Best Places to Live in Colorado

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Do you wish to live closer to the mountains? Or have a healthy lifestyle with heaps of outdoor activities?

Then Colorado is the place to be.

The five major mountain ranges in Colorado are a major attraction and make the landscape insanely beautiful. The state has seen growth in the employment rate and it has an expanding job market. The school system is excellent; in fact, Colorado ranks as the fifth most educated state. The best thing about Colorado is that the people are friendly and welcoming. Moving to this state will have you feeling right at home in no time.

Let’s look at the best places to live in CO:


A place where you get both nature and city perks? Sign us up already!

Denver has been a recurrent name among the best places to live in Colorado. A vast number of people are attracted by the natural beauty of Denver.

The Mile High City is set against the backdrop of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. With more than 200 peaks and 100 miles of scenic vistas, the landscape is astounding. There are a lot of mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing activities that both locals and tourists enjoy. If you’re not that into mountains (highly unlikely!) Denver also offers a fair share of water sports. You can go rafting on the South Platte River. There’s still more; hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving, and ziplining.

That’s not all. Denver has public parks, museums, remarkable restaurants, great local shopping stores, and (more than 100) breweries. The food scene is incredible, and you can get just about anything from your favorite comfort foods to exotic cuisines.

If it counts, marijuana is legalized in Denver. People over 21 who use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes can consume it legally.

Denver is home to Universities such as the University of Colorado and offers high-quality education. As Denver progresses, especially in science, technology, maths, and engineering it has seen an influx of newcomers. Finding affordable housing has become tricky. However, despite high house prices, the cost of living in Denver is generally lower than in other cities.

Denver is a good spot to work remotely. There are plenty of remote-work-friendly coffee houses that offer free wifi to the customers, such as the Dirt Coffee Bar. Coworking spaces like Shift Workspace and Creative Density Working also have a cozy working space.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins often gets overlooked because of its sister mountain towns. However, Colorado’s hidden gem has been ranking high on livability indexes.

From being the craft beer capital to having an excellent education system, many things make Fort Collins one of the best places in colorado to live.

The median house prices may rise as more people move into the city. However, the cost of living is equivalent to the national average for groceries and such. But it is lower than the national number for other utilities. Residents have some of the lowest property taxes in the country.

The education system is excellent, making Fort Collins the ideal place for families. There are elementary, middle, and high schools with experienced faculty. The outdoors are fun too, and there is something for everyone; open spaces, parks, hiking, biking trails, water sports, you name it. Moreover, there are museums, art labs, and many craft breweries.

Nightlife in Fort Collins is exuberant. Being a college town, it has lots to do. Live entertainment, dining, an art culture, bars, coffee shops, boutique shops, and seasonal events like summer concerts.

Fort Collins is a suitable city for remote workers. It ranked fifth on Livability’s list of Top 10 Remote-Ready Cities in the US. The top internet provider is Xfinity which provides 1000 Mbps of downloading speed. Places like the Poudre River Public Library offer free internet to users. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution and Cohere are super useful for remote workers.


Grand Junction

The liveliness of this town makes it land among the best places to live in Colorado for young adults.

It is a safe town with a low crime rate. It is also safe atmosphere-wise and has the cleanest air quality in all of Colorado. The outdoor activities are plenty, and Grand Junction is the perfect spot for hiking. From beginners to pros, it has something for everyone. Either go for a leisurely walk while soaking in the spectacular views or test yourself with some challenging climbs.

The city has a thriving dining scene. There are many restaurants and cafes to explore. A popular event called Market on Main takes place each summer. There’s music, games, and lots of fresh produce to try. All through the year, there are festivals, events, and games such as the Junior College World Series (baseball), barbeque competitions, wine samplings, etc. Grand Junction has a history that dates back hundreds of years. You will get to see petroglyphs and pictographs at the Dinosaur National Monument.

There are coworking spaces such as Alt Space Station and JXN Station for remote workers. And the top providers of the internet in the city are Spectrum and CenturyLink with 100 Mbps and 940 Mbps of speed respectively.

In addition to the cities mentioned above, Boulder and Colorado Springs are star cities to live in. They are, in fact, on our list of the Best Cities to live in the US. Boulder is in north-central Colorado, while Colorado Springs is among the best places to live in southern colorado.

Wrap Up

With its mountains and unbridled access to nature, Colorado is one of the best states to move to. The cities are rich with lovely vistas and outdoor activities. The economy is diversified, with a heavy concentration on scientific and tech industries, so there are definite prospects for future growth. With that in mind, pick a city that suits you best, and make your move before it’s too late!


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