Best Places to Live in Italy

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Best places to live in Italy.

Many people are under the impression that living a European lifestyle is on the luxurious side of life. When in reality, that overwhelming and undeniable desire to up and move across the globe can be extremely affordable and achievable. Italy is one of the best places to live for ex-pats, families, and remote travelers to live and explore the region!

Italy is best known for its indisputable beauty and culture that has brought millions of people racing to the scene for decades. From the crystal blue waters of Sardinia to the centuries of history lying in the regions of Rome, we will walk you through the best places to live in Italy!



We have heard the name, learned it in history class, and dreamed of throwing our coins in the Trevi Fountain. Aside from the history, Rome holds near and dear to its heart, what brings people flocking to this specific area is the cost of living, remote work reliability, affordable health care, public schools, and friendliness of the locals.

Cost of living

Rome being one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide does give it a reputation for having a high cost of living. But, when looking at the differentiation of popular European cities, such as Paris or London, it leans to the cheaper locations to live long term, especially when living in areas outside of the epicenter.

Just to give you a glimpse, 1-bedroom in the city ranges from USD 1,100 to a 1-bedroom outside of the city costing USD 700. A significant difference coming from major American cities!

Remote work

Like any major city throughout COVID-19, Rome adapted quickly to the work-from-home lifestyle. Creating co-working spaces to help you adapt, reliable public wi-fi in the best cafes, and giving you trustworthy places to live that won’t let your daily workday down.


Rome is extremely family-friendly. You will have an endless choice of education placement and finding the best fit for your little ones will be simple. Schooling is free up until 16, and even then school is inexpensive.

Although Rome is a heavily touristy area, the excitement of something new around the corner will keep you on your toes. No need for a car because Rome’s public transportation is arguably the best in the country and can get you from A to B in a blink of an eye.


Ex-pats heading over to Italy have an extensive range of healthcare options. The country does have public healthcare access, but most travelers like to have options, mixing a bit of public and private healthcare.


Amalfi Coast

Calling all remote workers craving breathtaking views along the way! The Amalfi Coast gives you a perfect blend of relaxation and liveliness. Do you prefer the bustling excitement of Sorrento or the laid-back leisure of Conca Dei Marini? Depending on the atmosphere you are looking for, the options are endless.

Cost of living

We are all aware of the sacrifices we make living within walking distance of white sand beaches, and the Amalfi Coast is no exception. Although it can be a bit more on the pricey side, it makes up for the surrounding inexpensive outings like having a nice dinner at the best restaurant in town, grocery shopping, or having a cocktail night out with friends.

Here is a great link to browse your future home on the Amalfi Coast!

Remote work

The coast has adapted to travelers flooding in these past few years. So has the abundance of reliable spots to work up and down the coast. Just like any popular area, you will find cyber cafes, restaurants with reliable Wi-Fi, and Airbnb’s fully strapped with work-from-home materials.


Northern Italy

Most of the northern regions are known for towns such as Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Modena, Portofino, and Lake Garda, to name a few. Most retiring ex-pats are finding themselves landing in these gorgeous areas to build a new life. Finding peace and tranquility along the way, creating one of the best places for Americans to live in Italy.

Cost of living

If you are pinching pennies, Northern Italy will be your new haven! Northern cities tend to wean more on the cheaper side residing far from the popular cities down south. This region is dominated by lakes, mountain terrains, and picturesque towns that will make you feel as though you are living in a Disney movie.

Remote work

Pack your bags, digital nomads! Italy will soon be introducing a new digital nomad visa for your next best destination! Italy is adapting to the new world making it one of the best places for American ex-pats to live comfortably. Reliable and trustworthy internet at your fingertips!



Located in the middle of the country. Tuscany’s rolling green hills and stunning coastal destinations attract people worldwide with its Chianti wine, art scene, and unbelievable cuisine. Wherever you decide to live in Florence, Arezzo, or Montepulciano. They will not let you down.


It can be difficult to move your entire life across the world. This specific destination makes the move that much more comfortable knowing there are many ex-pats like yourself moving their families to similar areas.

Cost of Living

While reaping the benefits of ex-pats flocking to this destination, the overall financial element will put you in quite a reassuring place. The transportation, education, cuisine, and day-to-day amenities are affordable, reliable, and extremely easy to adapt to. And if that’s not enough in certain rural parts of Tuscany you can find a 1-bedroom for less than USD 500 a month and a 3-bedroom for around USD 1,300!

Remote Work

All around a top-notch area to end up in when working abroad. Wi-fi will not disappoint in bigger cities such as Florence. When traveling to a smaller town outside of the cities, you can set up your system on a local router when you settle into your new home!



Remote work, remote island? Sardinia, located north of the mainland, is best known for its crystal blue waters and white sand beaches. A small isolated island with a very layback village-style vibe. If you are looking for something slow and content this is your place!

Cost of Living

More affordable than you would ever imagine! With island life comes elevated prices in grocery marts and daily shopping, but on this special island, a 2-bedroom apartment can range anywhere from USD 600 to USD 1,500. That kind of cost with those crystal seas? I’ll take two!!

Remote Work

It is an island so you have to be wary of internet connection. The best way to look for reliable networks on this island is by reading Airbnb reviews. The nicer the place the more reliable the internet. There are internet cafes on the island but not many, so sticking to a solid network at home will be your best bet.


In Conclusion

Although picturing yourself moving across the globe can be scary and expensive. With the right amount of research, you can find yourself living in Italy as an American traveler living your best life! Dipping your toes into the world that is Italy, you will be confronted with amazing new cultures, histories, delicious food, affordable living, and valuable education for you or your loved ones.

Choosing the best place to live in Italy is up to your preferences and what you are most comfortable with! The countryside, the coastlines, what best fits your day-to-day comfortability? Hopefully, this article will answer all your most pressing questions!


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