Portland is easy due to reliable Wi-Fi providers such as Ziply Fiber and Xfinity. You can also find work around the city in creative and corporate industries. Intel and Nike’s corporate headquarters are based in close-by suburbs, providing jobs to many professionals.

The weather in Portland reaches warm temperatures in the summer months, but you can expect brisk temperatures and cold days in winter as you head into fall. Portland experiences an average of three inches of snow per year, so pack your coat and boots for the cold months!

While Portland is a vastly popular Oregon city, it’s not the most affordable. Compared to larger US cities, residents are saving money, but the average cost of living is above the US average. However, the job opportunities and quality of life make up for this price!

If you want a fusion of exciting job opportunities, outdoor adventures, and an indie social scene, Portland is your city.


Situated on the South of the Willamette River, Eugene is one of the great college towns. One of the best places in Oregon to live as a student, Eugene is a hub of academic and sports activity.

Here you’ll find the University of Oregon, a famous higher academic institution. The presence of a college draws many young people, so if you’re looking to make friends and enjoy college nightlife, Eugene might be your next stop. While university towns aren’t for everyone, they do encourage more businesses and public events – ideal if you like to get busy in your spare time.

Situated amongst lush green forests, Eugene provides unforgettable scenery. This city is a hiker’s paradise, and many locals use the summer weekends to explore close-by trails. Eugene is also a training hub for athletes and is nicknamed ‘Track Town USA.’ Whether you’re a runner or not, this city will inspire you to get active.

Eugene does have an airport, the Eugene Airport, but if you’re looking for international travel, you may need a connecting flight or to fly from Portland International Airport. However, Wi-Fi speeds are fast in this city, allowing you to hop on Zoom calls and work remotely without the added stress of traveling for work.

Like Portland, Eugene receives warm summers and cold winters. This location also sees an average of three inches of snow per year, so remember your hat and gloves when you pack!

In Eugene, the cost of living is more affordable than in other Oregon cities, allowing you to enjoy the state’s atmosphere without added costs. Plus, the quality of living is excellent, you have access to impressive outdoor spaces, and there are numerous job opportunities in education.

Whether you’re a student or an academic, this college town isn’t to be ignored!


Searching for the best place to live in Oregon for families? Consider the city of Corvallis for your next home. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state and a safe community, Corvallis is ideal for any family or young professionals.

The expanding job market in Corvallis is a crucial reason this city is popular right now. With employers like Hewlett-Packard and OSU, families are arriving here to further their careers and build their quality of life.

Alongside career opportunities, Corvallis is a haven for cyclists. This city is super bike-friendly with a chilled-out atmosphere. It’s also close to the Willamette Valley, an area known for its famous wine scene.

Corvallis does have a municipal airport, but much of the travel to this city comes through Portland International Airport – only a short drive away. The most popular method of transport in this city is by car, so make sure you have your driver’s license.

Living in Corvallis is much more affordable than in other US cities. With 60,000 residents, this city offers a big city feel without the hefty price tag that usually comes with them!

Corvallis is a great option for anyone looking to further their career or settle into family life.

The Bottom Line

What do you think about the best places to live in Oregon? We hope you feel inspired to continue your home search! Oregon is a state filled with laid-back attitudes and promising job opportunities, ideal for the best of both worlds!


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