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The land of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Los Angeles has been attracting young professionals, aspiring stars, and world travelers since the rise of Hollywood and has ceased to stop since. With well over half of the year being sunshine and butterflies, Los Angeles has been ranked one of the best places to live nationwide, especially since the rise of COVID. Why not move to the city with endless options, beachside paradises, and top-notch education? With all that in mind we want to share the best places to live in Los Angeles.

There are many things to consider when moving to the land of sunshine. Are you looking for safety? Maybe a trendy young professional area? Or even a nice balance of working hard and playing hard?

We have specially researched the top-rated neighborhoods to live in throughout Los Angeles County to give you a look at all you might need. So, continue reading to find your next perfect neighborhood for you, your family, or your business to thrive!

Santa Monica

Those willing to pay a pretty penny for this area will find everything you can imagine. Santa Monica is a go-to for newcomers coming to Los Angeles looking for an upbeat and eccentric place next to the salty seas. It is best known for its top-rated restaurants, up-and-coming tech scene, and white sand beaches. This play “paradise” has become extremely popular since the rise in technology making job opportunities endless and walking to work a possibility. Which is extremely hard to find in Los Angeles. When you can work and play in the same zip code it makes your life much easier, especially when you can skip the traffic across town.

Since the rise in technology, Santa Monica has adapted quite well to giving people the correct and comfortable spaces to work and succeed. From WeWork, LoopNet and BlankSpaces this area will have everything you need to network and skyrocket your company’s needs.

Manhattan Beach

People flock to LA for the options of living by the water and taking a night out in the city, and Manhattan Beach is no exception! This quaint area is popular due to its low crime rates and great education systems for the little ones. The weather is unbeatable, it is not overcrowded like many other towns, and brings a wide range of different age groups settling in the area. Making Manhattan Beach one of the best places to live in Los Angeles!

Most residents have been lifetime settlers, making it a bit pricey to settle in, but not impossible to find something in your price range. It is worth every penny to set you and your children up for success in this family-friendly town!

Redondo Beach

Some have heard the name, but many have not. Especially out of towners looking to switch up their daily lives. With roughly 66,000 people living in this region, Redondo Beach is an up-and-coming destination for professionals looking to settle into a low-key scene while still being able to enjoy time out every once in a while without the hectic scenes of extremely popular cities.

So, if you are looking to enjoy the Los Angeles vibes without the hectic overload of Downtown, while still being close enough to get into the mix if necessary. Redondo Beach is going to be your best bet!


Looking to be in the hot spot without the wallet disintegrating price tag? Beverlywood is your new luxury. Smack between Beverly Hills and Culver City, this hidden neighborhood of LA is tucked back away from the chaos. Being the perfect place to plant your feet and start a new and fabulous life.

With the distance from the foot traffic comes the lack of walkability. Although this specific area isn’t the best place to live without a car, it is a quick 5 – 10 minute drive to everything you need. With this area being pretty tucked away it lies hand in hand with safety. This is one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, so don’t fret when it comes to the distance because it makes up for safety.

Silver Lake

Do you want to be part of the cool kids? Silver Lake is the destination all the young professionals are racing to. This extremely trendy area has been on the radar of musicians, artists, and now hard workers looking for a new and eclectic lifestyle. Just near Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park, this area is the best of both worlds for differentiation of personalities.

Though there are not many people who have not heard of Silver Lake, it is surprisingly not taken over by large corporate companies. Many mom-and-pop or small businesses stay reigning in this area, which is perfect for trendy and youthful people to find the hot new spot.

It is very LGBQT+ friendly and home to many lively and expressive humans. Making Silver Lake one of the most laid-back, yet entertaining spots to go out.

Echo Park

Just adjacent to Silver Lake, Echo Park is a similar vibe and place most young people want to set up shop. There are strong reasons that these two places are some of the most popular places in Los Angeles. One of them is the strong work ethic coming out of them. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, and remote workers have flooded this area to network with others with similar drives.

A strong work ethic isn’t the only reason though. This charming destination is sought after for its classic Victorian architecture, endless parks, eye-popping greenery, and walkable destinations. Something thousands of people look for especially when looking into moving to Los Angeles. Making it one of the best places to live in LA. So, don’t sleep in Echo Park.

So, Why LA?

Well, you read all about it! Los Angeles has its rumors and bad reputations, but over the years has cleaned up its act. Although cleaning up its act comes with affordability. The cleaner the city gets the higher prices to seem to become. So, finding the best neighborhood is important when making a big financial decision such as LA. But, regardless of price, Los Angeles is an extremely trustworthy place for young professionals and families to build a beautiful life for themselves.


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