Best Places to Live in British Columbia

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Best Places to live in British Columbia

Welcome to British Columbia, home to impressive cities, defined mountain ranges, and the unique Pacific coastline. Whether you’re looking for an urban experience or a quiet outdoor lifestyle, this western province is here to show you a new world.

Also known as BC, this province is located in southwest Canada and borders Washington and Montana. Here you’ll find an abundance of ski resorts and picturesque glaciers, ideal for anyone with a taste for adventure.

The best places to live in British Columbia are a sight to behold, but which is best for you? Don’t start your moving journey without researching! We’re here to help you find your new home. Keep on reading to find out more.


One of the best places to live in British Columbia, and perhaps the whole of Canada, Vancouver is an attractive city with iconic views. If you’re drawn to the city’s bright lights and fast-paced life with lots of entertainment, consider this spot for your next base. With a population of 675,000, there’s always a new friend here.

Popular entertainment options in Vancouver include exploring Stanley Park, visiting Granville Island, and hiking Grouse Mountain. Though Vancouver is an urban city, it still has signature outdoor activities. Other popular pastimes include browsing the pacific arts market and the Richmond night market.

If you find yourself looking for good food in Vancouver, you won’t need to travel very far! Vancouver is a foodie’s heaven, with diverse cuisines and Canadian classics. Must-try options include sushi, maple syrup-infused treats, and candied salmon sticks. Alongside these hot options, there are many bars and nightlife spots to enjoy.

Since Vancouver is a large city, there are endless job opportunities and many corporate roles. However, many digital nomads also enjoy this city thanks to Wi-Fi from Xplornet and Vmedia. If you need to travel for business or pleasure, the closest airport is the Vancouver International Airport.

As you may expect, Vancouver does see low temperatures in the winter. The coldest month in this city is December, when temperatures reach lows of 36F. It’s not all cold, though! Vancouver’s cold season only lasts approximately four months, and the spring arrives after March.

Living in Vancouver offers a high quality of life, career opportunities, proximity to natural beauty, and endless weekend plans. However, this does come at a cost. Vancouver is one of the world’s top 3% of expensive cities. That being said, with a tight budget, this city is easy to enjoy.

For an exciting life and a kickstart to your career, explore Vancouver.


Another well-known Canadian city and one of the best places to live in BC, Victoria, is the province’s capital. However, this city comes with a much smaller population of 100,00 residents. Victoria should be on your list whether you want laidback city life or a family-friendly city.

Perks of living in Victoria include historic architecture, a modern waterfront area, and lots of hiking trails. Victoria is also known for beaches and golf courses, proving there’s always something to do. For family-friendly fun, explore the Royal BC Museum or Craigdarroch Castle.

Victoria’s cuisine centers on fresh seafood and comfort eats, thanks to the city’s seafront position. From wild pacific salmon to fish chowder, there’s always a new catch to enjoy. Other cuisines available here include Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and nearly all options you can think of! Very diverse and very tasty.

As Victoria is a city, there are many job opportunities in all industries. This is another popular city for remote workers, as the strong Wi-Fi from Xplornet and TravelWifi keep the locals connected. If you need to leave for a quick business trip or holiday, the closest airport is the Victoria International Airport, with frequent flights worldwide.

Unlike Vancouver, Victoria experiences a warmer, temperate climate. This area also receives less rain than Vancouver, making it a more pleasant place to live. Here you’ll experience mild winters and dry summers, ideal for anyone who doesn’t like extreme weather.

The cost of living in Victoria is cheaper than nearby Vancouver, but Victoria is still in the top 20% of cities worldwide. But, this is a very safe city with high-quality amenities, beautiful landscapes, and family-friendly activities.

Whether you want to settle or enjoy a relaxed city, Victoria is a spot to visit.


Another coastal spot, Nanaimo, is a BC city to consider. One of the best places to live in British Columbia, this city is larger than Victoria, with an approximate population of 160,000. Though this city isn’t a tourist hotspot, you’ll still find historical architecture and vast natural areas, making it a hidden gem.

Nanaimo is well-known for being the home of Vancouver Island University, making it popular with students and academics. Families also settle here, thanks to the abundance of schools, libraries, and community amenities.

Popular weekend activities include Pipers Lagoon Park, Nanaimo Museum, and Colliery Dam Park. This city boasts an extensive range of restaurants and bars, with notable picks being Japanese food and Mexican cuisines.

This city offers many job opportunities in resource-based industries, such as mining or forestry. But, you don’t need to be in these fields to thrive. Thanks to Xplornet and MapleWifi, remote workers and freelancers can also stay connected. If you need to take a quick trip, Nanaimo Airport is only 7 miles away.

If you’re looking for an affordable city in British Columbia, consider Nanaimo. This city offers an affordable lifestyle, yet you can still enjoy Canada’s outdoor lifestyle, great amenities, and beautiful landscapes.

For excellent education, industry opportunities, and a Canadian feel, try Nanaimo.

The Bottom Line

The best places to live in BC are centered around the region’s gorgeous Pacific coastline. From buzzing Vancouver to quiet Victoria, each location offers a unique charm. Which will you choose for your new home?


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