Best Places to Live in Montana

Best Places to live in Montana

With lush sceneries, jagged mountains, and vast wilderness, Montana is a haven for those who love the outdoors. But, the best places to live in Montana offer much more than hiking!

This western state is often voted one of the happiest and healthiest in the country. Thanks to its slower pace of life and abundance of fresh air, Montana is ideal for anyone looking to take a step back and enjoy life.

From students to retirees, Montana offers areas for all demographics. Interested in the best places in Montana to live? We’ve got all you need to know before moving to “Big Sky Country.” Enjoy!


Bozeman, one of the best places to live in Montana 2022, is located in the southeast of Montana. While Bozeman only has a population of 48,330, this is still the fourth largest city in the state. Bozeman is tiny compared to other American cities, but this gem offers a fusion of city amenities and a local community atmosphere.

A pivotal draw to Bozeman is its high population of young professionals and students. There’s always something to do on the weekend with arts events, bars, and live music events. Locals never go without, whether you’re enjoying a craft beer or eating a local steak.

Bozeman is also known for its proximity to the Yellowstone National Park alongside social events. Hiking, rock climbing, biking, and fly fishing are popular local activities. This humble city might be for you if you have an adventurous streak.

Traveling in and out of Bozeman is very convenient, thanks to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. If you’ll need to travel for work, Bozeman offers quick links across the U.S via flight. However, Bozeman also offers top internet providers, such as CenturyLink and Spectrum, for home zoom calls.

Due to its mountainous terrain, Bozeman does see cooler temperatures and snow throughout the winter months. Residents also experience an average of 112.8 days of rain per year, higher than the general U.S. average. However, this is expected as the city sits at a higher elevation!

The cost of living in Bozeman is slightly higher than the average in the state of Montana and the U.S. But, affordable accommodation is available throughout the area to entice students and young professionals. Plus, general amenities and groceries are less expensive than in larger U.S. cities.

If you want a mix between outdoorsy living and a hipster city, Bozeman could be your new home.


Looking for a quiet place to enjoy life? Dillion is one of the best places to live in Montana with land.

Situated in Beaverhead County, this town has a tiny population of 4,333, but it has a friendly atmosphere and a strong community spirit. The city is situated in a valley with impressive mountain views, plus you’re also close to Beaverhead River for fly fishing. Bannack State Park is also close by, ideal for calming walks with your family.

Just because Dillion’s population is smaller, it doesn’t mean there’s a lack of food or entertainment here! This town offers steakhouses, Mexican food, Italian food, and grill-style restaurants. Plus, there are bars to enjoy a cold drink with good company.

If you need to travel from Dillion, the county-owned Dillion Airport is open to the public. However, you can also find domestic flights from the Bert Mooney Airport and international flights from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

When it comes to weather in Dillion, make sure you pack warm clothes. The winter lasts from November to February, with lows of 14F in December. However, it’s not always cold! Dillion also receives 181 days of sun throughout the year.

Dillion is a popular place for families and retirees to settle, as its cost of living measures out 9% cheaper than the U.S. average. Here you’ll spend less for more land and unbeatable views in your backyard.

Dillion offers life-changing views and a comfortable pace of life for any outdoors-oriented family.


Since Montana is known for the great outdoors, we couldn’t miss Livingston off our list.

Perhaps one of the best places in Montana to live if you want to get active, Livingston is situated one hour away from Yellowstone National Park. This southwest city is often referred to as the ‘gateway to Yellowstone,’ attracting a community of like-minded adventurers.

Top activities in this location include hiking, rock climbing, fishing, and trail running. Livingston is attracting more and more Millenials due to its abundance of adventure sports, so the local community is offering more entertainment options. These include a variety of cuisines, craft bars, microbreweries, and traditional saloons.

But Livingston is family-friendly too! This location checks out with a low crime rate and a range of good quality schools. The housing is good quality, and you receive more for your money than in other U.S. states.

Ths closest airport to Livingston is Mission Field Airport, only six miles away. Most locals in this area rely on private vehicles for transport due to Livingston’s remote location. However, shuttle buses to Yellowstone are available if needed.

The cost of living in Livingston is currently lower than the average in the U.S, allowing residents to enjoy proximity to Yellowstone without a hefty price tag. Plus, the quality of life in this location is high with clean air, good schools, and many amenities.

Livingston accommodates family life and adventurous hobbies without a high cost of living.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to wake up with a view of the mountains? The best places to live in Montana are worth considering. Montana might be too laidback for some tastes, but this one-of-a-kind state is a must-visit for some. With space for families, students, and retirees, there’s something for everyone here.


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