Best Places to Live in France

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Best Places to live in France.

Bonjour! Home to world famous cuisine and romances, France has been a destination for expats for decades. With France’s wide range of entertainment, stunning weather, and decadent food cuisine you will never be bored in the rolling green hills of Luberon or the exquisite summer beach days in Marseille. Whether you decide to uproot your family across seas or spend a few indulging years abroad, France should be top of your list.

It is no wonder why expats have flooded into this specific country. The rich diversity alone brings people from every corner of the planet. But, let’s not leave out the importance of scenic countryside, affordable living, and adaptable living for newcomers. Integrating into a new lifestyle can be difficult for some, but not impossible. If you are willing to do the research and learn the basics of their language the adaptation is simple!

Throughout this article, we will give you the best place in France to live. Whether countryside or beachside, you’ll find your perfect match. We have laid out a 1-10 scale of categories throughout each destination as well.

1 being the lowest or not accessible, and 10 being the most accessible to your needs.


We all know the name, and we all know the tower. Paris, known to be the most romantic city in the world, does not bode us with regret. From dashing fashion, lively cobblestone streets, fabulous job opportunities, and convenient public transportation. Paris will give you nothing but an experience that will last you a lifetime.

The work-life balance in Paris is unbeatable, they cap their work week at 35 hours a week so the Parisians value their extended lunch breaks and an extra cup of coffee with coworkers. People value their lifestyles in this area, so it is important to enjoy your daily life. Making Paris one of the best places to live in France.

Walkability: 9/10

Entertainment: 9/10

Cost of living: 6/10

Public Transit: 8/10

Shopping & Restaurants: 10/10


In 2016, Lyon was named Europe’s leading city at the World Travel Awards, and for good reason. The historical hub carries hundreds of years of documented past, bringing a multicultural presence to the area.

Location, location, location. Just two hours south of Paris, Lyon lies on France’s Mediterranean coast just a quick drive to the beaches and the French Alps juggling the best of both worlds. If you are the adventurous type and looking for a location to jump into the snow or the salt water, Lyon is your place.

Walkability: 8/10

Entertainment: 7/10

Cost of living: 7/10

Public Transit: 5/10

Shopping & Restaurants: 8/10


A perfect blend of classic French culture and incoming modern trends. Toulouse currently has the greatest economic growth, making it one of the best places for young professionals to start their new lives.

This lively and vibrant city lies just access to many coastal cities as well as fairy rides not too far from popular hiking destinations in the Pyrenees Mountains. There are a plethora of fine art museums and French cafes to keep you busy on your slow days and just enough nightlife to keep you excited.

Over Toulouse is perfect for the person looking for the in-between. Too bored with the countryside, yet too overwhelmed with the impacted cities such as Paris.

Walkability: 7/10

Entertainment: 7/10

Cost of living: 8/10

Public Transit: 6/10

Shopping & Restaurants: 8/10


Looking to enjoy France’s most eclectic artists while basking in the summer sun? Welcome to Marseille, France’s sunniest city. Marseille sits on a coastal paradise basking in years and years of sophistication, making it one of France’s largest cultural melting pots and home to some of the most creative and entrepreneurial types.

Marseille is one of the largest cities smack off the Mediterranean shores. Being recognized as one of the most charming places to live in throughout the country. Throughout the past few years, this region has become one of the most popular destinations for long-term travelers. The city adopted quite rapidly to the worldwide work from homers looking for something new and exciting to dip their toes in. So why not in the South of France in the city with the best weather?

Just a topping on this cake, Marseille is the cheapest region to live in between Paris, Nice, and Lyon. A 1 bedroom in the city ranges between 600- 700 USD, while a 1 bedroom in Paris ranges anywhere from 1,300 to 1,700 USD. A huge difference!

Walkability: 6/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Cost of living: 10/10

Public Transit: 7/10

Shopping & Restaurants: 9/10


Apart from the others listed in this article, Luberon is a quaint and quiet little town hidden in the green hills of the central province of Southern France. If you are a traveler looking to get away from the bustling noise and overcrowded populations of the big cities, Luberon is your next big move.

If the historic Gothic architecture isn’t enough to catch your eye, the surrounding vineyards and phenomenal cuisine are a sure fit to suit your needs. This little village is popular with an older crowd, specifically expats looking for something slow and comfortable to spend the rest of their lives in. Although it is a perfect place for all ages to explore, Luberon is one of the best places for expats to live.

Walkability: 10/10

Entertainment: 6/10

Cost of living: 8/10

Public Transit: 2/10

Shopping & Restaurants: 8/10

France Overall,

What are you dreaming of? France has your perfect medium. Endless options for expats to enjoy and feel most comfortable. From the sparkling lights in the city of Paris to the fantastic wine and countryside of Luberon. The youthful culture and the retirees can find the best places to fit their specific mold throughout this beautiful country. Don’t wait any longer, hop on the plane and head to your new fabulous destination!


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