Best Places to Live in New Hampshire

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Best places to live in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, more commonly referred to as the “Granite State” is situated in the northeastern region of the United States of America. Due to the charming scenery of beautiful snow-capped mountains footed by quaint forests, New Hampshire was initially known as the “Switzerland of USA.” This state is the most ideal place for you to live because of the perfect balance it offers between nature and its modern architecture.

It is ranked as the fourth best place to live in the US according to a U.S News and World Report’s list. This ranking can be backed up by the fact that there is no general sales tax or personal income tax implemented here. The data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate was as low as 2.1% in May 2022 so if you are looking to find new job opportunities or have a change of atmosphere while working remotely, New Hampshire is the perfect place for you.

Since there are plenty of great places to live in New Hampshire it is important for you to find the one that suits you best. Hence why we have compiled a list of the 5 best places to live by evaluating factors like work opportunities, cost of living, culture, crime factor, and general attractions.


Let’s start off with Hanover, home to the famous “Dartmouth” college which is why it goes without saying that this town offers wonderful educational opportunities starting from elementary levels. This place holds a lot of cultures and a strong feeling of community so if you wish to settle down with your family, this can be a perfect choice.

Some of the notable attractions of Hanover include the Appalachian trail, Hood Museum of Art, and the Memorial Field. Not just this but the “Connect Hanover” initiative has now resulted in highly efficient broadband coverage in the county that will better serve the residents and make remote work more accessible.


Portsmouth is an attractive tourist destination since it is a seaport with plenty of places to explore. Even though the cost of housing is a little steeper here, it is worth it when you consider the higher median household income, the low crime rate, and beautiful seascapes.

Not just this but there is also better transportation as Portsmouth has its own international airport as well as three highways. You can always keep yourself well-entertained here by visiting the shops in the Market Square, looking at the exhibits in Strawberry Banke Museum, or enjoying the scenic charm of Prescott Park. Portsmouth also offers co-working spaces for remote workers such as the Cooperative Venture Workspace and O Hive.


Moving on to the largest city in New Hampshire that holds a world of opportunities for you. This city is home to the famous Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and it has a low crime rate along with a strong public school system so moving here with your kids will be easy.

However, it is also a perfect place for you if you are single since it has a variety of attractions ranging from studios and art galleries to the most up-and-coming restaurants. Dover’s economy is booming due to the vast number of high-tech jobs and government jobs. When in Dover you must also visit the Woodman Museum and take a swim in the famous Jenny Thompson Outdoor Pool.


Just like Portsmouth, Hampton is also one of the seaside destinations of New Hampshire that is famous for its appeal to tourists. The seaside resorts have a charm of their own, forcing people from all around the world to come to visit Hampton Beach, especially during the summers.

The infamous Hampton Beach Seafood Festival is a must-visit along with the oldest craft brewery known as Smutty nose. Becoming a local will allow you to enjoy these benefits much more conveniently. Keeping aside the tourist attractions, Hampton is still a great place to live because there is a strong public school system, affordable housing, and a high median household income.

It is also important to note that Hampton has an unemployment rate of 3.0% and the second-lowest poverty rate in New Hampshire.


Last up on our list we have Durham, a town that is known for its deep-rooted history since it is home to the largest university of the state that is the University of New Hampshire. Benefits of moving here would include the non-existent crime rate as Durham is part of “New Hampshire’s 20 Safest Cities” list for 2020.

Since it is a quaint town the community is well-knit, and it offers a very diverse and welcoming experience. Moving to Durham will allow you to explore the great outdoors and participate in a number of physical activities such as hiking a mountain or jogging on the beach. Some significant attractions of Durham include visiting the Wagon Hill Farm, the Wildcat Stadium, and the Whittemore Center Arena.

Wrap Up

New Hampshire offers numerous benefits to its locals and while this list has focused on just some of the best places where you can live in, there are plenty of other towns that come with their own merits.

You can pick the perfect place for you to move to by evaluating your priorities, such as if you wish to live a quiet life by the beach then you can settle down in Hampton but if you want a more hustling environment then you should opt for Portsmouth.

With the recent rise in remote work a number of coworking spaces have opened up throughout New Hampshire, and companies have started to evolve to become more remote-friendly.

The New Hampshire Employment Security can provide you with a wide range of career-oriented services to help you move along your professional journey. This facility can also make it easier for you to start a business or transfer your business to New Hampshire as it encourages greater economic activity.


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