Best Places to Live in Arkansas

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Best places to live in Arkansas

Situated in the south of the US, Arkansas is a state you can’t miss. The Bear State boasts rugged mountains, wilderness regions, and the unique Ozarks. If you like to get out there and hike, this state is perfect for you.

But, Arkansas isn’t just impressive landscapes and terrains. With modern cities, historical tales, and rich culture, there’s something here for everyone. Plus, Arkansas boasts the only active diamond mine in the country – a fun fact for anyone considering a home here!

Are you interested in the best places to live in Arkansas? We’ve got all you need to know. Whether you’re starting your home search or just interested in the best areas of the state, keep reading to find out more.

Little Rock

We’re starting the list with Little Rock, the state’s capital city. One of the best places to live in Arkansas 2022, Little Rock, is the state’s center of business and culture. With an approximate population of 198,000, this city is busy but far quieter than the largest cities in the US. This is the city for you if you want a balance between a modern buzz and a small-town community.

But what are the top attractions and entertainment options in Little Rock? Residents of this city can enjoy living close to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park, a haven for nature lovers, hikers, and anyone that wants to enjoy a peaceful day away from the city. Inner-city options include the Rock Town Distillery, the Museum of Discovery, and the River Market District.

If you’re hungry after exploring all this city has to offer, try one of the city’s signature eats. These include trotters, biscuits and gravy, or spicy chickens and dumplings. Alongside traditional dishes, Little Rock has food options in nearly all cuisines.

As it’s the largest city in the state, Little Rock offers a variety of career opportunities. From corporate jobs to creative roles, all careers can thrive here. This city is also popular with remote workers as it’s well connected with Wi-Fi from AT&T and Xfinity. If you need to travel for business, the closest airport is the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, named after their most famous residents.

One of the key attractions of Little Rock is the city’s affordable cost of living. Here, you can enjoy living in a capital city while paying less than the US living average. Not only that but you’re surrounded by natural beauty and have access to great amenities.

Try the big city experience for less in Little Rock.


Are you looking for the best place to live in Arkansas for families? Note down Fayetteville. Not to be confused with Fayetteville, NC, this city is located in northwest Arkansas. This family-friendly city is home to the University of Arkansas and locals enjoy high-quality education and scenic views. The population here is approximately 86,000.

Popular activities in this city include exploring Fayetteville’s Downtown square and gardens, enjoying baseball at Baum Stadium, or seeing a modern show at the Walton Arts Center. History buffs can visit the Clinton House Museum and then pop to the Fayetteville Ale Trail for a locally brewed craft beer.

Summers in Fayetteville are hot and humid, but the winters can drop to low temperatures too. This location only sees 6.6 inches of snowfall a year, and it also experienced 100.3 days of precipitation – just below the US average. Make sure you bring an umbrella! If you want a change of scenery, the Northwest Arkansas National Airport is the closest airport.

Thanks to the university, Fayetteville offers a lot of careers in education. However, there are also jobs within local businesses and corporate environments available. If you’re planning on working remotely or freelancing, the Wi-Fi here is strong and provided by AT&T or Cox Communications.

Fayetteville is an affordable choice if you’re ready to set down roots and enjoy family life. The cost of living in this city is a whopping 13% lower than the US average, making homes here a steal. With excellent education, local businesses, and nearby nature, this is an opportunity you can’t miss.

Enjoy a family-friendly city and lots of entertainment in Fayetteville.


Do you dream of living in the mountains? Is rural life calling your name? If so, you might want to explore Johnson, a town within the Ozark Mountains, Washington County. One of the best places to live in Arkansas, this town sits upon the Springfield Plateau and offers stunning valley views with a friendly community feel.

This is a must-visit area for nature lovers, as locals enjoy close-by hot springs and hiking trails. Historically, Johnson was a mining town, and you can still feel these historical routes today. Johnson also offers a nearby mall, escape rooms, and a cinema to keep residents entertained.

Johnson is a rural town, so job opportunities here are limited. There are many positions within local businesses, but you might be better suited to a city if you want to pursue corporate work. However, just because Johnson is rural doesn’t mean it’s not connected! The Wi-Fi here is provided by AT&T and T-Mobile, which is ideal for remote working.

Traveling in and out of Johnson isn’t the easiest; the nearest airport is the Northwest Arkansas National Airport. Bentonville is half an hour dry away, whereas Little Rock is three hours by car. If you want to enjoy authentic mountain living, this is the town for you.

The cost of living in Johnson is affordable and sits 12% below the US average. With hometown amenities, healthcare, and excellent natural links, residents here are living the countryside dream.

Visit Johnson if you want to embrace the great outdoors and a laidback lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

The best places to live in Arkansas are hidden gems. This state offers awe-inspiring views, an agreeable climate, and great entertainment for an affordable price. Whether you want to start your career in Little Rock, enjoy family life in Fayetteville, or enjoy mountain peace in Johnson, it’s time to explore Arkansas.


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