Best Places to Live in Maryland

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Best Places to Live in Maryland

If you look at the map of the US, you will see Maryland stretching its arms out for a hug. And maybe, that is what this state is all about. It proudly bears the title “Miniature America” or “Little America.” This is mainly due to the diverse wealth of landscape it possesses, a little bit of all of America.

Situated in the mid-Atlantic, it comes as no surprise that Maryland is just a teensy bit more expensive than the rest of the country. Sports are a big deal here, pretty everyone owns a car, and the state experiences all four seasons. Let’s have a look at the best places to live in Maryland.


Being one of the oldest cities of the US, and inhabited since 1729- Baltimore is naturally rich in history. Moving here means a lot of exploring. As is the case with all port cities, Baltimore too, has a lot of cultural and ethnic diversity. Rather than be in each other’s way, they all seem to come together like different colored threads woven through a tapestry.

One of the biggest pros of moving to Baltimore is the access to world-class education opportunities, especially for those looking to pursue higher education. The likes of University of Maryland and John Hopkins University are present in the area, making it easy for you to study at the best of the best.

Another perk of living in a harbor city?

The seafood is to die for.

No seriously, the Chesapeake Bay cuisine is simply the best. It will make you forget anything else you’ve ever had before. What’s even better is that the food scene continues to evolve each day, getting better, irresistible, and more delicious with it. And that’s not all. Moving here you will find food festivals, world-class restaurants, award-winning chefs, a growing craft brew scene, and a thriving cocktail scene. So much to look forward to!

Jobs are easy to find in the city. There are several high-tech industries that have been creating jobs directly and indirectly. For remote workers, there are places like the public library and several cafes that offer free wifi. If that’s not your thing, you can rent out a coworking space from one of the many options available.

North Potomac

This town has ranked number one on the list of the best places to live in MD by Niche. And for reasons of our own, we agree.

North Potomac has some lovely neighborhoods that can be perfect for families to settle in. The people of North Potomac are friendly, nice, and welcoming.

Need a hand? Your neighbors will be ready to help!

The town is super safe and it has good schools. It is close enough to the main city should you need anything, but it is at the ideal distance to keep away all the noise and traffic.

There is an abundance of green spaces; parks and woodlands. The night life is vibrant, with bars and grilles, hookah lounges, karaoke lounge, wine, beers and seafood. If you like to party hard, then Washington DC is only a 45-min drive away.

The house prices may be a bit higher than the rest of the cities, but it is worth it. North Potomac is especially a great place for young adults and growing families to live. The neighborhoods are safe, schools are great, and the people are not only diverse, but friendly and welcoming.


Would you like living in a city that has all essential places at a convenient distance, is safe and has good people living?

Of course you will, who wouldn’t?!

Gaithersburg is somewhat of a dream town. It is a charming place with picturesque neighborhoods. The atmosphere is clean and fresh, making living here enjoyable. The crime rate is low, so it is reasonably safe. The city offers a good quality of life to those who live here.

Like Baltimore, Gaithersburg is an old city, and has been inhabited since the 1700s. It too, is rich in history that is worth knowing and exploring. The residents here lead a peaceful life. There are many green spaces, parks and such, that serve as a good place to unwind and relax. You’d be glad to know that the neighborhoods of Gaithersburg have won awards! Moreover, the city has also ranked high on its ethnic and socio-cultural diversity. Although the cost of living is higher than the country average, it is offset by the affordable utilities and healthcare.

There’s a lot to do in the city. You can visit the Seneca Creek State Park, the Constitution Gardens Park, or if you have a dog, you will enjoy the Dog Exercise area at the Green Park. Seafood, like the rest of Maryland, is aplenty. Eat your heart out at the Coastal Flats or the Hershey’s Restaurant. You can also visit Washington DC which is a 45-min drive from here.

The schooling system in this city is believed to be one of the best in the state. Public schools provide good education so there is no need for private schools. Those living in Gaithersburg find decent paying jobs. Some big companies in the city include AstraZeneca and Leidos.

The internet speeds in the city reach up to 1000 mbps, provided by Xfinity and Astound, and are ideal for any person working remotely. There are sufficient remote working jobs available within the city. Along with that, there are coworking spaces such as Launch Workplaces and Oasis Office Space. All of this makes Gaithersburg the ideal city for remote workers.

Wrap Up

Maryland is a great place to live. The landscape is diverse, giving way for plenty of outdoor activities. The culture is unique, and the food is mindblowing. Living in Maryland, you will find yourself seated closely to other big cities such as Washington DC and New York; opening doors for opportunities.


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