Best Places To Live In Idaho

Best Places To Live In Idaho

The top 7 places to live in Idaho

Looking to up and move your life into an outdoor adventure? Whether you are a lonesome digital nomad or you’re looking to up and move your family, Idaho holds unlimited outdoor activities, top-notch education facilities, steady job opportunities, and luscious green beauty.

Since the rise of the work-from-home lifestyle more and more Americans have expanded their living opportunities. Many people for decades in the workforce were “forced” to confide in one space, and now organizations have leaned up on the reigns. Why not live in the rolling green hills of Moscow or lakeside in Coeur d’Alene instead of the concrete cities you have been confined to?

Idaho is nothing less than stunning and extremely underrated when it comes to states to relocate. We have done all the hard work for you and found the top 7 places to live throughout Idaho. Including median household income, average 2 bedroom rental prices, and walkability throughout the featured cities! So read on to see what your next best fit is.



The rural, yet the energetic city of Idaho! Boise is the state capital, known for its sleepy yet ample career opportunities and entertainment. Overall, one of the most slept-on cities in America.

With a population of around 230,000 and steadily growing, Boise has been attracting a diverse crowd from young professionals to families unrooting their comfortable lives to start a new life in a more affordable and opportunistic area.

For many reasons, Boise is described as a hidden gem. It doesn’t have a big city vibe, but still keeps the locals and new residents busy through the weeks.

Average household income: $63,000

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,500

Walkability: 8/10


Garden City

Located just on the outskirts of Boise in Garden City. A commuters paradise looking to find even cheaper living opportunities, but still want to be close enough to city life have found themselves heading to Garden City. With median rent prices ranging anywhere from $800- $2,000 why not try something in the country for a while?

Although Garden City is a much more rural area and family-oriented destination, just a quick drive into the city can relieve you of at-home meals and lonely nights with the television.

The parents of the community are living in the luxury of sending their children to top-notch schools. With 35 public schools in the vicinity, there are endless ranges of options.

Average household income: $55,500

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,500

Walkability: 5/10


Idaho Falls

Originally a small farming town, Idaho Falls has blossomed into a new and extremely modern town for job opportunities. This small town residing next to Snake River has been taken over by nuclear technology and spearheading businesses.

Not only is it an up-and-coming destination, but drop-dead gorgeous. Surrounded by water and forestry Idaho Falls offers a natural environment you never have to leave. The local lake, Blacktail Lake offers fishing and water skiing. Activities are fun for people of all ages.

Average household income: $68,000

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,500

Walkability: 6/10


Coeur d’Alene

The destination every family is searching for. From top-rated schools in the state of Idaho to outdoor endless activities to keep the little ones busy. Hit the lake for the day with the kiddos and enjoy sunny days almost year-round in this beautiful town.

Coeur d’Alene has been sought out for decades and has been nothing but homey to every resident who has stepped foot in it. Along with a very popular destination for cuisine. From highly ranked steakhouses to fun local pubs. Making Coeur d’Alene one of the best places to live in Idaho.

Average household income: $51,000

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,200

Walkability: 4/10



Standing in a strong second next to Boise in being one of the most popular places for young people to live. Moscow is currently on the rise in real estate development due to high growth, bringing in new business opportunities and a spike of younger people just graduating from the local college to plant roots in Moscow.

Although there is an influx of growth, the rent has stayed pretty reasonable in the popular areas keeping the ability to stay in this area extremely stable for residents.

Average household income: $43,000

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,000

Walkability: 7/10



Another family-friendly location, Meridian has many positive outlets for families to find the best fit. From top education facilities to strong community roots, it is an amazing place to raise children.

With many people referring to Meridian as Boise’s little sister there are many similarities but one thing stands out within Meridian. Although both places create equal career opportunities, Meridian has a much more quiet and homey vibe to it in comparison to Boise.

Keep in mind Meridian has some pretty harsh winters, so scoop up a nice big winter coat!

Average household income: $85,000

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,600

Walkability: 3/10



Just lying on the border of Washington state, Post falls has quite the diversity between the two states. From residents commuting to Spokane for work, this destination is perfect for people looking to escape living in the big city while still reaping the benefits of the fun nightlife and top-rated cuisine.

Just a stone’s throw from Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls offers its natural beauty and serenity to all that decide to plant their feet here.

Although it is close to city cuisine, you won’t even need to leave the vicinity for amazing food. Just a quick walk down the road and you’ll find anything to fit your appetite!

Average household income: $67,000

Average 2-bedroom rent: $1,200

Walkability: 2/10


Living In Idaho Wrapped Up

Reap the benefits of the beautiful cities throughout Idaho. Whether you’re looking to hermit in a gorgeous side apartment or dive straight into the city life you‘ll have a plethora of options. Don’t sleep on Idaho when you’re looking for something new and exciting to experience in your life!


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