Best Places to Live in Dallas

Best Places to Live in Dallas

Best places to live in Dallas Texas.

Looking for a new home in The Lone Star State? Forget the southern cities! It’s all about Dallas, a modern city in the north Texas area. With a population of 1.339 million and a strong cultural and commercial scene, this metropolitan area is exciting and friendly.

But where are the best places to live in Dallas? Since Dallas spans 999.5 square km, residents have a lot of choices when house hunting. Do you want to be in the thick of the city? Or would you prefer a quiet suburb? If you’re unsure, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

We’ve created a list of the best places to live in Dallas, Texas, to help you decide on your new home. From things to do to Wi-Fi connectivity, we’ve got all you need to know. Enjoy!

Lake Highlands

Located northeast of Dallas, Lake Highlands is a popular spot for young couples and families. This neighborhood offers a range of schools, jobs, and general amenities to help you thrive. Many residents here commute in and out of the city, achieving the best of both worlds.

A key reason Lake Highlands is one of the best places in Dallas to live is the neighborhood’s proximity to White Rock Lake. With abundant trails and open spaces, residents here often enjoy the great outdoors. This brings a small-town vibe to this city neighborhood.

Alongside great natural activities, Lake Highlands also boasts a thriving food and bar scene. If you want to grab a post-work bite, there are numerous different cuisines to try. Popular eats include seafood, Mexican food, and classic American-style restaurants.

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the closest airport to Lake Highlands. However, many residents work in the city thanks to the corporate culture and multiple job opportunities. Lake Highlands is well-connected with Wi-Fi, ideal for those looking to work from home. Popular internet providers include Verizon, BeeConnected Now, and Vergent Communications.

The weather in Dallas is hot and humid in the summer, yet winters do get cold and windy. Residents experience cloud coverage year-round, so make sure you pack a varied wardrobe to deal with different climates.

Lake Highlands is a leafy area with signature pecan and oak trees, providing a peaceful suburban feel. But one of the main reasons families flock to this area is its affordability. Unlike other northern Dallas suburbs, Lake Highlands is cheaper, with more room to expand.

Lake Highlands is ideal for families and young couples looking to settle down in a modern suburb.


One of the best places to live in Dallas tx, Lakewood is located near Downtown Dallas and just west of the popular White Rock Lake. This prime spot in the city keeps residents connected to the metropolitan area and nature.

When you visit Lakewood, you’ll be met by luxury homes and Tudor-style houses, providing an attractive neighborhood style. Since this neighborhood sprawls onto White Rock Lake, you’ll also be surrounded by classic boat houses and waterfront restaurants. Other popular aspects of this neighborhood include the 1930s Lakewood Theater, the botanical gardens, and the numerous biking trails.

Like other Dallas neighborhoods, this area boasts a range of contemporary bars and restaurants. From taco shops to Thai restaurants, the food here is diverse and plentiful. A popular spot for relaxing is the Lakewood Country Club and its 18-hole golf course.

Lakewood is well-connected to Wi-Fi, and the top providers include BeeConnected Now, Spectrum, and Vergent Communications. While there are many job opportunities in the neighborhood, many residents commute in and out of the city for work. The nearest airport is the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Alongside amenities, Lakewood provides top schools, including an award-winning elementary school. If educational opportunities are essential to you, consider Lakewood in your home search.

The cost of living in Lakewood is above the national average and the city of Dallas, so living here does come with a hefty price tag. However, due to the neighborhood’s safety and quality of life, this is still a location to consider.

For a luxury suburban life, consider Lakewood.

University Park

Another one of the best places to live in Dallas area is University Park. As its name suggests, this is a college town. However, it’s not only students who live here! This modern area is shared by university attendees and local families too.

The population of this neighborhood is approximately 23,000, and residents are situated very close to the Downtown Dallas metro area. If you want to enjoy leafy green suburbs during the day and exciting city streets at night, University Park offers both.

One of the critical elements of this location is the Southern Methodist University, founded in 1915. With historic campus buildings and frequent events, living close to this academic institution is appealing to many. University Park also offers a public school system from kindergarten to high school, allowing locals to gain a high-quality education.

Like other areas of Dallas, University Park experiences humid, hot summers and colder winter periods. The winters are also quite windy, so pack warmer clothing!

The cost of living in University Park mirrors its connection to Dallas and its premium education. Living here is above the national average, but when you consider the historical homes, quality of life, and safety, the experience is worth the price.

University Park is a must-see for anyone interested in higher education and a safe suburban feel.

Final Thoughts

The best places to live in Dallas all offer a very high standard of living. From university towns to family neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone in this metropolitan area. Will you be considering Dallas on your potential home list?


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