Best Places To Live In Delaware

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Best Places to Live in Delaware.

Perfectly planted next to some of the most highly desired states in America, Delaware sneaks in and is a secret hideaway for affordable living, beachside paradises, and outdoor activities for people of all ages. While still being able to enjoy the perks of a close getaway to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

Delaware has become an extremely sought state since the rise of remote work. Many people left the expensive lifestyle costs of New York City and Philadelphia and headed a bit down south to enjoy the country life. Whether bringing families or young professionals looking to start a new life, Delaware is on the rise.

With reasonable housing prices and lifestyle expenses, this state is the perfect area for first-time home buyers and young families looking for an amazing place to raise children. Throughout this article, we have broken down the 6 best cities to live in Delaware. Keep reading to find your new home!


Rehoboth Beach

Calling all beach community lovers! This quaint little town is a highly sought-after location in Delaware for its steady warm weather (for the East coast), top-rated schooling institutions, and close distances to huge cities to run away for the weekend.

Rehoboth is one of the last standing small beach towns that creates a homey environment, with the majority of the town still occupied by small businesses and mom-and-pop restaurants.

With the influx of new residents, housing prices are now some of the highest in the state, with median houses being $800,000. So, buckling down permanently in this area will take a pretty penny, but if you want to enjoy Rehoboth temporarily, rent prices are still quite doable. Rent prices for a 1-bedroom range from $1,100 to $1,500.



A rising star in Delaware. Greenville lies just on the outskirts of Philadelphia, claiming a bit of territory as a suburb in Philly but most definitely in the state of Delaware. So, that alone is saying it is something special.

Greenville has been growing in popularity with millennials throughout the past few years and has no intention of pulling back on growth and development. With millennials starting to settle into their work-from-home jobs and beginning to buy their first properties Greenville has the most up-and-coming town in Delaware, so get in while you can! Though this 2,400-person town might seem like it doesn’t have a ton to offer, the locals would beg to differ which is why they never leave. Hiking housing prices up to the high $600,000’s for an average 5 bedroom home. When in the grand scheme of things it isn’t too shabby for the area, what you get, and the location! Wouldn’t you rather pay for a 5-bedroom, 4-bath, with some green acreage, instead of a 2-bedroom condo with no yard in California?!


North Star

By far the top-rated and best place to live in Delaware is North Star. The extreme diversity in this city has brought in eclectic people from around the nation. With Philadelphia, just a hop, skip, and a jump away you have a vibrant nightlife, top-notch restaurants, and entertainment just an hour outside of North Star. Making North Star one of the best places to live in Delaware!

The close vicinity of such a large city makes this small town the perfect nestled area to grab a great job without having to dive straight into city life.

North Star has always been a popular commuter’s destination to and from Philly, but since the pandemic population has climbed quite a bit. So keep in mind through peak hours traffic is prevalent but nowhere like the city!


Pike Creek Valley

Ranking in a close second to North Star, Pike Creek is a very popular destination for families and first-time home buyers to relocate. Housing prices are some of the lowest in the state, averaging around $350,000 making it extremely attractive to raise a family just an hour outside of the city.

Surrounded by extensive greenery you will wake up to fresh air and serene atmospheres every day. Pike Creek’s public schools are highly ranked throughout the country and residents rave about the low crime rates.

With White Clay Creek State Park and Middle Run Valley within the vicinity, you can stay active and keep connected with nature neighboring the entire town!



Location, Location, Location! Smack right on the Delaware Bay, Lewes brings new residents from all over the East Coast. Who wouldn’t want to plant roots by a beautiful blue bay on the coast?

Talk about a small-town vibe, you can walk the entire town in an hour. So, if your ideal location is a tight-knit community, outdoor water activities, and lush green plains this is your new home.

With Lewes being on the smaller side, comes a lack of restaurants and shopping. Luckily Lewes is just an under an hour’s drive into Philadelphia so you get the best of both worlds!



Welcome to your new haven. With some of the lowest housing costs in the state, Bellefonte has attracted relocators looking to save a pretty penny. But, just because this area falls on the cheaper side doesn’t mean you sacrifice safety, higher education, or things for you to enjoy along the way.

These tucked-away paradises are attracting more and more settlers throughout the years. People are starting to realize they don’t need to live in fast-paced areas to enjoy their lives! Bellefonte hosts an annual art festival every year and holds community gatherings almost every month so you can always keep yourself or the young ones busy.

If you young digital nomads are looking to buy cheap property, while enjoying some much-needed serenity this is your new spot!



Although Delaware doesn’t ring people’s bells when they think of relocating, it is an underrated digital nomad haven and family-friendly state. With endless outdoor activities, job opportunities, and top-notch education systems. Head on over to Delaware for your next adventure!


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