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Time and again Austin has ranked as the best city to live in the US. The capital of Texas has seen growth, and a strong job market because of the development of the tech industry within the city.

Known as the “live music capital of the world” Austin has great music, great shows, a vibrant nightlife, and one of the best dining scenes in the state.

Naturally, it has become one of the most desirable cities to live in America. It has also been named as one of the best cities for remote workers because of its good internet supply, public wifis, coworking spaces, and affordable living.

Let’s look at the best places to live in Austin:


Resting a few minutes from downtown, Allandale is perfect for those who prefer a more peaceful lifestyle. And it is quite perfect for families.

It is a residential neighborhood with restaurants, parks, grocery shops, and bars. The schools in the area are good and residents enjoy a pleasant lifestyle. The community is close-knit and housing options range from one and two-bedroom ranch to modern-style homes.

Allandale is a short drive from the spirited Downtown area, so where you can enjoy the peace of this place, the fun is just a few minutes away.

Old Enfield

Another family-friendly neighborhood with a population of over 2,700, Old Enfield is next on our list of the best places to live in Austin, Texas.

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods with a good number of amenities, so getting a place here may be slightly difficult. Old Enfield is where most of the distinguished set of families live. It has sophisticated homes and well-resourced parks.

Located near the University of Texas and the Downtown, this area has quick access to both, another reason why it is so desirable. A good portion of people who live here is educated with master’s and bachelor’s degrees, including university faculty.

Cedar Park

With a population of 77,000, Cedar Park is a major suburb of Austin. It is characterized by tree-lined streets and charming neighborhoods.

Cedar Park is a good place to live- the air is clean, and there is little to no pollution (so much that you can see the stars at night!) It has an abundance of green spaces and is a very safe neighborhood.

There is also a good number of shopping and dining options. Because of all this, Cedar Park has been a recurrent name on the Best Towns for Families.

A major attraction for people in Cedar Park is its proximity to Austin’s big names such as Dell, National Instruments, and Apple, making it a good place to live for professionals. Access to both Austin and Hill Country has made Cedar Park an advantageous place to settle.


If you want to live close to everything, this vibrant city center is your answer. It is one of the best places to live in Austin TX. It has various entertainment options, a thriving dining scene, a burgeoning business sector, sophisticated residential options, and plenty of outdoors.

Living in Downtown Austin, you will be treated to stunning views of the Colorado River. The housing options range from high-rise lofts to condos and the majority of them have their own parking spaces.

There are many highly rated private and public schools in the area. For those working remotely, there are coworking spaces such as the Industrious 5th, WeWork Office Space, Bond Collective, Firmspace, and others.

Hyde Park

First established as the home to a horse-race track, Hyde Park was subsequently developed into an affordable option for the middle class in the 1900s. It is now one of the most thickly populated areas in Austin.

Many of the buildings in Hyde Park date back to the 1800s, so there is a lot of 19th-century architecture in the area. New buildings in different styles have been constructed since, making the area an eclectic patchwork of houses.

Lots of cafes and coffee shops, frequented by university students, are packed into the area. There are parks and creeks to explore. The Shipe Neighborhood Park has a tennis court, a playground, and two basketball courts.


This area of Austin has a close-knit community. The location of this town is super convenient, as it is close to Downtown Austin, the University of Texas, and South Austin.

The schools in this district are excellent, making Cherrywood perfect for young families. For those of you working remotely, you can find coworking spaces nearby such as Createscape Coworking.

There are plenty of green spaces in the area, such as Mueller Lake Park, Southwest Greenway, and Patterson Park. Cherrywood also has an impressive variety of nightlife, from saloons and craft breweries to cocktail bars and lounges, and live music.

The population of Cherrywood is diversified; you will find students, retirees, artists, and professionals here. Yet the heterogeneous mix of individuals fits together like jigsaw puzzles rather than be in each other’s way.

Barton Hills

If you are a nature nut, you will simply fall in love with Barton Hills. It offers the perfect combination of the nature of Hill Country and the city amenities of Austin.

There are many nature sites such as botanical gardens, and lush parks – the Zilker Park, Barton Creek Greenbelt, and Barton Springs – where you can soak in nature or go for some adventures.

Some of the most highly rated schools are located in the Barton district. Along with that, it has delicious dining options and many places to shop. The streets are quiet and the atmosphere of the place is friendly and welcoming.

Wrapping it Up

Austin is a city that has good weather all year round, a good property market, and an extensive system of public transport. The city offers many amenities to its citizens and yet remains affordable, it comes as no surprise that Austin is one of the most desired places to live in the USA.


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