Best Places to Live in London

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Best Places to Live in London

Have you always dreamed of living in London? The capital of England is a dream come true for residents all over the world. London is a must-visit city with decadent architecture, sophisticated culture, and a unique accent.

But do you know where you want to move to? With 8.982 million residents, London is more populated than New York. Finding a home here might be more confusing than expected! Don’t fret; we’re here to help. We’ve researched the best places in London to live to help you out.

Are you ready to jump onto a red bus? Keep reading to find out the best places to live in London and why.


Known for its lively atmosphere and quirky buzz, Camden is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in London.

This popular neighborhood is situated in North London, with Camden Lock at its center. First and foremost, Camden is a place to have fun. Locals and tourists flock here to enjoy bars, cafes, canalside views, and music venues. This neighborhood is closely linked with music, and the Camden Roundhouse and Electric Ballroom continually host indie and rock and roll gigs.

But, if needed, you can easily escape Camden for the day! This area is well connected via the Northern Line. Plus, it’s near Kings Cross St Pancras station – the city’s only international train line. The closest airport is London City Airport, but Gatwick and Heathrow are an hour’s journey away.

Camden is well connected with good Wi-Fi speeds. Public Wi-Fi can be found here, but it’s always best to rely on your own if you’re working remotely. If you’re looking for career opportunities, this area offers a range of creative and corporate positions.

As expected, the weather in London can be dreary, and you’ll need to be prepared for rain. But don’t let that get you down, the city sees high temperatures in the summer, and you may experience snow in the winter.

The cost of living in London isn’t cheap, especially if you’re planning to move to the heart of Camden. Many adjacent areas offer affordable housing if you want to enjoy this neighborhood’s free-spirited vibe without the cost. Consider Kentish Town, Barnsbury, and Chalk Farm, all of which are a short 15-minute walk from Camden.

Life’s a party when you’re living in Camden!

Highbury & Islington

Cited as the most sought-after area in the city, Highbury and Islington is an in-demand neighborhood situated just east of Camden.

If you’re interested in living close to London’s landmarks and lively areas, without extra noise or disturbance, this is the area for you. Highbury & Islington is one of the best places in London to live for a more residential feel. Ideal for families or anyone who lives in peace and quiet, this area offers everything you need to feel comfortable.

Highbury & Islington offers an impressive array of entertainment, including theaters, bars, and chic pubs. Here you’ll find a range of cuisines, plus options to eat traditional English breakfasts and fish and chips. You’re also a 15-tube journey away from the heart of the city. Ideal for visiting the Queen on your days off.

Living in Highbury & Islington isn’t the cheapest, primarily due to the current demand for housing. However, it’s important to note that London is the UK’s most expensive city, and the jobs in the area reflect the cost of living. When house hunting here, you’ll find many family-friendly homes with gardens and green spaces – not always common in the city’s center.

Expats tend to enjoy this area thanks to its friendly atmosphere and close transport links. Here, you’re close to London City Airport, plus you can take the Piccadilly Line train straight to Heathrow – ideal for meeting friends and family.

A perfect neighborhood for anyone looking for a calm pace of life.


Starting out as a young professional? One of the best places to live in London in your early 20s is Clapham.

Clapham refers to a range of neighborhoods surrounding the popular Clapham Common park. From Clapham Old Town to Clapham High Street, this is a larger area that attracts a younger crowd. Many modern bars and clubs are located here, plus cafes, vintage shops, and grocery stores. All you need in one place! No wonder many don’t leave this neighborhood.

Another perk of living in Clapham is the mix of homes and diversity of residents. Here you’ll notice new builds amongst terraced houses, offering different types of accommodation at different budgets. If you want a lower-budget option, explore the nearby neighborhoods of Balham and Tooting. These provide the same vibe for a friendlier budget!

Clapham is very connected, with a range of tube stations and overground trains. Here you can reach the center in twenty minutes, but you can also visit coastal areas of the country within 45 minutes. Clapham is in south London, so the closest airports are London City and Gatwick – accessible via the Gatwick Express train.

Wi-Fi and internet connectivity are excellent in this area, with the leading providers being TalkTalk, Sky, and Virgin Media. Since this location is close to the center and Canary Wharf, many job opportunities are a short commute away. Whether you’re in finance or marketing, there’s always a new position available.

Like other London boroughs, Clapham sees overcast weather in the winter and warmer temperatures in the summer. Rain is always a possibility in this city, so come ready with your umbrella!

There’s always something to do in Clapham!

The Takeaway

London is one of the most in-demand cities in the world. Be ready to experience a new pace of life, lively neighborhoods, and friendly locals! Just make sure you know the best places to live in London before moving. Good luck!


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