Best Places To Live In Ireland

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Best places to live in Ireland.

Ready to experience some true craic?

Moving to Ireland is an exciting decision. With a mix of natural beauty and strong culture, you’ll be delighted at every turn. From enjoying a scenic walk to getting friendly with residents at the local pub, this country is the gift that keeps giving.

But, do you know where you want to live? Though Ireland is a smaller country, there’s still a wealth of different locations to explore. The best places to live in Ireland are often hidden, so make sure you research well before moving. From the best places to live in Ireland for families to the best places to live in Ireland for retirees, we’re here to guide you to this magical country. Maybe you’ll find your pot of gold in this article!

Want to know more? Keep reading to learn the best places to live in Ireland in 2022.


Salthill, County Galway

Ireland offers many different landscapes for people to explore, but it’s also a famous country to retire in. If you feel like slowing down, an escape to this small country might be for you.

One of the best places to live in Ireland for retirees is Salthill in County Galway. This town is a coastal area situated very close to the larger city of Galway, ideal for those who want a fusion of quiet and city life. The population here is approximately 20,000, but you’ll need to anticipate tourists in the warmer summer months. The beaches here are a local specialty, and Salthill also offers a two-kilometer-long promenade, oh-so relaxing!

Thanks to tourism, Salthill comes with a healthy number of restaurants, bars, and general amusement amenities, ideal for anyone enjoying retirement. Plus, the close proximity to Galway city center means you’ll always be able to visit shopping malls and theaters.

The weather in County Galway tends to be cooler than in other European areas, but you still see the sunshine in the summer months. Expect rain and clouds throughout the winter and early spring. Salthill is close to Galway Airport, so you have suitable transport links if you need a quick summer vacation.

Salthill is well connected with Wi-Fi, and areas of Galway City even offer free Wi-Fi hotspots. So, if you’re looking to work from home, you can easily log in and earn here. The cost of living in this county is cheaper than in other Irish areas (e.g., Dublin), yet you still get the coastal atmosphere and city charm. Nice!


Killarney, County Kerry

There’s nothing like finding a forever home for your family.

If you’re looking for the best places to live in Ireland for families, Killarney should be at the top of your list. Though this is a smaller town, it comes with a fierce community spirit and lots of fun activities for the kids. With a national park, quaint streets, and a welcoming atmosphere, raising a family here is like no other.

Small town life doesn’t have to be boring! This County Kerry-based town offers traditional pubs, restaurants of all cuisines, and general shops to keep you busy. Plus, the atmosphere is even better in the summer months thanks to worldwide visitors. The closest airport is Kerry Airport, located in Farranfore. This is easy to reach, and planes fly to domestic and international locations.

Like other Irish cities, Killarney’s weather is cooler and sometimes damp. Don’t let this put you off, though! The sun comes out just in time for the summer months. County Kerry also boasts connected Wi-Fi from reputable providers (such as Vodafone, Eir, and Sky), allowing you to stay connected all year. Ideal for remote workers who want to embrace family life.

Though Ireland can be pretty expensive in some areas, Killarney and County Kerry, in general, are affordable areas. Much of the atmosphere and natural beauty here is still hidden from tourists, so settling here now will leave you living in a hidden gem. Great for young families looking to grow!


Dublin, County Dublin

Though it’s the country’s most well-known city and capital, we can’t leave Dublin off this list. Without a doubt, this city is one of the best places to live in Ireland.

Filled to the brim with culture, opportunities, and buzz, this city is ideal for anyone looking to experience true city life. You’ll find cuisines from around the world and a diverse population, but you can enjoy a traditional Guinness and Irish stew if you want to. Not only that, but Dublin is home to an impressive Zoo, Phoenix Park, and lots of bars and clubs too.

The easiest route to this capital city is via Dublin airport, a hub of domestic and international flights. Though the weather here sees a lot of showers, you can still expect sunny days in spring and summer. Perfect for any family and friends coming to visit you!

Since Dublin is the city’s major business hub, you can expect fast Wi-Fi. One of the largest providers in this region is Virgin Media, but you can also opt for Sky or Vodafone. This is ideal for remote workers, but there are many opportunities to work in the city.

Dublin is one of the best places to live in Ireland, but this ultimately comes with a cost. The cost of living in this city can be compared to other capitals, such as London. So, make a note of this before you pack your bags!


The Bottom Line

Ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the homeland? If you’re looking to move abroad, thoroughly research before booking your flight. There are many unique towns in this country, but the best places to live in Ireland will always depend on your lifestyle. Bain taitneamh as – enjoy!


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