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Bordering California, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, and Utah, Nevada is a western state in the USA with hot and wet summers and short and windy winters. One of the many pros of moving here is that living costs much less here than in the rest of the county.

A brilliant nightlife, concerts, shopping malls, shows, and lots of adult entertainment are synonymous with the state of Nevada. But that’s not all there is, so let us see what Nevadan cities have to offer.

Las Vegas

The party capital of the world needs no introduction, you’ve seen this city in movies and shows, heard about it in songs, and read about it in books. What makes Las Vegas one of the best places to live in Nevada?

Keep reading to find out.

With over 600,000 residents, this city is big. Naturally, it offers all the big city perks. Renowned for being a party city, the entertainment offered is a step (or maybe ten) further from any other city.

You can go exotic racing, visit the Barbie Exhibition, The Hunger Games Exhibition, witness the Grand Canyon West landscape, get a bird’s view from the Skypod Observation Deck, go for Hoover Dam rafting, enjoy the famous Vegas Strip and do much more.

You’d be surprised to know that despite being a bustling big city with so much going on, living in Las Vegas is affordable! The tourists bring in a lot of money, so the state taxes are low- making it easy for those living here.

The cost of living is reasonable, especially if you compare it to other cities of the same size. Moreover, the city has been planned thoughtfully, so there aren’t any traffic problems.

There are seven airports in the city! If your work takes you to other cities quite often, do not worry, Las Vegas has you covered.

Being a major tourist attraction the city sees regular investments, and the economy is thriving. Jobs are aplenty, but it might get slightly competitive so you may need to polish that resume. An abundance of coworking spaces and being an RV-friendly city have made Las Vegas a desirable place for remote workers too.

Las Vegas offers many benefits that you can hardly get anywhere else, yet it remains affordable and has kept itself free of any big-city problems.


Henderson is a city near Las Vegas, so all that party is a short drive away, and you are safe from all the pandemonium and madness; win-win? We think so too!

The biggest feature attracting people to Henderson is its great climate. The sun shines all year round and the winters are warm. If you are one of those suffering in the colder states, Henderson is where you should be relocating to.

You’d be glad to know that Henderson was named the second safest city in the country by Forbes. Living here, you will be safe as the crime rate is low. The city is also safe, atmosphere-wise. It has been named the greenest city in Nevada, courtesy of the clean and pure air quality.

One of the many benefits of moving to a city in Nevada is zero income tax so that hard-earned money? You get to keep all of it! Living in Henderson can be on the expensive side, but it more than makes up for it with all the amenities it offers. The housing is also affordable and median house prices are low.

The food and dining scene in Henderson is unrivaled. You can have Greek, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean, Italian- any cuisine you’d like. There is an entire harem of golf courses, making Henderson good for retirees.

There are plenty of other recreational avenues too; water activities at Lake Mead, the Lion Habitat Ranch for animal lovers, many walking and biking trails, aquatic facilities for swimming, more than twenty tennis courts, and much more.


The “Biggest Little City in the World” may just be one of the best places to live in Nevada in 2022.

The city of shining neon lights and casinos was essentially built with the gaming industry as its foundation. However, over the years it has become much more than that. If you are not into casinos, it will be easy to avoid the gaming scene altogether.

The city has 96 public schools, making it the second-largest school district in Nevada. There are private schools in the city too, so you can go to whichever one you prefer. For those going for higher education, the University of Nevada- Reno is a good choice.

Reno is definitely a tourist town, which benefits the locals too. It has opened up many jobs, not just in the hospitality or entertainment industries, but also in the technology and education sectors.

Many high-rated restaurants are offering delectable cuisines in Reno. Lounges and clubs, craft cocktails, local breweries, live music, and special events- you will find it all here.

In addition to the epic nightlife, there’s more that Reno has for its citizens. The city sits close to the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest so you have many activities to do. You can go skiing, fishing, hiking, camping, etc.

Luckily, Reno sits snugly among three water bodies; Lake Tahoe, Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake. Along with that, there are many parks and mountains you can visit. Snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, hiking, rafting, biking, you can do it all here.

With top internet providers giving speeds up to 5000 Mbps (AT&T), and many spots such as Walden’s coffee bar offering free wifi, Reno can prove to be a good home for remote workers. Reno Collective, Beacon CoWork, and Pacific Workplace are some of the many coworking spaces in the city that digital nomads can make use of.


Though it is famous for its nightlife and plethora of entertainment channels, Nevada also makes for a good place to settle in. The cost of living, even in big cities, is reasonable. There are charming neighborhoods and plenty to do in the Nevadan cities.


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