Best Places To Live In Atlanta

Best Places To Live In Atlanta

With old history spilling through Georgia for decades, the scene has followed. Georgia in general has taken pride in maintaining its cultural roots, Atlanta being one of the liveliest places to live in the south.

Atlanta slowly but surely has had its influx of gentrification and many of the neighborhoods have seen a lot of change throughout the years. All this change has been followed by flourishing corporations, healthcare establishments, and revolutionized healthcare systems. Through all this transformation, Atlanta stays the upbeat and eccentric area it has always been.

The question isn’t whether you want to relocate to Atlanta, it’s what are the best places to live in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are the top-rated neighborhoods as of 2022!


Piedmont Heights

The perfect mixture of classic colonial architecture and up-and-coming contemporary housing, Piedmont Heights will give you the option to dive into traditional vintage or exciting modern housing for you, or your family.

This underappreciated neighborhood is smack in the middle of everything the city offers, while simultaneously giving you the serenity you most desire. Grab the kids and the family pup and take a stroll through Piedmont Park heading straight for the popular Ponce City Market.

Although Atlanta has a bad reputation for safety, this neighborhood is one of the safer areas. While your kids might be able to be unsupervised playing in the front yard, it’s smart to keep an eye on things in more public areas. This will go for most areas throughout the city.

East Atlanta Village

An area that has seen the most change, East Atlanta Village is a new promising location for young people and families. While dedicated locals are used to the gritty and vintage nature this neighborhood used to have, they are now forced to get used to the new flashy townhomes.

Although this used to be one of the cheapest districts, the gentrification has brought the average house in the area up to $500,000, but it is still very possible to buy a fixer-upper in the area for $300,000.

One of the reasons this specific area has seen so much modification is the centralized locations of many famous bars and restaurants just walking distance from your front door. Not to mention the live music the streets see daily!


Welcome to the hippest region of Atlanta, Buckhead is known for high-end shopping, upscale dining experiences, and vibrant nightlife.

Buckhead is bringing in more of a young crowd, people who have dove into the local technology community and want to be in the new and modern area of Atlanta. This area is a pretty penny to start a new life in. So, if you have the extra cash lying around an average studio in this area ranges from $1,600 to $1,800.

Aside from shopping at Hermes and Jimmy Choo, people are willing to pay big bucks for the location and beautiful scenic views in the area. Just a stone’s throw from Charlie Loudermilk Park, local residents can enjoy a peaceful walk or hang out in the park.


Throw Summerhill into one of the most popular and up-and-coming hotspots in Atlanta! With nearly 1,000 new residential homes being built in this neighborhood, it is being taken over by luxury apartments, condos, and gorgeous family homes.

Transportation around Atlanta is overall pretty top-notch, but this district is seeing a new and exciting first. A rapid bus transportation system that will give you quick access from Downtown, through Summerhill, and landing on the Beltline Southside Trail.

Summerhill will see the most movement economically and physically through the years to come.

Peachtree Heights

Every Georgian’s storybook dream, Peachtree Heights is a highly sought location in Atlanta simply for maintaining its classic and antique vibe. A stroll through this neighborhood makes you feel as though you’re walking through the early 1900s.

With beautiful scenery, safety, walkable shops, and restaurants come to a higher price tag. An average 1-bedroom in this area is around $2,000 a month, but worth every penny.

Don’t miss out on top-rated local restaurants such as BeiRut, Borgo Italia, and the classic Atlanta eats of Crosstown Grille and Alehouse. The comfortable atmosphere makes Peachtree Heights one of the best places to live in Atlanta!

Old Fourth Ward

Just south of Midtown, the exploding area of Old Fourth Ward is seeing more new residents and travelers than ever before. Many people are extraditing their old ways for newer and exciting areas in Atlanta. Residents enjoy the close proximity to many of the local pubs, restaurants, and the Atlanta Beltline.

This specific area back in the 50s and 60s was a huge hub for the Civil Rights movement, bringing people from all over Georgia to the Old Fourth Ward. Where to this day holds strong cultural roots and is the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. A tourist attraction that brings thousands of people each year.

Old Fourth Ward has brought many young professionals to the area for its affordable cost of living and young and vibrant recreational activities.


Although Atlanta doesn’t normally fall into people’s relocation plans, it most definitely should. Economically you will find new opportunities across the map, along with huge physical changes that bring you and your families the most adaptable environments.

It is not only a friendly environment for families but for young professionals looking to kickstart their careers. With the large-scale economic growth and corporations making the switch to Atlanta, name a better time and place to pack up your expensive and stagnant life in California and head over to this lively and multicultural city!

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