Best Places To Live In Europe

Best Places To Live In Europe

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to live in Europe!

Within Europe lies centuries of eclectic history, decadent cuisines, and views that will leave you breathless. Tons of destinations throughout Europe have been well-sought after for decades and that train isn’t stopping anytime soon!

Europe has a unique taste for every person looking to up and move their life across the seas. Whether you’re looking for the silence in the rolling green hills of Scotland or the underground music scene that never sleeps in Berlin. There are plenty of destinations that will fit your most ideal setup.

With the hundreds of overwhelming cities throughout this region of the world, how do you even dwindle it down to choose the right place?! Don’t worry we’ve got it covered. We have broken down and done all the annoying research so you don’t have to! Here are the 10 best places to live in Europe:

Barcelona, Spain

Home to the tapas we all adore and stuff our faces with! Barcelona will have you moving through the streets with an extra pep in your step. This lively and eclectic city is home to many American expats who have found comfort and happiness in Barcelona’s deep history. Making it one of the best places in Europe for expats to live.

Lying on the east coast of Spain, just along the Mediterranean, Barcelona is one of the only major cities in Europe that allows travelers access to a beach. Not only does this beautiful city attract beach goers, but foodies of all ages. Barcelona’s cuisine is one of their main attractions for visitors, as their decadent food choices never disappoint!

Lisbon, Portugal

Since the uprising of COVID in 2020, many digital nomads started to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and heading to different European cities, Lisbon being one of the most popular.

Portugal became attractive to nomads because of the easy access to visas and other benefits, such as taxes, sunny weather, and cheap living. If you want to dive into this city you will have trustworthy internet, a network of people in the same boat as you, and new and exciting cultures to immerse in.

With excellent nightlife, top-notch safety, and stunning views Lisbon is one of the best places in Europe to live!

Prague, Czech Republic

Without a doubt, you have heard how amazing this destination is. From colorful and historic architecture to the extremely friendly locals throughout this city. Prague is one of the most sought destinations in the Czech Republic.

Prague is known to be popular with a younger crowd. Bringing in young professionals and digital nomads from around the world. It is a well-developed and growing city, making it easy to get around on foot or public transportation, as well as to adapt and get comfortable building a life here.

Berlin, Germany

The godfather of the underground music scene. Berlin is a funky and super outgoing city. Home to beautiful scenic views and a killer music vibe. Germany has been an expat destination for many years now, but Berlin has been bringing in more and more digital nomads than most other popular European destinations.

Why? Because of the low cost of living, safety, and the vibrant people this city has to offer. Along with the easy access to employment visas if you have skills that are in high demand there.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Named the happiest place to live on Earth back in 2017, Copenhagen has been home to the most joyous people to date, making it one of the best places to live in Europe.

Although Copenhagen does have a reputation for being on the expensive side, it is home to rich culture, well-renowned medical and education systems, and literally the kindest people on the planet. The perfect place to uproot your family and give your children the best opportunity in a new country!

Stockholm, Sweden

This cozy city is chock-full of reasons ex-pats move here. Stockholm is a wealthy, extremely clean, and well-educated area.

Well known for their top-notch education systems, students and young professionals flock to this specific area. There are amazing career opportunities, along with first-class schooling that meets the needs of all ages. Meaning young professionals aren’t the only ones who find value in Stockholm but families as well!

Something to keep in mind, Sweden does see dark days about half the year due to the location. But, the rest of the year you will bask in the sunniest of days!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Kick back and enjoy an ice-cold beer at the local pub in Edinburgh if you feel like making friends in just a few hours. Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh holds a ton of history and scenery that will keep your eyes glued to the local surroundings.

Being one of the largest cities in Scotland, this specific destination has extremely low crime rates, high education systems, low cost of living, and tons of recreational activities. The perfect blend of adventures to stimulate people of all ages!

Vienna, Austria

A quieter one of the bunch throughout this article. The stunning mountain ranges of Vienna will make you feel as though you’re falling in love.

Many remote workers have found themselves settling in Vienna for many reasons. Such as the low cost of living, quiet and stunning surroundings, extremely low crime rates, and cheap food. Overall, making it a quick and adaptable area for young people that don’t make tons of money and still have a driving passion to travel the world.

Brussels, Belgium

Weighing in with heaps of historic landmarks and monuments, Brussels will make you feel as if you are still living through its evolution! This fun and colorful city is home to the European Parliament, giving it strong roots from the residents.

With the powerful local government comes extremely motivated people from every corner of the world. Making this specific location home to many young professionals looking to make a difference in the world.

Apart from politics, when the sun goes down Brussels is known for its superior restaurant scene and vivid nightlife.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Giving a feel of a small multicultural village, Amsterdam is a massive hub for remote travelers and ex-pats. Because of the massive amounts of travelers coming through, this specific city has been highly adapted to an English environment. Making Amsterdam one of the best places in Europe for English speakers to live. There is nothing more comforting as a traveler than coming to a beautiful city where people can help you communicate your needs.

Amsterdam has an assortment of outdoor activities to keep you moving. Such as biking around the city, taking a stroll through the many local parks, or maybe art hopping all of the local galleries.

Europe overall,

With all the highly sought-after countries throughout Europe, it can be a pain to search for something that is specific to you, your family, or your partner’s needs. Hopefully, this guide has driven you to find the next place you will call home in Europe!


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